Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pot Country documentary

I just got back from the University of California, Berkley. I, and some other SoHum residents went to a viewing of a documentary about pot in SoHum... So what else is new?

A couple of very charming, and sincere, students from the U.C. Berkley School of Journalism, named Mario Fruloni and Kate McLean did extensive filming of the local area, and did extensive interviews. They dug a little deeper than the average reporters seem to do, you know, the ones that just want the quick sensational story. Mario and Kate gathered some outstanding historic photography of the "hippy influx" into the Mattole and Eel canyons, what the hippie poet named “Deerhawk” termed as “The Mateel“. The story is filled with stories from marijuana advocates, lobbyists, lawyers and, and of course a legal 215 medical marijuana grower.

They told the story from back in the heyday of the logging boom up to it's demise. Then, they told the story of the heyday of the Marijuana boom up to today... and it's possible demise.

Not in the film, but it is widely rumored that in Berkley,  you can buy "Humboldt Homegrown", from the grower, from $500.00 up to $2500.00, depending on the negotiating skills of the buyer and the desperation of the seller.

Of course, I think that the film is a cut above the average run-of-the-mill marijuana documentary, I'm hoping that I don't feel that way just because I'm in it. I play the part of the grumbley, curmudgeonly ex-logger, that fought marijuana cultivation up until I got to know some of the growers a little better, and found out that some of them are not all that bad. That, and the fact that the economy of Southern Humboldt has become dependant upon the cash that they bring to town.

The film depicted some of the dangerous aspects growing marijuana and having little protection from the law, but mostly it was an upbeat story about the struggles in SoHum.

The film also depicts the arrival of the hippies, and some of their festivities. They had some parties that most people would have liked to be a part of… Some of the archival films were of the skinny dipping parties, and the dances that they had. Some were clothing optional, unless you counted the flowers in their hair, then they were dressed to the nines.

Anyway, I hope that someday you will get to see it, right now it is caught-up in the grinding wheels of academia. The students want to polish the film a little bit, I’m not sure what they want to accomplish from here. But, some of the other students have sold their films to the broadcasters, and will be seen on T.V. I’m guessing that they want to put fuzzy spots over the naked parts, real-life is just not acceptable for T.V.



Kym said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you, Ernie!

Joe Blow said...

The audacity and hypocrisy of some people - their in-your-face bullshit has always amazed me. I doubt you'd make a pimple on a real loggers ass. The fact, you say that the economy of Southern Humboldt depends upon doing a "cash" business with criminals says all anyone needs to know about your character.

Ben said...

Now Ernie... I heard that a few months ago, a well known local pot advocate had a film crew up on Perry Meadows and proceeded down to Seely Creek where they were asked to leave. When the local was asked why he didn;t just take the crew to his place, he replied that his wife wouldn't let him... Wonder if it was your friends?

skippy said...

This is interesting, thanks for the news. We'd look forward to seeing this-- if the film ever makes a showing around here, Ernie. This is on the heels of your California Report back in January and serving tea and crumpets during Benbow shootouts. You sure do stay busy and involved, don't you?

Stay out of the way of the zingers, bullets, naysayers, the dust, the mud, and the blood, Ernie, and keep up the good work.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Kym, me too!

You are absolutely right, I wouldn't make a pimple on a real loggers ass. But, I am from a large family of "real" loggers and I know that the "pimple on a loggers ass" was a much used term with the real loggers. Just like cowboy hats don't make real cowboys, and cowboy boots don't make real truck-drivers, they still have to be somebody. I did send a lot of logs to the mill though. Even a poor logger is still a logger. But, on the subject of "In your face bullshit", you are the top of the heap.

It could be the same crew. Not much can be gained from talking to these people. I was more interested in them than they were in me. It seemed strange to see nice kids with clear eyes and a keen interest
in getting an education, I decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Thanks for the concern, as you might have gained from a comment above, not everyone is a fan. You are right though, I am involved in my community and I know a lot of great people... They are not all saints, but neither am I...

Dave Stancliff said...

Can I get your autograph now before the film comes out and you're famous?

Looking forward to it.

CharlieTWOCrows said...

Ernie..........I see the nameless shit mouth has reappeared! Hope the film makes it to the big screen. You could get a SAG card. And the premere would be at the garberville theater. With a red carpet, cast party and everything. When you write a book the nameless will really have something to cry! About! Congradulations on a job well done. C2c

Anonymous said...

Ernie maybe you should keep on fighting the good fight against these drug abusing wastoids. Your community is filled with a bunch of dope abusing losers. Just because they wave money in front of your face doesn't make it ok. It just makes you a sellout and helps perpetuate this lifestyle that comes at the expense of poor black children in urban ghetto's. And yes, I said it. This is a culture of white pot farmers, often on food stamps and other forms of welfare, who sell a dangerous product whose main purchasers are poor black kids in the ghettos. Often, these poor kids live in states where getting caught with a dime bag means prison time, and being branded for the rest of your life.

Real harmless culture you losers perpetuate. Dumbass white pot farmers who need to go out and get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- If you honestly believe that the majority of the marijuana that comes from Humboldt is sold to black kids in the ghetto, you are SERIOUSLY misinformed.. I would like to fill you in, but you're so far in left field that I don't even know where to begin.

How can you call cannabis a "dangerous product" when Pharmaceutical companies are pumping out billions of pills that feed millions of addicts, not to mention the thousands of over-doses caused by those same pills!

Anonymous said...

the white pot farmers don't sell their weed to poor black folk, it is sold only to those black folk who have cash, nobody I know has been paid in foodstamps for their weed.