Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dancing Girls

If you'd been here back in the fifty’s, and been to the Original Syvandale, you would have found the "resort" cabins had professional dancing girls in them. You know, those girls that danced on one leg awhile, then the other, and between the two they made their living. It was a very busy place, it was the quintessential logger bar, and it was right on highway 101. You didn’t even have to take the off-ramp.

They say that we locals had a drawl back then. It wasn’t a drawl, we talked normal. You newcomers are the ones that talked funny. Ah,yes…Interesting times!I've almost forgoten how the drawl went. The blending of the dialects was so gradual that it wasn’t noticeable. I guess it’s like boiling frogs if you do it slow enough they won’t notice. Now, we all talk the same, and some of the loggers, of the ones that are left, smoke dope. The culture shock came and went.

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