Friday, October 21, 2011

How many ways can you say "Group"

A group of antelope is called a herd.
A group of ants is called an army or a colony.
A group of apes is called a shrewdness.
A group of baboons is called a troop.
A group of badgers is called a cete.
A group of bass is called a shoal.
A group of bears is called a sleuth or a sloth.
A group of beavers is called a colony.
A group of bees is called a swarm, grist or hive.
A group of birds is called a flock, flight or volery.
A group of boars is called a sounder.
A group of buffalo is called a herd.
A group of bucks is called a brace or clash.
A group of caterpillar is called an army.
A group of cats is called a clowder or clutter.
A group of cattle is called a herd or drove.
A group of chickens is called a brood or peep.
A group of chicks is called a clutch or chattering.
A group of cobras is called a quiver.
A group of colts is called a rag.
A group of cows is called a kine.
Twelve cows is called a flink.
A group of coyotes is called a band.
A group of cranes is called a sedge or siege.
A group of crocodiles is called a float.
A group of crows is called a murder.
A group of cubs is called a litter.
A group of deer is called a herd.
A group of dogs is called a pack.
A group of donkeys is called a herd or pace.
A group of doves is called a dule.
A group of ducks is called a brace, paddling or team.
A group of eagles is called a convocation.
A group of elephants is called a herd or a parade.
A group of seals is called a pod.
A group of elk is called a gang.
A group of emus is called a mob.
A group of falcons is called a cast.
A group of ferrets is called a business.
A group of finches is called a charm.
A group of foxes is called a skulk or leash.
A group of frogs is called an army or colony.
A group of geese is called a flock, gaggle or skein.
A group of gnats is called a cloud or horde.
A group of goldfish is called a troubling.
A group of gorillas is called a band.
A group of greyhounds is called a leash.
A group of hares is called a down or husk.
A group of hawks is called a cast or kettle.
A group of hens is called a brood.
A group of herons is called a hedge.
A group of hogs is called a drift or parcel.
A group of horses is called a team, pair or harras.
A group of hounds is called a pack, mute or cry.
A group of kittens is called a kindle or litter.
A group of larks is called a exaultation.
A group of leopards is called a leep or leap .
A group of lions is called a pride.
A group of magpies is called a tiding.
A group of mallards is called a sord.
A group of martens is called a richness.
A group of moles is called a labor.
A group of mules is called a barren or span .
A group of owls is called a parliment.
A group of parrots is called a company.
A group of partridges is called a covey.
A group of peacocks is called a muster or ostentation.
A group of pheasants is called a nest or bouquet.
A group of plovers is called a congregation.
A group of ponies is called a string.
A group of rattlesnakes is called a rhumba.
A group of ravens is called an unkindness.
A group of rhinos is called a crash.
A group of rooks is called a building or clamor.
A group of snakes is called a nest.
A group of snipes is called a walk or wisp.
A group of sparrows is called a host.
A group of squirrels is called a dray.
A group of starlings is called a murmuration.
A group of storks is called a mustering.
A group of swine is called a sounder or drift.
A group of teals is called a spring.
A group of toads is called a knot.
A group of trout is called a hover.
A group of turkeys is called a rafter.
A group of turtledoves is called a pitying.
A group of turtles is called a bale.
A group of woodcocks is called a fall.
A group of woodpeckers is called a descent .



charlie two crows said...

A Murder of Crows!

Anonymous said...

" The mass's are ass's".
The didn't make that up, my old friend Bill used to say that.


Ernie Branscomb said...

The reason that I looked it up is that I didn’t know what a group of watersnakes were. Whether it was a “school” like fish, or a “nest” like snakes.

A group of rattlesnakes is called a “rhumba”. Actually a “rhumba” is what I do gettin’ outa’ there!

Charlie, I knew that Crows were a "murder", but I just found out that a group of ravens, my totem and namesake bird, were called an "unkindness". Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It seems like if there are a bunch of snakes in the water they should be called a "slurry of snakes".
Just seems like.


Anne on a Mouse said...

I love lists:

bacteria - culture
barracudas - battery
bats - cloud
botterns - sledge
bobolinks - chain
budgerigars - chatter
bullocks - drove
butterflies - rabble
buzzards - wake
camels - train
cheetahs - coalition
clams - bed
cockroaches - intrusion
coots - covert
cormorants - gulp
crabs - cast
curs - cowardice
dolphins - pod
dotterel - trip
dunlins - fling
eels - array
finches - charm
flamingos - stance
flies - hatch
giraffes - corps
gnus - implausibility
guinea hens - confusion
guillemots - bazaar
hippopotami - bloat
hyenas - cackle
jays - party
kangaroos - mob
ladybugs - loveliness
lapwings - deceit
loons - raft
mares - stud
mice - mischief
meerkats - mob
minnows - steam
otters - romp
oxen - team
oysters - bed
pelicans - squadron
penguins - rookery
pigeons - kit
prairie dogs - coterie
race horses - string
rats - colony
ruffs - hill
sardines - family
schnauzers - stench
sharks - shiver
skunks - surfeit
skylarks - ascension
stingrays - fever
swans - lamentation
termites - brood
thrushes - mutation
tigers - ambush
unicorns - blessing
vultures - committee
weasels - boogle
wombats - wisdom
yellow-jackets - pladge
zebras - dazzle

Anonymous said...

