Friday, April 17, 2009

"Action Ernie" saves the day!

I came to work this morning about one cup low on coffee. I came in, turned on the lights, unlocked the shop doors, made some coffee, poured myself a cup and sat down at my desk. I turned on my computer to check the local blogs. I clicked on my blog first, because I find it to be the most interesting. It didn't take long because apparently nobody else finds it that interesting. Nobody had left a comment since Suzy Blah Blah at 6:08 last night. Alcoholism must be a dry subject (Pun) either you are one or you aren't.

So, I went over to Eric's place to check what he was up to. I had to chuckle a little bit, because he is not that happy with one of Obama's recent rulings. I took the time to needle him a little bit just to see if his wound was still open or if he had forgiven Obama yet. Then I went over to check Kym's Place to see what she was doing. She is smoking out posts (pun) about marijuana. Sheriff Allman is going to issue serial numbered zip ties to tell legal "215" plants from illegal ones, the ones with no ties. I don't know much about marijuana, so I made a comment about connecting the zip ties to the wristbands at the Reggae events. I get a real kick out of myself sometimes. I was thinking what a great morning that it was starting out to be. The sun was shining, and it was promising to be a warm day.

The coffee started kicking in, and it was time to go to work. I walked into the shop and turned on the radio. Just as I turned it on, I heard screaming outside. I turned the radio back off, because I couldn't believe my ears. Sure enough, I heard very loud, guttural, and very angry screaming. I slid the shop door open to hear better. The screaming was getting louder and more angry. I heard what sounded to me like a diesel pick-up truck roaring away, but the loud angry screaming was still happening. It sounded like a bunch of very angry females screaming about something. I couldn’t make out any words, and had no idea what had just happened. I looked for a pipe or something to use for a weapon, but found nothing, so I jumped off the porch and ran around to Church street were the screaming was coming from. As I rounded the corner with my heart in my mouth, I was prepared for anything, it was a obvious from the loud angry screaming that someone was in grave danger.

Have you ever heard of Primal Scream Therapy? Me neither... But, I can honestly say that the therapy is not that good for the unprepared. Primal Scream Therapy is something that the hippies have discovered to be therapeutic. (for Them) What you do is scream, and shout out all of your anger and rage, then you gently shove if away from you with your hands. As gently as you can to show your true gentle nature. Their gentle nature is not that apparent to the neighbors that they have just put on “Situation Red” terror alert.

Primal Scream Therapy is only to be used as a last resort. If the healing circle doesn‘t work, where you all squat in the dirt, and hold hands in a large circle. You hum until the “Chi” gets right. If that doesn’t work you can try accupuncture. If you are ever angry about something there is nothing much more theraputic that being poked with needles.

One of the effective ways to reduce your anger is by the use homeopathy. It’s not what you think that it is, it has nothing to do with gay rights. It is a medicinal dilution of sometimes ten to one, or sometimes one hundred to one. It’s medicine than takes what you want to get rid of and dilutes it, and takes it back in. Like if you want to give up salt? All you have to do is take a dilution of ten to one and drink it, and it will cure you of salt! So, you could make a dilution of anger and take it and it would calm you.

The other good thing to rid yourself of anger is “‘Holism” --"The tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution.”-- So if you're angry, it could be that your wholes are out of Chi, and you need to Feng Shui it until the universe is aliened with the stars. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know all that much about this Hippy Bullshit, but I can assure you that I know all about “Primal Scream” in the morning. As they walked away from the park I heard one of them say "God I love a good scream in the morning, it feels like victory!"

It would seem like that the number one rule with scream therapy should be to warn your neighbors. But hell, I just learned how really therapeutic scream therapy can be for the screamer. I know all of these ladies that were outside screaming on church street, so what I’m going to do, is not say a thing, but I’m just going to sneak up behind them and scream out my rage at the top of my lungs… I’m sure they will understand, and forgive me.

I talked to my wife about it, she said that I could call the cops about them disturbing the peace. I said that I thought that you could only disturb the peace at night. She looked disgusted, mumbled something about “men!” and walked off. Now what’s up with her?… I’d better not catch her out in the park screaming.


Kym said...

Action Ernie...I sorta picture you in your long red drawers racing around Metropo-ville.

I needed that laugh. Life is way too serious lately.

yer friend said...

an "Action Ernie" doll sounds like a whole lot more fun than my "Dinner-with-Andre" action figures. specially if it comes with long red drawers! let me know when they are on the store shelves!

dgk said...

