Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reggae Weekend in Garberville.

Fun was had by all some!

Well, it obviously doesn't start with the artist.

Janis and I have been working hard, but happily, all summer. Mostly using weekends to try to catch up on all of the "Undones". Just this morning she said, "Lets do something just for ourselves today, and do something just for fun". I thought that was a good idea. Janis' flower boxes, that are normally fabulous, have been a little sick. I usually put on about three times the fertilizer that they are supposed to get, but this year I didn't even get the time to get any fertilizer. Her flowers look like crap. So, I thought that I would take my free time to get some flower food. As I drove through town I glanced at the store, to my surprise we had been tagged.

At first I laughed. I thought well, if it isn't one thing, it another. Then of course I got mad, just short of foam coming out of my mouth, and smoke coming out my ears. I contemplated how incredibly lucky the punks were that I didn't catch them. I thought about what I would say and do. slowly it occurred to me that I didn't really have a plan for this sort of rudeness. All that I know for sure is someone would have gotten hurt... Hopefully not me...

I continued to get flower food, then headed back to town. I called Janis to come look at her store. She was also bemused.

I was just thinking that the building was starting to look a little weather-beaten, but being short of time I have put off painting until this morning. Now my "day of fun, just for us" was fading. I got my ladder out, and my paint pan. I didn't have any of the right paint, but Good old SoHum Builders was open. I took a painted drain pipe down. They mixed and matched the paint for me. I only got a gallon because I wanted to make sure it was right. I zipped up the ladder and had the graffiti painted off in about ten minutes.

I was with a certain amount of glee that I thought about how hard these dipshits had to work to paint this crap, and how easy it was cover up. The graffiti just worked as a great primer. He who laughs last laughs best! HA HA belly-laugh HA!.

So, as it ended up, I did do something that I enjoyed today!

As an addendum: The Mateel had a town patrol this weekend for Reggae on the River. I sincerely think that they tried hard to protect the town, but with the kind of people that they have that come to these events, there is no way that they can cover everything. Good God only knows what would happened without a town patrol. I have no way of knowing for sure that the graffiti is even connected to Reggae...but it smells an awful lot like a duck.

The bottom photos are what the building looked like after a 10 minute paint job. Hey, it doesn't look great, but sure feels good. At least I know that the color will work when I paint the whole wall. There was some paint left over so I left it on the roof. Someone used the paint to leave their own message about what they thought about the taggers. Boy, do I agree!

These photos are the only thing left of most of the tagging. The photos are crude, I used my cellphone. If anybody wants to use them it is okay! Just say thanks. That way I don't have to do all the paper work that CNN requests.

To copy: If you have a real computer, just right click and follow the options. To make to a photo full size, left click to enlarge.