Who makes this stuff up anyway?


skippy said...

An exaltation of larks
A shiver of sharks
A scurry of squirrels
A scold of jays
A parliament of owls
A wake of buzzards
A paddling of ducks
A pounce of cats
A mask of raccoons
A romp of otters
A run of coyotes
And a chain of lynx

charlie two crows said...

A Troupe of Shrimp

Ross Sherburn said...

A ""Bunch" works for me!
Or a whole "shit pot".

Anonymous said...

Ross, ditto.


C2c AKA Shrimp Lover said...

Combine and marinate over nite
Grill slow and brush on marinate!
Your tongue will beat your forehead to death to get at the shrimp!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Sounds good, Needs salt.

C2c said...

Oregon stole the salt!LOL

suzy blah blah said...


Homey? That must refer to your dog --LOL@

two crows said...

Latrodectus Mactans

Ernie Branscomb said...

I'm not sure what Charlie is saying here. As most of you already know a Latrodectus Mactans is a black widow spider.

I'm not sure if he is calling someone a black widow or not. In the hopi culture Spider Woman is the creator of everything.

So Charlie is making a big insult or he is holding someone in great regaurd. I love mysteries!

Joel Mielke said...

A film of investment bankers.

Joel Mielke said...

For Suzy:
A loiter of homies

Jon said...

For Ernie: Charlie might be right to reply to your 'Murder of Crows' with the Latrodectus Mactans, for in her empty egg sack is found a coagulant that modern Medicine would like to replicate in the Lab. Put one of them little spheres on a gushing wound and in mere seconds the silk binds the blood and tissue, and don't sting to high heavens like SALT.

Charlie two crows said...

Ernie, Come Come, a mystery?
I remembered something that had no group name! Ernie, this is a special southern spider!
The Houma Indians call her;
Bras Prique`Zool veuve F noire! Bras was the most evil woman French Pirate that ever lived. And like the spider killed her mate. And has no friends. Only enemy's! And no group name! To get this spider to come out you beat on the web(homey) and she can't resist running to the vibrations!

To jon, I carry the silk in my medicine bag! But warn you she puts venom on the silk for thieves! If your allergic like me, like all women you have to get use to the poison over time!

Insult? Never! Game? Yes!

spyrock said...

real easy. groupies for all you teenyboppers out there.

charlie two crows said...

Here name is Anne Dieu-Le-Veut. The indians called her Pirate Widow Spider. All of our lives together fall short of this Woman Pirate! To live during her time! To serve under her!

suzy blah blah said...

Gold Dust Woman

Rock on--gold dust woman
Heartless challenge
Pick your path and I'll pray
Wake up in the morning
See your sunrise--don't you know
Ruler lovers--pick their prey

But they never cry out
Never cry out loud
Not even if they have to
Rock on woman
ancient queen
See those who pale
In your shadow

Well did she make you cry,
Make you break down,
Shatter your illusions of love
Well is it over now ,
Do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home

Ooh black widow, ooh yeah
Gold Dust Woman
Runnin' in the shadows,
Gold Dust
Runnin' in the shadows,
Gold Dust
Runnin' in the shadows,

Charlie two crows said...

A picture was painted!

There was the Queen!

RA! Was there!

And I in between!

How could this be?

With Raven's help!

I read your Dreams!


The Editors said...

A mastrubation of bloggers

skippy said...

Given his newly clean bill of health, Ernie is now cured from the pockets of:

A brow of doctors
A guess of diagnosticians
A hive of allergists
A series of radiologists
A colony of bacteriologists
A rash of dermatologists
A flutter of cardiologists
A graft of surgeons
A pile of proctologists
A void of urologists
A liter of lab samples
A flush of toilets
A flap of gowns
A smear of gynecologists
A unison of undertakers
And an overcharge of accounts

(Ok. The smear was a stretch. Good health to all, there's only so many days left)

Joel Mielke said...

Thanks for the idea for this week's Journal cartoon, Ernie.

Ernie Branscomb said...

You are completely welcome!

I really enjoy your cartoons. Somehow I think that you would have come up with something equally as good without my help.

Pretty funny!

For the rest of you that are wondering what this is about, click on Joel's name above.