Get used to it Ernie. I figure I have picked up enough trash, cigarette butts, human and dog poop in the "park" to earn doing a little chi gung there. Funny, I didn't hear anyone say "God I love a good scream in the morning, it feels like victory" as we were walking away.
Join us next time. We won't make YOU scream. Much.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Satirical comedy sometimes covers a few little white lies. But the screaming was particularly alarming to a guy that has just barely soaked up his first cup of coffee.

I actually believe all that hippy bullshit is therapeutically beneficial. Most people realize that sometimes I go a little over the top.

The next time I hear blood curdling screams, I just assume that it is someone in therapy.

I deeply apologize if you were offended by my turning a (very) alarming situation into a little comedic relief. I needed it. Next time, slip a note under my door and I won’t have to turn into “Action Ernie” ready to defend your honor.

Ben said...

I'm sure Kim remembers the Salmon Creek Primal Scream workshops (or at least stories about it) Drove the neighbors nuts and that's a place where there's a long distance to the screamers. Anyone doing it in the "Town Square" has a screw loose and no knowledge of public nuisance laws.

Anonymous said...

Some of what you write is funny, but this isn't it.

Ernie Branscomb said...

They say the same thing about Doonesbury.

Tell me about the part that isn't funny.

At first I was very alarmed, then I was very angry at the lack of a fair warning, then I got to laughing about it and couldn't believe that I would be surprised by it.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Ben, I wouldn't call these people "loose screws" and if they are going to do something that alarming, Garberville is the best place for it. The people that live in the hills have some expectation of peace and quite.

Indie said...

Ernie, don't let people take themselves too seriously. If these folks can't bear to be ribbed for their very public behavior, perhaps they should scream out in the middle of the abundant countryside around Garberville!

I absolutely love your idea of walking up behind one of them later and screaming your head off. Not that a gentleman like you would ever actually do such a thing, but the moment of comic relief I got by picturing it is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Power to the women in the park!

Ernie Branscomb said...

“Ernie, don’t let people take themselves too seriously”
Indie, you inadvertently nailed my intend.

I believe that most of the “Hippy Bullshit” that I made fun of has some value. I believe that Acupuncture actually works, I believe that homeopathy works. I believe that how you actually feel about how something might help you has more value than what ever method that you are using to heal yourself. But, I have seen too many times when somebody wanted to try something in traditional medicine (if there Is such a thing) and the counter culture shamans come out of the woodwork to tell people what they are doing wrong with their lives. The lack of consideration for other peoples concerns and values are what had me flummoxed.

The primal scream thing in the park is a very good example of the point that I was trying to make. Why would they do something that incites such a visceral reaction in any normal human being. I don’t think that even an animal would not be alarmed. I walked around with about two quarts of extra adrenaline for the rest of the morning. Did they not know that angry screaming would alarm folks? And, if they did why didn’t they take the time to warn folks that they would be screaming in the park. The thing that offended me the most is that they though that they had more right to their therapy than other folks had for their peace and quite on a beautiful Humboldt County Morning.

Maybe I should have said it that way instead of being overly facetious. Anyway, I’m over it. They might realize that they just cried wolf and they will get a poor response from me if they ever have a real reason to scream. I would imagine that they are not too concerned though.

Ernie Branscomb said...

"Power to the women in the park"

I agree with you, like I said I'm over it. From now on when I hear screaming, I will probably get a little laugh out of it, then it will cross my mind that maybe somebody really needs help. Then I will think... Naaaa, they arn't going to make a fool out of me twice!

dgk said...

Ahh, but how were we to know you were behind in your coffee schedule? Can we count on nothing anymore? This is your official warning, tank up early on the third friday morning of the month as we may go at it again.It would be a loss if Action Ernie were to fail to respond in a real emergency, I mean really, can we count on nothing anymore? May I coach you a little here? Next time you hear screams listen a second and ask yourself "Is that a scream or the resounding HA! of Wood Chopper Chi Gung?" Aren't you glad we waited till the end of our meeting to jar your wits from you? I shudder to think what might have transpired had we started our meeting that way and you had not finished even the FIRST cup! I was serious about the trash, cigarette butts, poop and invitation to join us. We are not always loud and when we are, we won't make YOU scream. Much.

Ernie Branscomb said...

