Saturday, December 17, 2011

Redway, Santa making a list and checking it twice.

Santa was in Redway today. It seems that all of Redway's children were on there best behavior. Santa said that he didn't even find one bad kid!

The Redway Fire Department took Santa up and down every street in Redway today, so he could make his list of good and bad kids, and ask what they wanted for Christmas. He said that he has his list for Redway all together now and he headed back to the North Pole to start filling the orders. He said that he will be back the night before Christmas.

The Fire department will gather at the Redway Fire house tonight to have their annual Christmas celebration.

Left to right, Roger Ralsten, Patrick Dowd, Ernie Branscomb, Vandelinder junior, SANTA, and Josh Spier. The answer to the question in everybodies mind is Jordan Vandelinder.

Not shown on Santa's crew is Pete Genolio, who had to leave early to go on a Technical Rescue in Honeydew.


Ross Sherburn said...

Thats a great picture!! I'm using it on my desktop back ground,as we speak!

Ernie Branscomb said...

You must be desperate for a desktop. But, thanks, I'll tell the guys.

The weather was so nice today. We had our coats off by 10:00 AM.

spyrock said...

great picture ernie. the city council where i live is thinking about getting rid of cal fire and going back to a volunteer fire department. of course, one of the council members was one of the volunteers who got replaced. now, because the state is taking away the local money we might be going back to the good ole days.

Robin Shelley said...

Ernie, I'll be passing through your fine town tomorrow on my way to Mendocino to spend the holiday with my grandbabies. Just want to wish you, your family & everyone here a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!