Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twizzle guarding the air-conditioner vent.

Caninus Doggus Domesticus Spoildus.

This is my dog Twizzle, guarding "Her" air-conditioning vent. When it's hot outside she will come in and stand in a four leg staddle over the vent to cool off. She will even push the chairs out of the way to get to it. She is not too happy with me in the picture because I made her stand in the light to get her photo.
She is a valuable watchdog, she is the only thing between us and the coon that sneaks in the doggie door at night to eat our faces off while we sleep. For this service she demands air-conditioning.
The fact that I put a new post up doesn't mean that we have to stop putting up those great catskinner and snake storries. This blog, and it's owner, are real loose. Just move your stories into here. I have a couple more myself.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to the Lloyd Paydon post? I re-booted the ol' PC and it's still not here.
Robin is going to get a picture of me and Lloyd together to send to you. That is the next time we all get together.

Anonymous said...

Damn!!!!! What a pretty dog.

Carol said...

She is so cute!

Is she a Dalmation, Ernie?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Twizzel is cross between a long-legged short-hair Jack Russell and a McNabb. She can run like the wind. She loves to tree coons. She loves people, and especially kids. She is a large size dog, she weighs 61 pounds.

She is a controllers she has to be reminded constantly that she is a dog, and only allowed "dog Privileges".

She was bred to hunt and track pigs on a hunting club ranch, so she is high energy and very aggressive in her attitude. It is fortunate that she likes people. But coons are another story. And, oh, don’t try to move her off her air-conditioner vent.

She is taught to snarl on command, but she would rather be a “Good Dog”.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Ha! A Russel McNabb.
Best of show! Great looking dog!

Carol said...

61 pounds! The McNabb must be the dominant gene. Jack Russel Terriers are petite, but that is where she gets her friskiness. What a neat dog!

Robin Shelley said...

I heard a dog trainer say once that Jack Russells are really cats in dog's bodies. I wonder if the McNab cancels that out in Twizzle?
Does she really weigh 61 pounds?!!
More Lloyd stories, please!

Anonymous said...

Twizzle gets a little excited when I show up at the house.