You must understand that I was raised in a culture of loggers, ranchers, commercial fisherman, and mill workers. What some would call a “Redneck” background. We were raised with traditional values, and we depended on traditional medicine. I am quite proud of my heritage and background, which goes back many generations.

You were probably raised in a different culture than me, and you readily accept new ideas and different methods of healing. I understand that, and I honor your desire to involve yourself in different cultural things.

From my standpoint, I have made many changes to my life. I have had many things about my life criticized mercilessly. Logging ranching and fishing are things of the past now, and I realize that. I have pursued a new profession and have left logging behind. That is a major change to anyone’s life. I was a fifth generation timberman. (Timberperson?)

I was here when the new and strange people moved in in the late sixties and early seventies. Many people on both sides of that issue can tell you what a conflict of ideas that was, but many of them have become my new and fast friends. I adapted well to that.

I have heard many, many times, “what do you have against newcomers?” I can’t began to tell you how many of the things in my life that I have changed, about who I am, to accommodate the new people and their new ideas. I’ve gotten used to drum circles, funny smelling music festivals, thank god petulia oil is not that popular any more. And, I really see no reason to try any of the new drugs, but I learned to live and be around people that do. I think that I’ve changed to fit the new people into my life more than most.

But the one thing that I’ve never heard from the new people is “I was wrong, you were right”. So I want you to know that I have adapted to the screaming, but just like the drugs and other stuff that has moved in, I’m not likely to try them. By the way, I’m not accusing you of using drugs, they are just not for me. I just wanted you to know that was one other thing that I have adapted to.

Now, obviously I feel that I may have dealt with the screaming poorly, or I wouldn’t be up talking about it at 2:30 in the morning. However I can assure you that I will get over it. I have many times.
I can change who I am, and have many times, but I can’t change where I came from. Sometimes it feels like it must have been a different universe. Anybody that doesn’t wear cork boots and a tin hat is a hippy to me. Being a hippy is not a bad thing, but it sure is different from the culture that I was raised in.

I probably won’t join you in the screaming, but knock yourself out. It won’t bother me.

Carol said...

Hilarious! Thank you, Ernie, for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Petulia Clark's "Downtown" is my favorite scent.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Patchouli, petunia, petulia… Whatever.

You missed “aliened” for aligned. I caught that one, but decided that I liked “aliened” better, so I left it.

Anonymous said...

I am not correcting, just having fun.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the blood curdling screams, but I did see the group that was doing it and they were pretty fierce looking. You had best be careful with this group of martial artists, Ernie... cuddle puddle with them and it might be your last.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I know these women, and believe me I have the utmost respect for them, but as I has often said: “ Your rights stop when you are standing on my toes”… Or screaming in my space.

Petunia, I knew you were kidding.

Ernie Branscomb said...

F.Y.I … ONLY!!!

A noise ordinance is a law created at local levels that pertains to the amount of noise, duration of noise, and source of sounds other than ambient noise that affect a community’s inhabitants. Basically, a noise ordinance defines which sounds are and are not acceptable at any given time so that residents can live comfortably within a community in terms of the sounds that they hear. A city or county noise ordinance is usually effective during certain times of the day. A noise ordinance typically applies at night during the times when most people sleep. Violations of a noise ordinance are often reported to police or local officials by individuals who are disturbed by sound and feel that an ordinance has been violated.
Sounds or noises that are usually defined in a noise ordinance are those commonly produced by residents, but many ordinances also include industrial and commercial facilities if they are located near residential areas. Examples of noises that might violate a noise ordinance are barking dogs, loud music, power tools, cars or motorcycles with excessively loud engines, fireworks or explosives, and shouting. A noise ordinance is designed to keep a community’s residents comfortable in their own homes. In other words, if you can hear noises while trying to sleep and those noises are intentionally caused by other residents in the area, you could report a violation of a noise ordinance. Many people have conflicting views of ordinances that limit sound, with the opposition claiming that such laws violate certain rights.
Noise ordinances are handled differently by every community, with some local officials continually reviewing their community’s noise ordinance and updating it as necessary. Some smaller communities may not enforce a noise ordinance at all. Other communities find that enforcing an existing noise ordinance is difficult because of different interpretations of the law.
You can find out whether there is a noise ordinance in your community by checking with local law enforcement officials or by reviewing your city’s official website. If you believe a neighbor is violating a noise ordinance, officials believe it is best to talk to your neighbor before making an official complaint. If communication fails or is not possible, contact your local law enforcement.

I understand that our community will adopt deferent standards.

