Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yeah, I got dog too.

Some people have been concerned about how I'm going to control my herd of flying pigs that I'm going to use to bypass Richardson"s Grove. Well, the dogs won't need to fly because the pig harness shop has made a special flying pig saddle for the pig dogs to ride.

Robin Shelly Said: “And about that stock... I'm glad to know you have real pigs to back it up but my main concern is what kinda stock dogs you got?”

Well Robin, I got the best. This ain’t no bull! My dog “Twizzle” is a genuine “Kekawaka Pig Dog”, specially bred to hunt and herd pigs. For those of you who doubt my sincerity. I have included a photo of my pig stock dog.

Map of Kekawaka Creek

I Told Twizzle to "sit", then I put her head in that position, and told her to "Stay" so you could get a full view of her biter. As you can see her ears are down in her ready-for-anything position, and her eyes are locked right on me in case I tell her do something. That's just a small sample of how smart these Kekawaka Pig Dogs are. I took the photo with the kitchen counter in the background, because most people think that she is one of those yappy obnoxious Jack Russell dogs. She weighs a full sixty pounds of pig biting muscle. She is from a long line of Kekawaka Pig Dogs, and as many real historians know, pigs in Kekawaka Creek go clear back to the 1850’s. That was one of the earliest Whiteman settlements in this area. It is an old story, but not confirmed that the Kewakawa pigs tails are genetically twisted from the pigs that were able to twist up their tails to avoid getting bit. Though not confirmed, like the rest of the stuff that I tell you.

She can run like the wind. You have probably never seen a dog run as fast as these dogs do. When the dogs are after a pig, you could swear that the pigs are flying. (Don’t let this out, but that is my Pig Whisperer’s ace-in-the-hole, he is going to chase the pigs so fast that they will sprout wings and fly!)

So stand-by and watch our "Ernie’s Flying Pig Service" take off. (Pun intentional, when I get excited like this, I can’t resist)


Robin Shelley said...

I should have given odds & taken bets that you'd post on the 18th, Ernie... then I'd have some money to invest in your Pig Project. Ah, well. Story of my life!
That looks like a fine dog but I was expecting to see one of those black & white border canines. Does your dog also sniff out truffles? Or is that the pigs? Now I'm confused!
By the way, I don't believe I've ever been up Kekawaka Creek but I do believe I'm a descendant of the paddleless Whitemans from another (in)famous creek area.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yeah, but you baited me with the dog thing! Everybody knows that I can't resist talking about my dog.

I've been up your fabled creek, without a paddle. How do you think that I ended up downstream in Garberville.

suzy blah blah said...

(Don’t let this out, but that is my Pig Whisperer’s ace-in-the-hole, he is going to chase the pigs so fast that they will sprout wings and fly!)

Oink oink, onik oikn OINK!

olmanribber said...

well ernie, i can see that you have put a lot of thought into this new enterprise... using dogs instead of pigpokes will save you a lot of money and reduce the risk of methane explosions...and no need for drug testing employees.
will your pigs be short-hauling cargo, sort of like pony express where you exchange pigs every twenty miles or so? or are your pigs the long flying sort?
any truth to rumor that Borax will be sponsoring your enterprise through those twenty mule train ads of yore? (this is an oblique reference to r
Ronny Reagans's old tv show for you youngsters-this was before Bedtime for Bonzo movie which was a training film for the role of President that he played later in his life).

Ben said...

Ernie, In the early days here, settlers drove herds of pigs to Weaverville for sale. Maybe that's when the flying breed appeared.