Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fire news.

I worked out at the Eel River Con camp yesterday with the Redway Fire Department. It's hard to get a real feeling of what is happening with the fires, because you can't see them. But one of the two major fires that the Helicopters were working was “The Lone Pine” fire south of Alderpoint. The pilot that I talked to said that the fire was accessible, and mostly on top of the ridge, and it was pretty much surrounded by fire personnel and that he expected it to be brought under control readily.

The other fire was “The Paradise fire” out near Kings Peak. Unfortunately the fire is in almost totally inaccessible areas and hard to work on. The winds are strong and unpredictable, and the fire has a strong potential for making a “run”. There is great concern for the firefighters safety because they are fighting the fire into the head of it. Which means that the only access to the fire is downwind from it and is difficult to keep the firefighters away from blow-outs. The large Long Line helicopters are dipping water out of the ocean. The short line helicopters are dipping out of fresh water ponds. Because they can’t risk getting their craft that close to the ocean spray.

The Red Cross has brought in evacuation gear to The Cove just in case.

There were several “New Reports” while we were out at the camp. Two in North-eastern Mendocino that were threatening several structures.

I have a strong felling that the fire stories are just beginning. Keep your eyes open and keep yourselves safe, and be concerned about your neighbors. California firefighters are spread too thin. Fires that would normally been put out right away are getting out of control from lack of resources.

I highly recommend Kyms blog. For the best fire reports.


Carol said...

What role has the National Guard played in the past with putting out fires? I was wondering since so many of the National Guard are fighting the war, rather than helping with catastrophic events here.

Ernie Branscomb said...

The National Guard was almost indispensable at times like this. During the “Saddle Fire” in Kings Peak, the National Guard supplied most of the medium sized helicopters.

The war effort has been devastating to the National Guard in the whole nation. (Not a political statement about plus or minus of the war, but a statement of fact) We have limited resources in almost all directions.

We need to get used to the fact that we are a third world nation now. (A Political statement about the state of our country, that we no longer control)

Ernie Branscomb said...

Carol & Greg, don't forget today is our date at noon. Be there!

Kym said...

Ernie, everyone is caught up in the FBI Fever that has people shaking and sweating but the fires are too important and dangerous to forget. Please keep us uptodate on what you know.