Noisy Naybore said...

I bug, to defer...
When those Harleys roll through in June, I hope you will be tossing some "ordnance" their way!

suzy blah blah said...

LOL! --your a scream Ernie


Ernie Branscomb said...

"When those Harleys roll through in June, I hope you will be tossing some "ordnance" their way!".

Nope, I just said that I've made many changes and have adapted quite well after the initial shock.

I don't like the Harley noise, and I don't like the screamer noise, but I have left it all behind me.

I do feel that the Harley riders and the screamers have a lot in common. They seem to have a deep need to be noticed. It's strange how people can apparently be so different yet actually be so alike.

Anonymous said...
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Chris Crawford said...

This gives new meaning to Screaming Yellow Zonkers !!

Thanks for the laugh, Ernie !!

Anonymous said...

Somebody's been renting Deliverance too often.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ernie Branscomb said...

Okay, anon 2:45 you can’t holler fire in a crowded theater, and you can joke about high-jacking an airplane while on an airplane. I know that you think what you said is funny, for the same reason that the “Screamers” think that it’s okay to scream in public. It get’s a lot of attention. But, what you said was a little too much to leave on a blogsite.

Then 3:21 refered to the comment so I reprinted it below with the one offending word missing, otherwise intact::

These were matrons, hardly the hippie caricature people are "******joking" about. Not that that makes "******joking" any less offensive.

Anon of the Above said...

Thanks, Ernie. Just the way to handle it.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yeah, I'm good that way, a regular diplomat type!

dgk said...

Hi again Ernie. My previous comments were a little tongue in cheek but I would like you to understand where I come from as well. I am from a long line of farmers,cotton mill workers and deputy sheriffs in the rural South. What some might call a redneck background. That upbringing came with a strong set of values: kindness, respect, "doing your part" being a good citizen and a good neighbor, sharing and standing up for yourself to name a few. I would be willing to bet you understand that perfectly. Those values led me to care for the "Town Square" in ways I have already mentioned, contribute financially, and feel a sense of pride and common ownership in our little Town Square.
I work in an office there on the Square and have watched and heard many things go on there and honestly, it did not occur to me that four middle aged women doing under five minute of Wood Chopper would alarm anyone. I am sincerely sorry for your alarm. We did not intend to be disrespectful to our neighbors. I did not realize that we would be that much louder than the regular cacophony of barking dogs, car alarms, trash truck beeping, racing motors, shouting children, profanity and sirens that regularly punctuate the auditory life of our community. But I guess four powerful women moving the energy of outrage is louder than I expected.
Maybe you also saw and heard the memos and videos about torture of prisoners, suspected terrorist, the night before. I was shocked, sickened, ashamed and finally, outraged. In my redneck upbringing, Americans don't torture people. For any reason. Because the bad guys do that and America is the good guy and if we torture people then we are no better than "them". But we did it. I watched it. And I did not sleep and I could not let it go and I hope I never loose myself and my values enough for torture for ANY reason to be OK. So I was not as considerate as I might have been had I been in my usual state of mind. That "therapy session" did help and I am now able to look for constructive, effective ways to express my shame and outrage to my elected representatives.
But hey, it was just Chi Gung in the park. (Not primal scream therapy, that is a lot louder. Been there done that, pass on doing it again thanks.) We will probably do it again and hopefully the more quiet versions will do. You are still welcome to join us. We won't make you scream. Much.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ernie.

If you stand up in public, put one hand on your hip and point the other hand toward the horizon, whistle as loudly as you can, then proclaim that you are a teapot, ARE you a teapot?

If you and your friends gather in a public place and scream and then proclaim yourselves practitioners of "Primal Scream Therapy", ARE you really Primal Therapists?

Of course not.

For one thing, real Primal Therapists must meet stringent state standards before being allowed to practice.

For another thing, the work they do is the serious business of healing human suffering, not some afternoon lark in the park.

If you'd like to get a good handle on what Primal Therapy really is, read "The Primal Scream" by Arthur Janov, as I did in 1970. He is the doctor who originated Primal Therapy.

The humor in your piece, I see now, is based on the idea that some people would disturb the peace and then claim to have a therapeutic purpose in mind.

Real Primal Therapists go to great lengths to protect neighbors from being disturbed by noise. Lots of money goes into sound-proofing therapy rooms.

