Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Skippy analyzes Occupy Wall Street

I asked the question, this is Skippy's answer. Thank-you skippy.

Skippy has left a new comment on your post: "UNITED States of America":

Ernie, how do we make sense out of this Wall Street protest and the UNITED States of America? I'll give it a stab.

I think we’re witnessing America's first true Internet-era movement. The mainstream media seem determined in casting these folks as a random, silly blather of an ungrateful and lazy generation of weirdos. As journalists have pointed out, kids are criticizing corporate America while tweeting through their iPhones.

Are they Communists, Ernie? Anarchists? The unemployed? Union workers? College graduates left hanging without jobs, saddled in debt? The ‘99%’? Those showing up just for the fun and camaraderie? All of the above— and more.

While the Tea Party movement originated from the ‘right,’ this movement centers more from the left, I think. Their common denominator is of being disenfranchised while demanding accountability. Unlike civil rights protests, labor marches, or political campaigns, this one doesn’t take its cue from a charismatic leader, express itself in bumper-sticker-length goals, nor understand itself as having a particular endpoint. It’s not a traditional protest-- or narrative arc-- as we’ve seen in the past.

As one protester explained, "As far as seeing it end, I wouldn't like to see it end. I would like to see the conversation continue."

Yes, there's a wide array of complaints, demands, and goals from the occupiers: the collapsing environment, labor standards, housing policy, government corruption, World Bank lending practices, unemployment, increasing wealth disparity, corporate excess and bailouts, and so on. Are they ready to articulate exactly what that problem is and how to address it? No, not yet, Ernie. But neither are the Congress, the President, corporate America and Wall Street.

Anyone who says they have no idea what these folks are protesting is not being fully truthful. Whether we agree with them or not, we all know what they’re upset about. Occupy Wall Street is a social movement spreading through contagion, creating as many questions as it answers, and aiming to force a reconsideration of the way the nation does business. Yes, it’s as unwieldy, paradoxical, and inconsistent as those of us living in the real world. Precisely. This movement is merely pointing the way.

And we're watching it, Ernie, because it offers hope to those of us who previously felt alone in our belief that the current economic system is broken.

That's my two cents-- for the 99%, Ernie.

This is Ernie.
I was watching a news broadcast this morning and they were interviewing various people. It looked to me like they were purposefully looking for people to give dumb answers, which must have been true, because they put them on the air. But, they did ask one young man wearing a suit and a tie. He was involved in some way with the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. The question that they were asking is "Is this a Liberal Tea Party movement". He gave the answer (paraphrase) "It would be a mistake to label it as anything. The surface of this demonstration speaks for itself. People are unhappy with the way the country is being governed. Its not a "party" idea. it's a populace movement."


Ernie Branscomb said...

sheesh! Skippy made me spell anylize HIS way. Okay, ANALYIZE.

Ernie Branscomb said...


Dave Kirby said...

I think the folks who dreamed up the "isms" assumed that the leaders of an "ism" would have some integrity. Under capitalism in the U.S. a whole new sub class emerged. Initially it was the " Captains of Industry" who personified the philosophy. Over time a profession as that was far older than capitalism became a major player and changed the face of America. The money lenders. A financial caste that produced nothing but profits for themselves and their wealthy friends. Their greed knows no bounds.

As Bob Dylan said "the pump don't work 'cause the vandals stole the handle" along with the future of this country.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I studied the word closely: I examined it in great detail in order to understand it better or discover more about it

Yep, I spelled it wrong.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I really think that the stock market could do as well in America if we had working people again. I can't understand why our politicians would allow Wall Street to sell our souls to China.

Now that the pump handle has been stolen, we will have to build a new one. Sadly, not many people know how to build pump handles anymore.

C2c said...

Pump handles, cross arms,grape stakes, split rail, ties, posts,barrel staves, bolts, shakes, shingles. All the items above can last 100yrs. And have. This is what has happened to us! I want to die swing in a ten pound hammer in my hands bustin rock!
Burning Man Meets Manhattan
That's what I saw today!

Dave Stancliff said...

I'm contributing my 2 cents worth Sunday.
Right now I would like to say I'm excited by what I'm seeing. Vietnam finally ended because the people said enough.
With the social media available to almost everyone today this growing collection of voices may institute some changes in this country.
Anything is possible if the majority comes together and makes it so.
I see people scrambling to label what's happening, but it's such a fluid movement/protest with mulitiple causes that it'll be difficult to pigeon hole.

Rose said...

You're COMPLETELY misreading this. The entire thing has been orchestrated.

Listen to Stephen Lerner lay the entire plan out, not knowing he was on tape. The see Michael Moore kick it off, even though the original kickoff was delayed by the tape's exposure (original target was JP Morgan Chase).

Moore's meme: "there's plenty of money. THEY have it. It's ours. We can take it." right off Lerner's plan...

Getting students to default. Right our of Lerner's plan. SEIU in there - all part of the plan.

You guys aren't dupes. The poor dumb kids on Wall St. are - but come on, you guys, you're smarter than this.

This is all a set up for Obama, all set up by his guys. It's called deflecting the blame.