Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Estelle Fennell Elected 2nd Dist Supervisor

Estelle Fennell has been elected as Humboldt County's new second district Supervisor.
It is a new day in day dawning. Estelle worked very hard to gain this elected position. She is a very hard worker and she is very intelligent. She will find ways to help all the people of Humboldt County to get their fair due. Her job will be made even more difficult by the whole nations poor economy, but she is capable of doing quite well as a negotiator, and there will be a difference.

 Estelle's partner, Kathleen Creager, was the second most involved and equally as hard a worker in the campaign. She is one of the hardest working "behind the scenes" workers that there is. Estelle had a lot of people involved in her campaign, too numerous to name them all, but it seemed that if only Estelle's campaign workers voted for her she would be sure to be elected.

On a personal note, I often wondered if my support helped her or hurt her more, and I expressed that to her several times. She assured me that it didn't bother her that I might have lost her votes and that she appreciated my support. She ran her campaign honestly and enjoyed the people that tried to help her. She took an "it is what it is" approach. Her first comments when it started to become hopeful that she might be elected was to thank the people that supported her. Her text to me at 2:23 AM June 6th was, "I love you, Thank you for all you did to help". I couldn't help but think of all of the things that I did that was maybe not that helpful.

I have purposely avoid terming this election as a "win or lose" situation. I don't think that anyone truly wins or loses in an election. It is simply a changing of the guard. But, I do think that the people of Humboldt County have gained a great leader.