I guess you weren't holding up real Primal Therapy patients or practitioners to ridicule. So I'd better re-read it and see if it seems funnier now.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Real communication is so much more fun than throwing darts at each other from behind the electronic curtain of the internet.

I’m am really glad that you opened up to me a little bit and helped me to understand. As I have said, I’m over it, and have been getting some humor out of all this at this point. I understand what you say, that the noise level is no different than other noises about town.

There is just something about a female scream that that is different than the ambient noises, and apparently triggers a “Protect” response in a person, much as you would respond to a child screaming in pain. It’s just something that I can’t ignore. Now that I know what it is, I’m fine with it. Having some experience with do-gooders with cell phones, I would expect someday you will have a full sheriffs department response.

One of the values of having you object to what I wrote was having to go back and read my post more carefully. It is obvious that it is a post about cultural differences. As always, in the past when I was involved in a cultural difference, I had to sacrifice my values to maintain peaceful relations. I hoped that everyone would notice that it was so over the top that they would understand that it was simply humor. For that, I offer no apology.

After rereading the post, there was one thing that I said that I’m deeply sorry for, and that was the reference to Homeopathy being a gay rights thing. For that comment I’m deeply sorry. I have never discriminated against anyone for how they were born, black, white, brown, male, female… Gay. In fact I don’t discriminate to the point that I fail to realize that other people are sensitive to those things, and I was reaching a little to hard for the humor and I forgot to be sensitive.

I have many Gay friends, and most of them make no big issue of it and neither do I. I even have a few Hippy Gay friends. I certainly don’t mind them being Gay, but I wish that they would work on that “Hippy” thing.

It’s been fun, scream your hearts out!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Hi, Ernie.. Um... Hi..

If you stand up in public, put one hand on your hip and point the other hand toward the horizon, whistle as loudly as you can, then proclaim that you are a teapot, ARE you a teapot?.
In my new spirit of cooperation.. I'm going to say... yes? I don't have to scream do I?

If you and your friends gather in a public place and scream and then proclaim yourselves practitioners of "Primal Scream Therapy", ARE you really Primal Therapists?Of Course, we would have to be, because of all the screaming.

Of course not..
Crap, Am I in trouble again?

For one thing, real Primal Therapists must meet stringent state standards before being allowed to practice..
Actually, I'm going to disagree with you there. The ladies in the part have almost reached perfection

For another thing, the work they do is the serious business of healing human suffering, not some afternoon lark in the park..
Maybe you weren't there, the Larks in the park had a real bark, and they sounded serious!

If you'd like to get a good handle on what Primal Therapy really is, read "The Primal Scream" by Arthur Janov, as I did in 1970. He is the doctor who originated Primal Therapy..
Actually, I think that I will do that. (No kidding)

The humor in your piece, I see now, is based on the idea that some people would disturb the peace and then claim to have a therapeutic purpose in mind..
Actually, it was found to be less than humorous, One person specifly stated that.

Real Primal Therapists go to great lengths to protect neighbors from being disturbed by noise. Lots of money goes into sound-proofing therapy rooms..
Why don't they just give the neighbors ear-plugs?

I guess you weren't holding up real Primal Therapy patients or practitioners to ridicule. So I'd better re-read it and see if it seems funnier now..
Even if you don't think that it's funny, would you lie to me and tell me that it was? I need a support group about now....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your quick to get involved and defend a woman impulse Ernie. That is what prompted this all and I think your responder impulse needs to be applauded.

Fellow Teapot said...

'I'm A Little Teapot
I'm a little teapot short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout,
When I get all steamed up hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out.

I'm a clever teapot, yes it's true;
Let me show you what I can do:
I can change my handle to my spout
Just tip me over and pour me out.'

Ernie Branscomb said...

Does this mean we've hit bottom?
...Wait... That was the last post.

omr said...

Local Headline:
4 Wood Choppers alarm former Woodchopper

dgk said...

Thanks. You made me laugh.

Ernie, as I said before it would be a real loss if you let go of your "Action Ernie" response in a real emergency. Part of my point was that we were not just standing in the Square screaming, we were all making the same sound in unison. I don't think that sounds the same as distressed screaming. I do not feel it was an inappropriate use of the space but I welcome feedback on the views of my fellow community members. I do not think standing in public screaming just to make noise is a good thing and it is not Primal Scream Therapy either.
The town square is OUR space and I hope that we all use it for many things, have tolerance for uses that we don't really groove with and we all take responsibility for it's care.
I will not be standing in the Square screaming but I will do Tai Chi and Chi Gung there again. Most times it will be quiet, as it has been most times in the past. But sometimes I may chop wood.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ernie,
I just love this town! Every little bit of it. Thanks for the great morning giggle.

suzy blah blah said...

hey gang, therapy session @ the town sqaure @ 1030am, bring yr chainsaws.

