Thursday, July 12, 2012

Richardson Grove realignment Bruhaha

In view of the recent Judge Dale A. Reinholtsen ruling on Richardson Grove approving of the project and soundly slapping the face of EPIC, who apposed the realignment of the grove, I looked back to a a time when blogging was semi-intelligent and fun. I found the following post in my archives and decided to make a link to it. Please read the intelligent comments!

Link: Pigs Fly

Have fun!



Gabby Haze said...

Yep, them was the good ol' days of local blogging Ernie. You provided the venue for a lot of enjoyment and good stories. I have enjoyed going back to the start of your blog and re-reading the ol' posts.
Some fun.
ps. my chilblains are better.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Glad to hear that your chilblains are over Gabby. I sure do miss those Blog days that we were learning so much about our local history.

I guess that everything has it's cycle. Like CB radios in the '70s. I wonder what the next fad will be?

Gabby Haze said...

I miss the animal reports you used to give. Me and olmanriver were down at the southfork a few weeks ago looking for an alleged sturgeon that had found its way upriver, probably during that last late rain in May. Well I was looking for the sturgeon. O'river was looking for where Suzy Blah Blah jumps in to get wet. He kept singing that Madonna song... "Like a sturgeon, for the very first time". Very annoying, but that's omr for you. Anyhoo, the river has not dried up this year, and was amazingly fresh and deep and kewl, as they say. We didn't find the big sturgeon that had been reported, or Suzy's wetting place, but it was great to see the river doing so well.
We ran the sturgeon sighting story past the Brown Hardware folk and asked when the last time he had heard of a sturgeon in the southfork and he quickly answered 1968, when he had caught a little one footer. Imagine that-- a sturgeon in the southfork.

GH said...

Brown's Sporting Goods, rather.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I'm glad that you like my animal posts. Just Sunday I watched a yearling deer eating blackberries. She would carefully approach the berry, bite it, then back up to remove it.
I used to have a female Samoyed dog that would eat blackberries the same way. About twice a year I would have to cut her out of a blackberry bush, but she never stopped picking them. I guess she knew that I would rescue her.

Speaking of blackberries... I was just picking a bucket full. You and River will be notified when the pie is ready!

Gabby Haze said...

That is sweet Ernie. I have never heard of a berry eating dog before.

River will be happy to oblige, I am certain. Thanks.

Ekovox said...

I really miss the blogging seems like facebook has all but obliterated it.

Anonymous said...

Eko, was this one of your descendants writing this in the Trinity Journal in 1860? "They have a funny way of catching fish down on the Eel river. The fisherman lies down on the bank with his head over the stream, holding a worm in his mouth. The fish, attracted by the spiral workings of the worm to escape, jumps at it. At this moment the dexterity of the fisherman is evinced. He suddenly opens his mouth, and catches the fish between his teeth. One old man has worn all his teeth catching fish."
Reminds me of something you might write! :)

Ernie Branscomb said...

Our last great hope, the internet, has been taken over shrewd marketers. You can't go anywhere on the internet that they aren't trying to sell you something or divert your searches to something else.

Facebook is the worst of the worse. It is a clumsy and confusing medium at best and and a total take-over of you email at worst.

The new blogsite are difficult to follow and you have to continually change programs to make comments on some of them. The comments are posted all over the page, and in no particular order, nor are they numbered. The blogs seem to be administered by pompous, egotistical children that have found a new game that only they can play well. The fun is gone!

Flabby Haze said...

I ran the sturgeon story past a 5th generational local and he said that he had been on the bluffs above the southfork out by the airport a few years ago and had seen a big sturgeon snake its way upstream. Swithenbanks don't lie.

Oregon- don't you have a sturgeon story or two?