Monday, October 17, 2011

Something has made Suzy Blah Blah mad

I found this post in my spam box, but nothing else:

suzy blah blah said...
okay i'll try itt one more time. maybe hes not moderating right now. (before you delete this one ernie know atht the message i get when you do theat is that you think i'm insignificant)/... Anne, if you don't get to see this ot read my email I'll phone you when i get within cell pphone reange ... but i'm posting this here for others to-
see too; This is my las t post ot this blog. Not because, as ernie used to say, Suzy's the smartest one here, not cuz there arnt some other cool intelligent peeps here too, not cuz i still couldnt learn somehting here, or maybe even teach something... but becuz ernie's been deleting my last few posts. I gave my opinion of hte indians and now it's gone. I tryed it again and he deleted it again. Why? cuz i told the truth?! He'll likey delete theis one too. Idont like being censored and I don't liek ruels but hteres one rule i keeep, if anyone Zaps one of Suzy's posts --I never come back to that blog again. Simple as that. I'm not gonna waste my time posting to the internet only to have some thick headed lout erase it. Better that he say he's irritated by them, or to say he's too busy to think them thruogh, or anything. But my time is too precious. bye bye spy, oregon, olmanriver, robin, and my other fans. You can read me on other blogs who are more accepting and tolerant.
October 16, 2011 8:17 PM

I'm not sure what is happening folks, but I can assure you that I have only deleted two comments in the last two years, neither was Suzy Blah Blah. The first I can't remember, but just recently I deleted a very personal and vulgar comment about a friend of mine that doesn't even read my blog and would have no chance to reply. HOWEVER, I have never deleted a Suzy Blah Blah comment. If they are disappearing from this blog... It's not me!


Anne on a Mouse said...

Ernie, I talked to Suzy last night and she told me that two of her comments were zapped. I don't know what the explanation might be. But apparently you fished one out of the spam folder? I sent her an email this morning after reading your/this post. I haven't heard back from her yet but maybe she'll comment here and clear it up.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I found this comment that you made in my spam folder and I posted it for you. I don't know why you and Blah Blah are having trouble getting past my spam filter, but I can assure you that I have never deleted any of your comments.

I value both of your opinions, even when I think that you have me sorely misjudged.

I don’t know why my filter is doing that. Contrary to popular opinion, Suzy is right again, I’m not that smart…

Anonymous said...

"Not that smart". I think the term is "thick headed lout". Dang-it Ernie.


Kristabel said...

You know, on my blog, which is on Wordpress, Suzy's comments end up in the spam filter now and then. I have no idea why...sometimes maybe because there's a link, and Wordpress is extra cautious?...I usually catch them right away, but a couple of times the notifications themselves have even ended up in my yahoo mail spam filter.

suzy blah blah said...

okay @ Ernie im makeing this as short as i can cuz im super busy plus also i know that all my chains of precious thoughts might very well might "disappear" again.! but Suzy beleives in the benefit of th e doubt and ive decided to give you one meor chantce. Dig outr the comment i posted last night on cowboys and indians and repost it like you did the tother one so peeps can read about what i said about the long ranger, tanto, black elk, the trail of tears, the cherokkee nation, the buffalo, the galumet pipe, leonard peltier, crazy horse, hyronomous storm, and the rest of th e stuff i wrote of, like chief seattle, the bottom of the totem pole, and the Dakotas of western minnisota, squwa rock, dennis banks, john trudell, neil cassidy, hoppolong casidy, tinkerbelle, mickey mouse, minnie mourse, roy rogers, geoge haze, agnes patek,willy nelson, chile, beans, and maize, the trinity, the first thanksgiveing .arlo guthrie, and other things that i cant remember anymore off hand. Then maybe Suzy will trust yuor blog again to not deleat me up without rhyme or reason... God, i hatethat@ ...but anyhow i always learn something no matter how bad i get hurt or abused, an important leasson folks --ALWAYS save a copy befor you hits send cuz you never know ehen you might get deleted to the spam box by some "myterious" force.

spyrock said...

yeah,i'd love to read that post. i didn't know you knew about lightning bolt.
i've had that happen to me but not to much on this blog. it's really frustrating. i quit a t and t because i kept losing my connection and i would lost my post. so i switched to comcast. superfast and no problema. a t and t is calling me right now trying to get me back. now i've got aol whiteing out my pictures on facebook. so i use google chrome or moxilla so i can see the damn pictures. so i don't think it was ernie. i think he loves hearing what you have to say. it's that damn corporate elite the 1 percenters who want all our money and our freedom.

