Monday, August 8, 2011

OMG!!! The reel Suzy Blah Blah dropds a nodte!!

A while back, missing what I thought was the real Suzy Blah Blah, while dealing with what I perceived to be an interloper Suzy, I did a blog post about “The Legend of Suzy Blah Blah”.

Being a person that only deals with tangibles, and reality, I picked up that the recent commenter claiming to be Suzy couldn’t possibly be the real Suzy Blah Blah. She just couldn’t pass the hammer test.  The interloper Suzy is also very intelligent and witty, and her comments are welcomed by us all… But she just ain’t  “the real Suzy”.

So, at a time in my life, when I seriously need some reality, like only the real Suzy Blah Blah can bring me. She shows up like an answer to my thoughts in the wind. It was like she knew that I needed a little of those two “same things,” Love and Understanding. It’s enough to make a person believe in that spirit stuff.

Now, and I hope that the real Suzy is still reading, because Most of us on this blog find that our concerns are with you. Please tell us that you are okay and doing well. My heart wrenched and I felt the lonely anguish of a Humboldt Co. country girl hitchhiking in the L.A. rain. We all hope that you and your child are happy and well.

Reading the “Real Suzy Blah Blah” is like ready poetry. You have to look past the words on the page, to the feelings and “spirit” within them.

I moved her comments to the front page here, for the few of us who love the real Suzy.

suzy blah blah has left a new comment on your post "The legend of Suzy Blah Blah":

really?!! omgosh, that's embarrassing, LOL! but i love you fro making time to read it all. whew, i don't even have time to shit these days, not to mention burning sage, theres so little time, I put my kid to bed and i'm exhausted. but i relax somethimes typing and it looks like i have a few minutes to thank youuu Charlie, that's so sweet to hear. Theres been a lot of raven activity around here, very noisy. Maybe its your prayers coming through. I havto listen harder, or maybe not try to listen, . . . CAW! CAW!

thats so cewl that you made your fortune the white mans stock market LOL. it makes me smile. And i'm praying for your continuing health and that there are no relapses. Smoke that medicine. It must be awesome where you are in neveada. I love the desert, sooooo quiet and with a such a big night amazing sky. And cowboyss wearing guns to Wallmart LOL. It sounds good.

You know, I had my friend write the Suzy comments fair a spell, so it looks like everyone seems to think it wasn't me, suzy, but they don't get it. this one and the other one are both Suzy ie Suzy is one ,, LOL That's the REAL legend. Peolpe get legend confused with history. but in legend there is no linear time * line ... one doesn't come before or after the other because the other isn't in linear time ... another words you could read the old suzy comments in any order you want, you could ever read them upside down and you'd still get the same "message?", or maybe i should say "mess". LOL///

-And so that's it.
When i fierst met Ernie i parked in a position which he called "behind his truck" (but what's behind to some is in front of to another) and to his way of thinking, i blocked him in, theat was a red flag. I thought he was one of his employees when he asked me to move out of the way, and then later he said on the bolg all apalogetic, that it was him, doing business LOL@ ... I was totally surprized. I'd pictured him really really differantly. That's how visionary i am LOL

so maybe you read about hhat in the archives, i think he tried to give me a special free downtown parking spot ..LOL@ you know parking is a major problem, specially when ppl park behind you hmph. but if it's suzy that's differant cuz i'm a "legend" and everybody love Suzy (in that chapter), well, I wrot e to Ernie, " use your imagination" LOL. I wasn't really surprixed hwen he didn't get it. He always presents himself real nice though, in his misinterpretings of hte legend. Thing is, if Thay aren't "behind" you, and if theyre not next to you, they must be in front of you. right? LOL Thats what a history minded person will never understand. Because they can only understand things in order. I knew a watch repairman once who was an example of some one like that, everything needed to be in a strict order for him to have understanding of it. And it was him i was thinking of when i said, " And sometime i think love and understanding are close to hte same thing" LOL!!!!!!!
and Ernie loved that line enough to hang it on his wall LOL, thats what is cwel about misunderstanding legends. Its a whole different understanding when it comes to bullshitstory. Ha, Love and understanding? Is that from the old temstament? or was it otis redding? Whatever. 

But a historian trying to historify a legend by misunderstanding the basic mystery of communication from the heart, er i mean from the start, ie REAL communication, because there IS no start, or end, to a legend except in peoples minds ... and chief seattle said the longest journey youll ever take is from the mind to the heart. But he never had to hitchhike through LA in the rain, LOL, but anyway, Charlie, thats what i mean by suzy being one. The changeless one.

but it laate now and i haveto say a bloggy goodnight to yuo. bye bye from ms american pie.
love yu charlie two crows' straight from my heart to your heart from the true, froom the legendary,\
from the one and only,
suzy blah blah


In My "Real World" watch makers don't know diddley, you have to know how to build refrigerators to be "really" wise. In My real world Ottis Redding is the old testament.
Wishing you well,
Ernie and the rest of us


Ernie Branscomb said...

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone...

Juan Mess said...

Cewl*! This is an important entry for my unauthorized bioblogography of Suzy Blah Blah. As many know I spent most of my days interviewing old timers who remember her life and am gathering up the stories for posterity in the future. Yes there is a "reel" version in the works, but 1st the best selling book, then Suzy and me go on Oprah to pimp the book (need some title suggestions), then the movie. No, I am not going to tell who is lined up to play Suzy, but Fabio is on board to play me, and Danny Devito will be...ooops, you will just have to wait.