Bunny said...

I don't understand why they took the table and benches away. Wasn't the idea to take your coffee and lunch to the square to eat it there? I know there's a small bench now but the table made it usable.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Bunny, if you think that I "stepped in it" over the Chi Gung thing, just hide and watch when I do a post about who uses the park, and why we can't have a table.

Washington had woodchoppers said...

Maybe the Chi Gang of 4 was exorcising the plaza poltroons?

Kym said...

"I just love this town! Every little bit of it. Thanks for the great morning giggle." Me, too! I read Ernie's piece and laughed and read DHB's response and was impressed.

Where different ideas meet is where color and life explode (maybe explode might be a bit too violent of a word here;>) but I love the personalities and the basic tolerance towards each other.

In some towns, one side could have started a petition and the other side would have written letters to the editor and a nasty mess would have ensued. But here, a little humor gets tossed about, a little tension discussed, and a resolution worked out in a few comments.

I love this town!

Robin Shelley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin Shelley said...

As a kid, screaming was forbidden in my play. In fact, I very clearly remember my dad explaining to me that screaming signals danger & fear & that if he heard me screaming he would think I needed help. I still remember the scared look on his face that day when he came running to the backyard where I & my little girlfriends were screaming our lungs out just for fun!
I also remember him telling me (on another occasion) that swear words are very special words to be used only when absolutely no other word will do. I remember asking him for permission to say damn.
My dad is a wise man. He would probably think the screaming teapots in the park are crackpots.

Berniece said...

Ernie, replying on the alcohol post,God is Great,Beer is Good and People are Crazy,especially on your blog.Enjoy reading the posts.Catch you on the flip flop!!!

Indie said...

Ernie, having just had my peace disturbed yet again by inconsiderate neighbors today, I've been thinking about noise. Every time the sun shines, I try sitting on my front porch. But I always get chased back inside by my neighbors' incessant use of power tools, lawn mowers, quads, and often, fireworks. They have a huge fence up that prevents them from noticing they aren't the only people on earth.

How I wish I lived in an incorporated town so there WOULD be ordinances! I have to find a solution... short of setting up giant speakers in my yard, aimed at their house, blasting the raunchiest rap I can find, whenever they start their nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop staring at the illustration for this post. What day is it, anyway?

Robin Shelley said...

I know, 7:13! Is that Peter Max? Welcome back to 1970 - LOL!

suzy blah blah said...

O No!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yeah, thanks Suzy. I cant believe I watched that whole thing. The Beatles and Yoko don't meet every Friday do they???

suzy blah blah said...

You watched the whole thing! LOL! how did it end? But hey, think on the positive side, Yoko and JOhn made a lot of money by screaming... Maybe this weekly screaming on the sqaure session could get something going that could also inspire us culturally! u know what i mean, it could be good for the local economy and everything.

Suzys working onna design for the new screaming on the square teeshirt. itll be a bit pricey but well worth it becuz its not gonna be any hippy stereotype teeshirt or anything like that, not by any means. NOpe, Suzys grabbing hold of the zeitgeist, if you dont know what THAT is then yr not paying attention, its screaming right atcha in retro 70s stereowraparoundsound! LOL! but, back to Suzys plan, its not even really gonna be a teeshirt, technically speaking, its a blouse, and its gonna be matronly --a dignified scream tee-blouse, the kind that Jennefur Lopez wears but with an open mouth uvula pattern. LOL! Its bound to be super-popular and a big seller due to your blog. Thnx Ernie.

suzy blah blah said...

Screaming on the Sqaure! yep, Suzys gotta plan, does anyone know Carol Brunos phone number?

dgk said...

Ernie, I can't believe you are restraining yourself from saying why you think the table was removed from the Square. I would bet I could guess, but I will refrain. What I am really MORE interested in is what we can do to make having the table back work. Any ideas?

Tongue in cheeky said...

CCTV cameras could be installed overlooking the park and mild electric shocks administered through the bench an unmentioned local businesssman who sells all that electric stuff, and who could sit in his lil'hidey office and watch the plaza while writing on his blog.
Problem solved.