Ernie Branscomb said...

We would all love to read it. But... It's not in my email, my spam filter or, email filter.

You are right again... Always save a copy. I think that maybe it was rejected for being too big.
P.S. You left out Snow White. Flagrant Racism!

Charlie Two Crows is complaining that some of his stuff got bumped. I promise you that it's NOT me.

Ernie Branscomb said...

If it happens again, just email a copy to me and I will post it.

charlie two crows said...

This is a test! Mobile site won't work. Main site will try refresh. Hope it works Ernie.
I want to hear Suzy's take on Mr. Edd. Was that Racist? Or could that horse really talk?

Early bird said...

I think there is a wormhole not my ears...but between Ernie's front page which keeps telling me there are 61 comments on the Indian Summer thread but only 59 when I go to the comment page. Long posts do disappear... but I think this is related to the old wormhole to China that some thought Ernie and Suzy were involved in a few years back. Wormholes do move around, shouldn't play around with them.

Ernie Branscomb said...

This blog site has nothing to do with my computer. It lives on a remote blogsite completely separate from my computer. I could flush my computer down the toilet and the blogsite would still be fully functional.

I access it the same as you do. Only I have more access than you. For instance. I can put posts on it and delete things, because I have that secret password. Whatever is going on is Blogspot's fault.

suzy blah blah said...

Early Bird, Suzy thinks youre trying to help him worm out of it. 61 minus 59 is 2. which is just coinsidently happens t o be the number of my posts that are missing ... it was the comment that i posted twice last night twice,]...
The first time it didn't appear and so I just hit send again and this time it appeared in all it's glory. But when i returned to the site later, it was gone, so i posted another one, complainign if it, the one wear i colled him a thick headed lout, i tryed to thini of a more shop worn cliche but i didnnt have tim e to think, . and it did th e same thing as the other one, it disappeared twice too. Except this morning it magically reappeared. the harmless one reappeared htat is, on the front page of ernies blog along with a sniveling excuse about Spam filters --ids that what the cowboys smoke when their out riden the range loL but anyway back tothe subjict of the post about Naative americans and more that i wrote and posted ... the good one --it is still missing!!! Tell me how is it that only the impportant one can't be retrieved >? Maybe Ernie needs to go back to the refrigerator sckoll and learn how to clean the ice from between his ears, i don't know. But it's a little suspicious.

-- but btw, Early Bird, whilst ive got your ear, do birds have ears? while ive got your attention Early, whast do YOU thing about this stuff? do you think theres maybe a little racist language going on ? What is YOUR opinion, of it all. What do YOU think of the photo he used? whaot about the usage of "indian summer" nad "indian giver". did the worms eat your brain? what do you think of disneys racism in the clip Anne posted? -- do you thikn its just good "cureative fun? Or is it a sample of the racism that is ingrained in oour culture, our language, our lens through which we view the world.

suzy blah blah said...

shit, i forgot to copy that one.

Anonymous said...

Suzy, Ernie is obviously messing with you. You called him on his blatent racism publicly and now he's getting back at you by trying to get into your head.

Burley Ird said...

Well Suzy, I figured out that they were your posts that were missing because following comment 59 would be sexty and sexty one...that'd be you.

I am not proud to be human or white, we are such small versions of ourSelves... but here we are.

My opinion is that it is hard for all of us to bring into consciousness that which is ingrained into our unconscious, through culture, family dynamics, or karma. I have lots of work to do in that regard and that is my focus.

