Monday, January 16, 2017

Let's see if we can still do this!

A longtime dear friend (don't say "old" around and old person) asked me to post this in the Simpson thread. I have been distracted lately and haven't had a lot of time, but if you don't have time for your friends what is life all about? Huh?

So, I decided that I would not only post it below, but start a new thread. With a few minor deletions to protect the  guilty.

From Olmanriver

Hi Ernie, I have had an impossible twenty minutes trying to post on your blog, which wants a different browser than my firefox to get past the robot test. Could you, would you, please post this for me on the Simpson thread? Thanks either way.

Nature has provided me with a lot of future firewood! Not too bad up in the hills other than buckets of rain propelled by high winds, lots of 40-60mph winds, 80 mph makes my picture window bulge, didn't get near there. Need this sunshine to dry out february's fireplace offerings.

Be well, olmanriver

From Olmanriver...
"unknown"-- Ray Schultz in Valleys of Mendocino makes the briefest of mentions of Rock Tree Valley, just to say that it is east of Willits at the foot of what is called Red Grade. The valley is on the road to Hearst, which was, as you mentioned, on the old old road to Covelo.

Hello to all you ol' regulars from the 'good ol' days of blogging'!

Two crows! Great to hear from you... I have been wondering about you for sometime.. I salute you for your strength to struggle and survive.
Some years back you suggested panning under the rock crusher at a Pville quarry for gold. I thought of you recently when I found an 1880's era newspaper article about some of our locals filing claims on a gold ore ledge on Mare Ridge, by Pville. Don't think it played out, but I heard the current quarry owner has a fireplace mantle made of white quartz. Just the stuff that gold, and fool's gold are found in.
Hope your mining luck has been better than theirs! Glad to hear you are still upright sir.

Spy- do stay in touch.

thanks for posting this Ernie...  

My Pleasure River.
I also miss my old friends and I join in wishing Two crows good health. Two Crows and I have many text conversations. He is a wealth of knowledge and advice for me.