Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ben's comment on 299 opine

Ben said...
I moved to Southern Humboldt in 1971. Beard, longish hair and VW bus. Went to work as a bartender at Astrinsky's, the first "hippie" tavern around here. In our shopping trips to town, we were often greeted with suspicion and curt language. Store keepers were wary of hippies and for good reason. Some of them lived by the philosophy that everything belongs to everyone. The Truckers had just been run out of Briceland and many were still around town. Mendes Market was broken into. A beard and long hair made you very unwelcome in the local bars.About 1977, I shaved to get a custodian job at the high school. Suddenly, the storekeepers who had glowered were smiling and friendly. I liked it. Now, I have a beard again and nobody notices. Rednecks wear beards too also pony tails.I miss the old timers I knew back then. They had a different way of talking. Slow, very slow. They drew out and emphasized words, pausing to wave a hand to show how the ground lay. If you found youself at the Feed Store and started a conversation withsome old rancher from the back of beyond, you had better be ready to stay awhile. If you were patient, you might hear an unforgettable story. This is a great plce to live and it's history is endlessly fascinating for me.

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