Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A new beginning for Estelle

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS SECOND DISTRICT Total Number of Precincts 27 Precincts Reporting 27 100.0 % Total Votes 6629

CLIF CLENDENEN 2417 36.46%
ROGER RODONI 2433 36.70%
Write-in Votes 6 0.09%

If you want to talk "winners and losers" by number, Roger Rodoni won.

I don't see any reason why we shouldn't continue to campaign fairly without mud. This campaign has been a breath of fresh air in many ways. There has been no "Reverend Wright", no sexism, or any of the other personal jabs.

We can all be proud of ourselves, and we should all continue to try to put the best person in office.

Estelle is a hard worker, she is intelligent, and will do quite well in the next few months. I see a change in local politics, people don’t like “dirty” campaigns. I have seen uncommon decency, and compassion, between the candidates, like I have not seen before.

I fully expect Estelle will hit the ground running and you will hear a lot more about the issues in the coming months. The next election will be completely about issues. We will have a large turnout of very concerned voters this fall, you can expect some big numbers.

I don’t find the need to do anything to bring Clif down, he fought a fair fight and he deserves the numbers that he got. I hope that he gets those same numbers in the fall, 36.46% (Joke)

Okay, everybody take a deep breath, count our blessings, and come out and start campaigning.


Hans said...

Well said Ernie. It was a civilized campaign and all of the candidates showed a lot of class. I sure hope we see more of Estelle in the future- public service can be such a grinder and a thankless job that we should be grateful good people are willing to run.

Kym said...

I agree the campaigns have been pretty clean. I hope they keep it up. I think both Estelle and Clif are decent people and are trying to run a good campaign.

Carol said...

Ernie, Greg and I placed that June dater that we discussed on our calender. You can always call us at our office. The phone number is in the red pages of the phone book.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Carol and Greg.

Tues June 24th, high-noon, be there!

I'll contact you with more info.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how to say this and don't want to be "out there", but it strikes me with your election in Humboldt, the voters are not well informed. The scary part is that is not a local phenomenon.
I heard about Rodger on our local news (radio) and was in the local paper too and this is Oregon.

Anonymous said...

So how many people who voted for Rodoni do you think would vote for Clif? You may be right when you say he gets the same # of votes come November. When do you think Johanna will come out and support Estelle? I saw Hillary come out supporting Obama so it may be sooner than you think.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Estelle's intelligent, no nonsense approach is going to appeal to many Rodoni supporters. So it could be that Rodoni will support Estelle. Especially if they perceive that they can't win in a three-way race.

There is a lot riding on how the election will be handled on the County level. The County should be quick and decisive about who will be on the Ballot and how. But my gut feeling is that they will no more be able to issue a decision on the ballot than they are at deciding who might get a building permit. I hope that I’m wrong, and they will give us a ruling. Whatever is decided will make a big difference in everyone’s campaign strategy. A decision is timely right now!