Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Methinks something Stinks in America

Even though it’s easy to see the results of the failure of our leaders, the problems with America run so deep, and so numerous, that no one man can comprehend them all. Are our leaders so consumed by their own greed that they can’t see the suffering of the people that once had jobs and homes?

People are often accused of not paying attention, or not educating themselves on the problems facing America. Most of us are steeped in the guilt of knowing that something is wrong, but we don’t know how to fix it. It doesn’t take much to embarrass us into being quiet. Some are afraid that their life-long philosophies of being a member of a group or a party may look foolish in the clear vision that something is wrong today. Were we duped? Was it wrong of us to be against the unions? I was, I now question that. Some people feel just the opposite. They are mad that the teachers want too damned much money, and the unions are insisting that they get it, to the detriment of the taxpayers. That was just an example, there are still vast difference in our philosophies.

What is wrong with America is not that the rich don’t pay enough taxes. They couldn’t pay enough to help America, the rich are a moot point tax wise. The BIG point is that our jobs have left our shores. If we all had good jobs, we could pay enough taxes to bring back America’s prosperity, and we could rebuild our schools and roads, and the rest of the infrastructure. Where the rich are our enemy is that they own our information services, and we will believe anything that they tell us. They tell us to vote for politicians that will take care of the wealthy first. The wealthy have made their fortune skimming a small percentage of the money leaving our shores. That is what has to be stopped. When the jobs come back, the rich can go on making money right here at home.

But, things need to change. Don’t be afraid to holler, even if you don’t know what you are hollering about. If you are being stabbed in the back, you aren’t going to see the knife. Scream bloody murder anyway. Our leaders need to know that they had better start moving in directions that will make the rabble happy again.

But, do me a favor, try to at least look normal... people in clown suits scare me!

At my age, of course, I have a lot of friends that have tried to figure it all out. They tell me about the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove group, The trilateral commission. The Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the federal reserve bank, and so forth. All of their theories seem to make a little sense. But, some of their theories seem to look like they’ve been led a little to close to the edge. They all tried too hard to figure it all out, but no one man can do that, be satisfied that you know that something is wrong, and make our government take that knife out of our back.

Most of the kids at “Occupy Wall Street” don’t have a clue what’s wrong… but they know it’s wrong. Sometimes that’s enough.

I have a friend who is a veteran of the Cambodian War, you know the war that they claimed didn't happen. They went into Cambodia to cut the supply lines to the Viet Cong. (I’m no expert, my friend is). It was at the top of the Flower Child anti-war demonstrations. The young demonstrators went nuts when they found out that troupes went into Cambodia. There was a major demonstration at Kent State in Ohio. Four young kids were killed for demonstrating against the war. The tide turned, and America pulled out of the Viet Nam War.

The point that I’m Making here is NOT that the flower children were right. In some cases they were demonstrating for the Viet Cong. They spit on our soldiers, and called them baby killers. There was no focus of the demonstration and no great leaders. One example of their ignorance is something that young Jane Fonda paid for until this day. She had her picture taken sitting on a Viet Cong tank! I was shocked, America was shocked, just about anybody would tell you that it was the wrong thing to do, but she was a hero to a small group of the Flower Children.

You may think that I’m way off of the subject here, but it is vitally important to my point. No matter how wrong, how stupid, how disrespectful, that the war protestors were… THEY STOPPED THE WAR!

The people in "Occupy Wall Street" are displaying the same look as the War protesters of the ‘60’s. So, when I say that they have a chance. It’s because I been there, seen that… several times before, I don’t think that this will go away, no matter what the Main Stream Media says.


CMS said...

They cried!
Peace! Peace!
Then Sudden Destruction!

