Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ernie’s Place apologizes!

I want to offer my most sincere apologies to those people that have commented here and not been able to post. I just checked my “Spam Box” and found it full. The only thing that I delete is blatant advertising vicious personal attacks. Otherwise I allow ALL comments.

A couple of months ago I foolishly downloaded a program that was said was needed to view a file that was sent to me on biding a walk-in cooler/freezer. I became suspicious when it started adding toolbars and other stuff that I didn’t want, but alas, I was too late. My computer has been doing strange stuff and being very slow ever since. I’ve run my AVG virus program and Spybot, which seemed to clear up most of my problems, but I hadn’t occurred to me that this blog got changed.

So….. You might want to check back through the last few blog posts for new comments, and notify my by email if you have concerns. My email is in the upper left corner of the blog front page, under "Personel Bio". It’s not a link, so you will have to cut and paste it, or type it out. I can’t make it into a link because those damn spammers will use it. Oh, what a tangled web we weave….


Ross Sherburn said...

Can I ask/post technical questions here also?

Anonymous said...

Any viruses or adware you have on your computer should be unrelated to whether Blogger tags incoming comments as spam.

Ernie Branscomb said...

So, why are posters comments that have been posting here for years all of a sudden divert to the "Spam Folder" of the blog site?

Ernie Branscomb said...


Ross Sherburn said...


How many times have you seen circut breakers burnt on the back,where they attach to the Buss bar? I had two 100 amp breakers like this on a service pole this week, at a rental.

Just curious how often this happens?

The service is about 30 years old&I know to use the special grease now!!!


Ernie Branscomb said...

Yes, I've seen burned out circuit breakers. More times than you can even imagine. It is very common on large motor circuits, because they want the breakers to be small enough to trip before the motor burns out, so they are small enough to run hot all the time.

A panel made by Zinsco was notorious for that failure, because the buss bars were made out of aluminum and only slightly tin coated, where more expensive brands used copper or brass buss bars with a heavy tin coating.

Zinsco was involved in a lawsuit over it and some lawyers made a bunch of money, the rest of us just have to pay four times as much as a breaker is worth to replace breakers on the Zinsco panels.

Cutler Hammer breakers fail like that if they have ever been wet. CH breakers can't handle even a damp day. Needless to say CH doesn't fair well in Humboldt.

Unfortunately there are tons of them out there, because, you guessed it, they were cheap-assed breakers.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Charlie Two Crows, if you are still out there, No, I've never been to Mexico. More on that later.

The biggest reason that I haven't been to Mexico is that I don't like having to pay their cops twenty bucks to check my ID. I have friend who got asked by a cop for his ID, and he had to give the cop a twenty to get it back.

I have a group of other friends that were foolish enough to go hunting down there. A group of banditos held them up at gun point and stole their guns, truck, and CLOTHES. The federales did catch them, and they got their stuff back. I don't know how serious it was but the federales offered to shoot the banditos on the spot if my friends wanted them to. I hate to think what that might have cost my friends before it was all over, but I bet that it pretty much ruined their hunting trip.

I'm not sure how much of all of this is the truth, but I have just heard too many stories about "Gringo" having to buy his way out of trouble in Mexico.

I have several other friends who live down there and NEVER have any trouble. They assure me that Gringos that get into trouble in Mexico are just in the wrong places, doing the wrong things, like jet skiing in the middle of a known drug running area.

Fred Mangels said...

11:13 is right. Viruses or adware shouldn't affect how blogspot works. It's just goofy old blogspot being goofy.

I've had comments sent to me via e-mail that I assumed were posted, only to find the same comments later in the spam filter. Not sure why it works that way.

Ross Sherburn said...

Ernie,Thanks for the input about the "breakers". I just hadn't had this problem before??? Its fixed now. I installed new breakers and moved them down to unused bars on the buss bar.
Anyone who is a refrigeration man,is a good electrician also,I know this to be true!