Sun's coming up, fog's in the valley, sky is clear and worm gathering awaits. It's another day to be here. Wahoo. uhoh.

Surly Word gets the Ern said...

Actually this is Ernie, I just couldn't resist the pun.

The fact that the numbers don't jive is proof positive that I didn't delete anything, because when I delete something the number changes back to being the correct amount. Plus, if I'm a racist, why would I care what you say?

What I'm thinking also may have happened is that you may have used some word that Blogspot won't allow. Like the "n" word? Is that Possible?

Did anyone read the article in the post above, written by an alnobaskwa, an Abenaki woman, Marge Bruchac? I agree with every word of what she wrote about taking proud Indian words and claiming that they are derogatory. The "Politically Correct" people are the ones that should be ashamed

Anyway, it's a beautiful day in the morning.

suzy blah blah said...

Anonymous said...

Suzy, Ernie is obviously messing with you. You called him on his blatent racism publicly and now he's getting back at you by trying to get into your head.

October 18, 2011 4:32 AM


Ernie Branscomb said...

At some point my humor slipped away. Calling me a racist is something that I find highly offensive, but I understand it might be open to interpetation.

To call me a liar is wrong. Only the lowest form of a snivily coward would call me a liar with out signing their name.

You are dead wrong!

olmanriver said...

When you spend a lot of time on long comments and they disappear it is a kick in the gut. I have had that happen, and now I break long ones down into two or three comments out of fear of loss. I don't know if this is waht hapened to yuor comment, but I do sympathize.

The other morning I drove out my old wagon trail on the ridgetop and there in the middle of the road was a fox laying on its belly.
I thought oh no, someone hit it, but saw no signs of that as I drove within a foot or two of its body. So I went backwards and still no movement from the fox. I got out and approached it to within three feet. Now it raised its head up a little a there was a little drool from its mouth. Then it raised up on all fours and head down, took little steps backwards, like a cat does when it gives us the gift of a hairball. Now I am thinking it must be rabid, or having bad indigestion. So I bend over in front of it, now petting distance from its head, and it is still not registering my prescence with its eyes. It was the closest I have ever been to a fox. I could have gone on forever, but I clapped my hands and it turned and methodically walked away with a strange gait, almost a bowlegged waddling at a slow pace, it was Charlie Chaplinesqe.
I would rather get face to face with a rabid fox than offer up my opinions on the blog marketplace where blargueing seems to rule the day. So I blog less and less, and try not to let other peoples views and opinions bother me, if they do.

I deflected answering your questions to me this AM because racism is a big subject, and it is sad. Ever watch an Atlanta Braves game? Yuck. I just don't want to talk about it. In my work with Indians I have to tread between a infighting and not getting along with each other. I do the same here.
If you want to discuss this over lunch someday Suzy, I am open to that... and bring Anne along, I would like to meet here.

waterbaby said...

This morning I had to wake up early to get somewhere so I set the alarm clock for 6:44. I had a restless night, and a long last dream:
A friend was driving me from a far distance in his red stick shift car to Berkeley because my dentist had squeezed me into this schedule at the end of his day. My friend drove me instead to his home in north Oakland. I asked if I could take his car then, and realizing that I was already late I thought I should call to see if the dentist would still see me. Panic was rising and some women who were older than me helped me find the phone number and call. Though I was half an hour late the dentist said that if I got there quickly he would see me. I could hear him drilling into someone's teeth as he talked.
Instead of driving, I ran out of the house and towards the bus and Bart. As I ran blindly down a grassy strip between two long apartment buildings I was saying to myself "I know I am stepping in dog poo, I know I am stepping in dog poo!"
I got on the bus to the Bart station and departed, running to the wrong side of the tracks as the train to Berkeley took off as I watched.
At this point my anxiety dream woke me up in a panic, the clock read 6:45..6:46.. the alarm hadn't gone off. I am sure that this has happened to others.
Consciousness is mysterious, life is mysterious. What is the nature of the Dream?
OMR sez Sea ya, and
Gno more