This is wonderful to get the parking space story from the parkees own fingers because already there are different versions being spread. As I recall that day, she was parked in front of Ernie and she had to move for him to park there, but I am not sure 'cause that would require me to read the old posts and I would rather recall from memory. I get caught up in the linear stuff like before, in front of, behind, back then, etc. so maybe in "legend-time" it is less important...kind of like dreamtime.
But getting back to the future... why did her parking spot sign get taken down, and now that she has a baby, shouldn't there be an SBB breastfeeding parking zone? I would like that.(Don't make me get a petition going Ernie).

From her humble beginnings behind Saul's Country Tavern, Suzy is a legend in her own write, some would say a blog icon, I hope she knows how much we would myth her love and understanding if she ever left the blogsophere.

* sbb trademark patent pending

skippy said...

...why can't things just remain the same? Skippy is so confused.

Anne on a Mouse said...

it looks like everyone seems to think it wasn't me, suzy, but they don't get it.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anne on a Mouse said...

River, er, I mean Juan, I talked to Suzy on the phone tonight and she says, "Hey!" She said she'll check out the blog later. When I told her that you were planning a movie she said that the role of Suzy would be played by Britney Murphy. She said, I may have this wrong, but she said something like, cuz its a flick of a legend it wont matter that the chicks dead, hahaha. We'll just put the end in the beginning and go from there. She said that we'd splice old Britney movie clips together and photoshop in a few changes and it would be the reel Suzy image. Amoung others, she suggested this scene She said that we'd change the cigarette to a joint and change a few of the words around, substitute pot for speed etc. I said that you wanted your role to be played by Fabio, and she said, "no way --the guy in the green team jacket is River". Then she laughed so hard that she dropped the phone and when she picked it up again she said she had to run.

But I'm thinking it may be a good idea. Actually a genious idea, Suzy's like that, she said she was working on the screen play (in her head). . . The thing is, Suzy really does look a lot like Britney, ask Ernie. Anyway I'll get back to you on it. We may have to do lunch some day.

Robin Shelley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suzy blah blah said...

ok omr i just taklede phone and to anne and she got it rite, ecxept 4one thing, we wont change 'speeed" to 'pot" we'lll chatnge it to "blog" LOL@!!!

Anonymous said...

A River runs through me, glad you can see that... hang on a sec, gotta open a door and let my bat out for the night.

Fabio will be crushed, but the green jacketed guy is a ringer, down to the bushy brows and locks of hair needing to be flipped alla time!

Oh yes, lunch One day is a must! (I just let go of my walker and did a little jig at the mere thought). Maybe Ernie will donate some free parking for a blogscoop.

Ernie Branscomb said...

"Maybe Ernie will donate some free parking for a blogscoop."

Yeah, come on a Friday during the farmers fest. park in the middle of the street like everybody else. Just tell them that you're in agriculture.

Juan N Ornery omr said...

Suzy... great to hear from you... we are on with the project!

suzy blah blah said...

Heres the clipp well use to gte some footage of oliver hardy to protray

Anonymous said...

I had hoped we were through with Suzy and her crude drug-addled crap. Anyone who continually refers to him- or herself in the 3rd person has more problems than merely delusions of grandeur. Look back at her meltdown comments about "Billy". Others later tried to support & comfort her and she expressed no gratitude whatsoever. How typical of her ilk. And the only word she can apparently spell correctly is "s-h-i-t". Heaven save her offspring from her corruptive influence.

spyrock said...

"I had hoped we were through with Suzy and her crude drug-addled crap"
who is this "we" you are talking about. is it your "wee" brain. any fool can be judgemental, jealous, and a jerk like yourself. it's more humane to show some compassion for your fellow human beings who may not seem as perfect as yourself. i used to watch you wrestle back in the wwf and the hulkster used to spank you all the time. so get off your high horse mr perfect.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I'm glad to hear that you have your "s-h-i-t" together. I can accept just about anything in another person but meanness.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Good old Spyrock. Thanks Spy.

Ernie Branscomb said...

With the looks of the stock market, Two Crows must be out burying his gold.
Two Crows, I hope you cashed out early.

Anne on a Mouse said...

Anonymous, If you've been paying attention you know that Ernie doesn't really give a shit about posters opinions if they are anonymous. If you are too cowardly to back up your criticism with your name then don't expect it to have any effect. To be fair, in the past month Ernie has made 10 posts. Only two of them were about Suzy Blah Blah. The others were on such diverse topics as guns, Hartsook Inn, Walmart, local concerts,the stagecoach line, the rotary, etc. If you don't care for Suzy there are plenty of other interesting subjects here to read about. And plenty of other things in this world to think about .... Plenty of things.

So I guess I'll go refer to myself for a while. Or as Suzy would put it, "go reefer to myself --LOL!".

suzy blah blah said...

Rvr, i got hte title:
NoT PurFeCt -the legned of Suzy Blah Blah

RiVoR said...

NoT PurFeCt... it is!

Charlie Two Crows said...

Title for the book and movie;

Anonymous said...

The book and movie are of course important, but really, in the modern world it all about the movie merchandising. We have to be ready. I think we should proceed with the Ernie's Place action figure set and the Suzy Blah Blah Spellchick program for people to download and typoe like a pro. Any other ideers?

Anonymous said...

The Suzy clones are now hear. At a very reasonnable price you can purchase your own live Suzy clone. Toltaly the same as andn not differant from the oridginal SBB. Or for cheapsakes we have our special Suzy Blah Blah adobe comment script recognition technology program which you can download to make witty comments on your blog by instantly choosing one of nearly 100,000 mispelled clever replys that are available in our files. And if you want something even cheeper yuo can purchaes the Suzy Blah Blah mascot costume and mask and wear it at lunch hour to dance and sing and do back flips and entertane yuuor employees,

Anonymous said...

shoulda known your marketing genius was on it!