Ernie. I've always believed you created this Blog, Because like me you have cheated Death. So you wanted answers. And you wanted to give back!
Here's your chance!
Follow through with your changes for America!
Start a local movement!
Do it big! And when your done. I will bring my shovel and show you where the body's are!
Take your own advice!
Look over your shoulder!
And be Safe!
Somewhere in the Desert*

spyrock said...

first of all, i have to hip you to the fact that you don't know what a flower child is. a flower child is peace and love baby, period. they don't spit on anybody, they don't ride in tanks. during the vietnam war they did burn their draft cards, they did move to canada or mexico, they did spend most of their time at rock concerts, they did move back to the land. up your way and every other place away from the city.
the people you are talkin about were the politicos of the time. the weathermen, the black panthers, the brown berets, the north vietnamese liberation front. the sla who kidnapped patty hearst and the killer of sharon tate charlie manson. get your facts straight before you start playing the blame game. of course, if your criteria is that they all had long hair, then please say long hairs if you are into steriotyping. and then define it like in anyone who hasn't had a haircut in two weeks, two months, probably not two years. i think that's what we are talking about here. because a true flower child is a really rare human. especially these days. janie fonda was a working girl, part of the system, daughter of sometimes a great nation. what she did had more to do with rebelling against her father and nixon than disrespecting american soldiers. one of the children of the upper class misbehavin. imagine that, one of the chosen ones bailing out. peter was the flower child, not jane. easy rider was a classic, way better than any of his dad's films.
i just read about this guy named bro in homer alaska. he donated some land for a peace park in the middle of town and the american legion wanted to build a war memorial on it. he wouldn't let them. he said it was a park for peace and love and he wouldn't glorify war on it. the legionairres went beserk calling him names and saying that he was crazy, his only answer inspite of being a world war 2 vet was, i love you. he just sat there, took in all they had to say and said i love you. now that's a flower child.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Charlie,
At my age I doubt that I'm going to start any "Movements". The only people that are able to successfully complete movements are the young people. They have the time, they don't have the baggage, and they have nothing to loose. Plus it is THEIR future that they are changing.

We had our time in the sun in the 60s. Our children rebelled against our standards, but, did you notice, that our grand children seem to have gotten it, they will, once again change the world.

You are absolutely right. I should have said “war protesters”, but “Flower Children” most exemplified the 60’s. And, they were very definitely involved in war protest. However, just like the protests going on today, there was not one main focus. The children of the 60’s wanted to change the world to a better place for everybody, not just the evil and the greedy. I can’t even begin to list the changes that they made, but I would be remiss to not mention Civil Rights and stopping the Viet Nam War. The Kennedy’s stopped the Mafia. I think that is mostly that they didn’t like the competition, but that’s another story. The children of the sixties dramatically changed the whole wide world.

This movement on Wall Street looks like a modern adaptation of demonstrations that the Youth of the 60’s gave us. I wish that I was young again, I would be on the front lines for jobs and fair trade agreements.

I just watched Obama’s speech on TV… it appears that he reads my blog and agrees with me. Now, if he would just put his flowery words to good use.

Anonymous said...

Christ Ernie, now you are an Obama supporter. You must be getting old.


Dave Stancliff said...

I've been following what's happening on Wall Street closely. In the last three days I've seen more middle-age people with children protesting. I've seen long-haired old coots my age, and seniors marching.
My point,
it's not just young people protesting. Look at how the unions joined on Wednesday. People of all ages. Middle America is angry, not just some bored and pissed off youths.

This is big Ernie.

Anonymous said...

George Soros and the unions are promoting this and it should get big. Michael Moore is cheering them on to boot. I guess that is the older folks.


skippy said...

Occupy Wall Street brought thousands of people to the streets of New York yesterday after major labor unions gave their backing. This is a sign the movement is shifting from a loose-knit fringe group to a bloc that could draw in mainstream America. Teachers and nurses mixed with students holding placards lamenting soaring tuition and their inability to repay student loans. Veterans complained of being out of work and homeless. Senior citizens lamented the hardships facing their grandchildren. Reports from the group’s website claim police batons and pepper spray were used on protesters with “at least 20 arrests.”

The White House has yet to officially comment on Occupy Wall Street. President Obama, however, addressed reporters simply saying, "I think people are frustrated and, you know, the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.” Though criticizing Wall Street could tap into populist support, it might also hurt Obama's campaign pocketbook. Like other presidential candidates, Obama courts Wall Street contributions and he already has a tenuous relationship with some in the financial community for his harsh words about corporate compensation earlier.

Two Republican presidential hopefuls weighed in: Herman Cain dismissed them, saying, "I don't have much patience for someone who does not want to achieve their American dream the old-fashioned way." Mitt Romney has called the protest "class warfare." When asked about the Wall Street protesters, he added before slipping into his waiting car, "I'm just trying to occupy the White House."

