Monday, May 14, 2012

Estelle Fennell, Second District Supervisor Candidate.

I support Estelle Fennell, so, I was looking for some of her campaign speeches and I came across a few things on youtube. The first ad that I have posted shows the county road that I live on, Blue Rock Road. There are worse chuckholes up the hill a little further, but this hole had the best lighting. It just goes to show you that you can be the star of the show by being in the right place at the right time. The holes around the corner are called "Charles Holes". (You can't call holes that big "Chuck")

So far the campaign has been very fair with a few remarkable exceptions made by both sides. The hit and run artists never sign their names or take credit. If they were truly expressing great wisdom you would think that they would be proud to take credit wouldn't they?

Estelle is a very good public speaker and is very good at making her point. She is practiced at digging out the story. Her experience came from her tenure as a news director and anchor person. She uses a microphone very well. She has had a life with a lot of obstacles that she has had to overcome, so she is very comfortable in a fair fight. When the local schools needed money she went with us to Sacramento to help get funding from the State. If we had not made the trip it is a sure thing that we would not have gotten the funding. She is not one to play the cards that were handed to her and chose the best option, she will ask for a better hand for us all.

I got to know Estelle years ago when she covered the Bear Lincoln story. As you may know, Bear Lincoln was the man that killed the Mendocino Sheriff Deputy in Covelo, then hid out. He finally turned himself in, but he pleaded self defense. Estelle and her news team went to Covelo to cover the story. Having been raised in Laytonville, I was familiar with some of the problems that they have in Covelo. I was very impressed with the detailed account of what happened, and what was happening in the valley with the Indian People. She was one of the first newspeople that treated the Indian people fairly. I liked her approach to not take the easy way out.

Later, I got to know her on the fire-line of many of the local wild-fires in the area, and most of the house fires. During the Canoe Fire, west of Weott, she stayed on the fire line and reported it's spread and the direction that it was traveling almost continuously on the news. It is my opinion that her reporting may have saved some houses, and may have even saved some lives. I really admired her dedication and the effort that she put out for her community. I became a lifelong fan of Estelle's at that point. She was elected as Garberville's Citizen of the year, mostly for her efforts on the Canoe Fire, but also in recognition of her dedication as a caring community supporter.

Now she is running for the Second District Supervisor of Humboldt County. Of course, she has my vote.



Anonymous said...

wow ernie it is good to see you are back to the blog. I support fennel's supervisorial ambitions.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I think that there is plenty of room for improvement in the southern part of Humboldt. Estelle is a very dynamic person. She won't be sitting and waiting for opportunity, she will be creating it.

Ekovox said...

It's funny you would call them Chuck Holes in the South Fork of the Eel River region of Humboldt County. And, yes, Charles Holes is the correct term for the large ones seen in the Estelle Fennell political commercial.

Did you know, during the gold mining years in Eastern Humboldt and Western Trinity county, pack mules were the transportation of the day. And while wagons, which were rarely used, would create ruts from the wheels, the bigger issue was the indentations from the mule trains. As history has it, when two pack trains would meet there would be some confusion and whomever the bigger pack train was would get the right-of-way. But, the smaller pack train driver and his swamper would have to help guide the larger train down by spotting for the indentations on the trail.

Picture yourself in 1856 headed by mule train up the Hyampom Trail when you met up with the Brizard Company unit. You would have to yell up to your swamper in the lead...."Watch out for that Ass Hole up on the trail....There's an Ass Hole up ahead....and other exclamations for the Brizard Train to hear and avoid the ruts caused by mules.

Consequently, the useage of the word "Ass Hole" has been commandeered to have other meanings, but those of us from Eastern Humboldt County still use the term correctly when a larger vehicle drives recklessly in front of you.

And, that's your Humboldt Bullshistory lesson of the day.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Those A.Brizard mule trains were kept busy packing those "White Oak Sluice Gate Locks" to the Trinity County gold fields. They must have had a lot of trouble finding their way around those "East Humblodt Assholes". Thanks for the laugh.

Those of you that follow this blog might understand this. To those of you that don't.... it's easier to just say that it is an inside joke.

Charlie Two crows said...

I love gold history.

skippy said...

Ditto, C2C. Nice history Ekovox, and a fine column, too, Ernie. Welcome back.

I didn't know half of this. Estelle has raised the level of awareness, accountability, and a debate of Southern Humboldt issues and representation which I appreciate. Consistently seeing her attending the Board of Supervisors meetings and staying on top of things, she deeply cares about her community and its concerns.

Ben Schillachiter Malarga said...

I've known Estelle for many years and I like her but I am not a fan of Hum CPR and its scare tactics around the General Plan. One question Estelle will not answer is where she stands on A,B orC. Clif is clear. He stands as A- B+.
Jobs and potholes have been issues in every single Supevisorial election I can remember and we all want to see progess in these bumpy problems, but I'm sure not hearing solutions from the candidates running on these issues.
Clif has worked hard and long to represent all of the facets of our community. My fear is a Supervisor who only listens to one or two parts. Estelle attended Board meetings because it was her job and she was paid for it by HumCPR. She is a fine politician but Clif is a public servant. He gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

I thought number 7 would get a response from the blogmaster here.

spyrock said...

i don't know jack about your local politics. but i do know that you are the napa of the weed world. imagine the smothers brothers buying a pot farm up in humbo back in the day instead of a wino farm in napa. imagine the pot train running up the eel river past all the tasting depots and by the time you get to eureka maybe you will find the answer you are looking for.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Sorry about the slow response, I've been busy preparing for the Redway fire department Barbecue, and building a walk-in cooler/freezer.

I hope you live in the city, because Estelle is a strong advocate for property rights for all people not just people live in the cities. A lot of people like living back in the hills and as long as they can do that without harming anyone they should have that right. Most Poeple that live in rural areas know that they are accepting great fire protection risks and poorer roads.

She is working for people that have lived in rural areas for generations that now find themselves having to meet new rural Standards.

It is not fair to say that she is for big developers, when she is simply for EVERYBODY'S property rights. She always asks for community input, and she pays attention. Paying attention to citizen input will be a new idea in the second district. Most people that have worked on citizen advisory groups have been greatly disappointed when their advice has been ignored. The Supes seem to have taken "Staff Recommendations" over what the people most affected have to say, that has to stop! It really is about time that the people that live in the second district have something to say about how and where they live.

I also think that if you pay attention Estelle makes herself very clear. She is a very good speaker.

Anonymous said...

Is your blog counter not working or is it my stupid computer?

Ernie Branscomb said...

My blog counter has quit so many times that I gave up on it. I might fix it when I get time.

Anonymous said...

I thought you fixed things!? Lets see some numbers here.