Monday, February 17, 2014

Captain John P Simpson

I got a comment on one of my back blogs about "Early Laytonville Indian History". A person identifying their self as "Violawarrior" left this comment:

"Hi, my name's Allie Simpson and I'm a descendent of Cpt John P Simpson. Thanks so much for the stories! My sister and I are trying to learn more about our family history and this blog gives dimension to the facts and records we've seen so far. If you have any more Simpson stories, please let me know!"

She did not send me an email so I can't reply to her except as a comment. Most people don't know that there is no trail back from a comment, so my hands are tied. I did find her subject to be of some local interest, so I decided to post it here and see what comes up!

 As everybody knows Capt. John P Simpson and his partner James N White were the first to settle in Long Valley. (laytonville)

From internet: "In 1854,[James N White] with Capt. J. P. Simpson located at Cahto. At the time there was a lake there, and plenty of game, thousands of ducks and geese. The Indians named it Cahto, meaning "Fat water." They located government land; drained the lake, which gave them two hundred acres of rich land, which was formerly the bottom of the lake. They built and started a store, as also a hotel and livery stable, purchased land adjoining and the Cahto ranch which embraced about thirty-two hundred acres. Robert White was postmaster and express agent. They also owned the Blue Rock ranch, but that ranch was later owned by James N. White and Captain Simpson. The captain was found dead by J. N. White, having succumbed to heart disease.'

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