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke surprisingly told the Joint Economic Committee that he understands the protesters' frustrations. “I would just say very generally, I think people are quite unhappy with the state of the economy and what’s happening,” he said. “They blame, with some justification, the problems in the financial sector for getting us into this mess, and they’re dissatisfied with the policy response here in Washington. And at some level, I can’t blame them.

Of the protest activities scheduled for the coming week, this might be the monkey wrenching firecracker to keep an eye on: the ‘hacktivist’ group named Anonymous which attacked a number of corporate and government Web sites this year posted a video message claiming it will support the protesters by erasing the New York Stock Exchange “from the Internet” on Monday, Oct. 10.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I'm glad to see that you are still out there. I heard a rumor that you ran off with Ann Coulter.

Obama says all the right things, but he is totally in effective. Universal Health care would be a great thing... if it could be funded! He was so adamant about passing his frikkin' health care bill that he actually killed any chance of people like you and I of getting health care from it, because now it will be thrown out with no chance of ever coming back again. I would seriously like for people like you to be able to just walk into a Doctors office and get the care that you need. Pelosi and Obama should have focused on jobs and the economy. When they had those problems solved, and gained the confidence of the American people, then they could have passed a successful health care bill.

The problem with Obama is that he is a good talker, and he says all the things that I would like to see happen, but he doesn’t know shit about how to get things done. You and I know that a good punch in the nose will settle an argument faster than talking about it. Obama could talk all day long in a wet paper bag and never get out of it. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and fight for the things that you believe in. Obama is a total frustration to me! TALK, TALK, TALK. He needs to roll up his sleeves and do something down in the trenches. He need to get out in front and pull on the rope. He needs to stop talking about how hard he is trying to push the rope but the damn Republicans keep setting on it. He needs to do the things that he talks about. He has one year to grow balls or he is GONE. PERIOD. Leader my ass!
Now I hope that you are really confused.

Rose said...

Ernie. This is a phony set-up. Born out of big-money Think Tanks.

If it was real - where are the Anarchists? Code Pink? The usual suspects? they have been told to stand down.

Don't you, of all people, fall for this.

"There's plenty of money. They have it. It's ours. We want it." paraphrasing Michael Moore as he launched the plan oh so many months ago - they're trying to gin up hatred.

Getting students to default on their student loans. Part of the plan. the only way Obama can get re-elected is to throw us into chaos.

Surely you don't agree with students defaulting on their loans?

And weren't those "protesters" in Wisconsin last month claiming they were for higher teacher pay? Now they're for not paying the teachers for the education they provide?

Do those poor dumb dupes even grok the disconnect in what they are saying?

If you are buying it - then when you sell your next piece, get the money in cash. No credit. Because that's what this is. You could end up with zero. They take your product because it's theirs. That money they owe you? Too bad for you.

C2c said...

Ernie, last friday a US citizen was killed two thousand miles away by a drone air strike. Now we could debate the issue of no trial For years, for a citizen that crossed over to the dark side of terror! My issue involves the secret group of men that had a secret meeting and made the decision to end this man's life. And then inform Obama after the strike was over!!!
Prove me wrong!! Fear the OWl!
Has it ever happened in America? Only the owl knows!
And like Daniel Els burg and the Pentagon Papers that stopped the Vietnam War!!!
The owl at the grove isn't talking!!
Do some look in if you dare!
I'm fix in to sharpen my shovel! Hide in the Desert!

Ernie Branscomb said...

First off I have a lot of respect for you, and we are more on the same page than you think.

This is NOT an organized movement. As I said, it reminds me of the 60s nobody was organized, but look what they changed.

The anarchists are involved. "anonymous" intends to jamb the Stock Market computers on Monday the 10th. I don't know where Code Pink is, but I promise you, they are paying attention.

Micheal Moore is wrong. Going after the rich is a moot point. We need jobs, and the flow of money to start coming back to America. The rich can still get richer if they want. I don't give a rats-ass about the rich. Only I want them to stop sending our jobs offshore, and paying our politicians to ignore the Fact that China is manipulating the value of it's currency, and robbing us blind.

I don't believe that the students should be allowed to not pay their loans. To let them off the hook would only teach them that it works to cheat. That would be the wrong message. I know many people that worked their way though college. I don't thing it would be fair to make them pay for some lazy student to not have to pay.

Wisconsin, and Occupy Wall Street are the same, in that it is a populace movement. Otherwise I doubt that you could get any two of them to agree that they are there for the same purpose.

If you are worried about the Stock Market, don’t. People with seats on the stock exchange will make money no matter what happens up down or sideways. The big investors make the most money when the market is whipping wildly up and down. You know that. I don’t have to explain it to you. Unfortunately if there is any loses, the big investor will let YOU take the loss while they cash in.

I don’t hate the rich, I wish I was one. And, I deeply admire people like Bill and Melinda Gates who have helped the world in many ways. They are helping Rotary cure polio in the world. I admire Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson. They are most benevolent and caring people.

I despise people like Bernie Madoff who ruined many good people.

So far, Have I said any thing that you disagree with? I thought not.

skippy said...

Very well said, Ernie.

spyrock said...

i have to agree with ernie. there isn't much difference between obama and bush or boner for that matter. we are still in iraq, still in afganistan, no one has regulated or prosecuted the banks or other corporate criminals that have stole trillions from the american working man. they all belong to the same golf club so why not play together and high five while they are raking in the dough and we are losing our homes.
hanks big mistake was believing everything he hears on fox news and talk radio. they want him to think that there is a difference between boner and obama. by polarizing america they are raking in billions on people like hank who are addicted to political media. oh well, you did pretty good for a kid from bakersfield. that monday night football was a sweet job for almost 20 years. now maybe you will have to go to work like the rest of us. i figured this out years ago at the at&t at pebble beach, george bush sr. was playing the first hole and picked up his ball after his first shot. he let his partner finish the hole. these guys, bush sr. jr. obama, boner, they are all just figure heads. someone else is actually running the show no matter who wins.

glad you clarified about the war protestors. many people confused the flower children with the politcos in berekeley. the national guard, the protests, they were all in berekely. there were never any protests about the war on haight street. even the peace march in san francisco bypassed haight street and followed the typical bay to breakers route that they run each year. the motto of the flower childen was turn on, tune in, and drop out. drop out. not stay in and change it or protest it.
drop out, get out of the stock market and move back to the land. steve gaskin took the last of the flower children with him to the farm they all bought in tennesee after caravaning around the country in their school buses. gaskin was living off a 20 lb bag of organic brown rice every month. he was trying to tell us that we had no excuse not to drop out and live off the grid. sort of like charlie 2 crows.
flower children were against war but most of them that i knew were busy going to rock concerts, making love with whomever and like me surfing at the beach every day or living at some land deeded to god like morningstar. we didn't really think about the war much. we were having too much fun. that was their choice, not ours.
flower children believed in peace and love. many were sympathetic to the anti-war movement but that was a whole nother enchalada. you could tell if someone was from berkely or anti-war, they talked about nothing but politics. a whole different animal. i found many of the war protestors boring and self centered. i think it was really all about getting laid for most of them. i usually felt embarrased when i was around them.
and as i have previously related, i was attacked for looking straight or booze wah by these people

Anonymous said...

The reason some liberals don't like Fox News or talk radio shows is they don't want anybody to hear both sides.
If a conservative doesn't want a gun they won't buy one. if a liberal doesn't want a gun they don't want anybody else the have one either.
Most liberals I have known think they are a victim in some way.


spyrock said...

that's the big gotcha that the conservatives use to get people to vote for them.
"they are trying to take away our guns" give me a break. can you even imagine sean hannity or rush limpbough or even annie get your gun coulter shooting a gun." no way jose. they just want rainbow necks voting for them just so they have something in common with the fortune 500 or billionaires like hwjr.
i totally understand you. all my cousins drank the same grape kool aid. lucky it was diet kool aid or they'ed be dead too. my direct ancestor was patrick henry. he wrote the everyone gets a gun law into the constitution. so i don't know what you are talking about. all my relatives have guns. duck, deer, turkey, pheasant. most are pretty good shots.
i don't really know too many people that claim to be liberals. its maybe something that sonny bono's son is. besides hillary is one of them. the upper class. all there is, is the one percent and the 99 bottles of beer on the wall. i'm a 99er. what are you.

spyrock said...

sorry, i forgot, jason likes to shoot bears, a family tradition and tom likes to shoot wild pigs, another family tradition. richie teaches a high school class on bow hunting. one of the few that i know about. ted nugent ain't got nothin on us.