Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The legend of Suzy Blah Blah

Because many people like to remain anonymous on blogsites, I’ve often wondered; How much reality should I attach to what they say. If their identity can never be known, there is no accountability. However, their thoughts become pure. Sadly, in most cases their thoughts are pure crap, or more often than not, pure evil, or pure hate. Other times their thoughts are delightfully filled with poetry, love, and wisdom.

I am a person that “reads” people well. If I know a person, I can tell how they want their statements to be taken. If you don’t know a person, what they say can only be taken at word value. Much of the humor and wisdom is lost. I remember one time when a person was talking about a humorous situation, where he said with great outrage: “that’s just wrong”. I remember thinking what a great sense of humor he had. Then I saw that he wasn’t kidding around, and the complexion of the situation changed dramatically. After that, anything that I said or did around this person was couched with the wisdom that he was slightly insane. So knowing who a person is can be a clue as to how they will react.

Of course you know, those of us on this blog can’t think about anonymous posters without thinking about Suzy Blah Blah. Normally, I wouldn’t post about a “Person”. I wouldn’t dane to post about somebody if I thought that it might hurt or embarrass them personally in any way. But, how can you hurt somebody that you don’t even know? Nor does anybody else know? So I’m doing a post about Suzy Blah Blah, kind of an unauthorized biography about an imaginary person.

Back in the very start of "Suzy Blah Blah", she would post as a spaced out hippie chick. She made many typo’s but her text was easy to read. There is a premise that if you use all the right letters or make a word look like what it should be, that people will read it as the word that it really should be. If you follow me there… Her comments were always a delightful play on words, and her content was usually a play on the facts of what your post was about. Just a sample of “Early Suzy” after a radio show that they did on BioDiesel:
suzy blah blah said:
Wow!! It was such a grate show on bio-deisel! On the enviramant show on kmud tonight that i am inspird to rite a free virse poem o about it!!! Did you here the Word? O lard wonncha by me a Mursaydees Bendz…!! LOL!!!


Every humin bean as well as soybeen is created by god and one is not too kill or commit forniication unless you do it righteously surving god so i told billy and he says that his gandmoter is of the Juicer religeon and told him that thiss is the basick ‘concept……………………….
(And so on. Ernie)

Suzy went on to comment on everybody’s blogs in the same delightful and cheerful way. Some people were critical of her and said some pretty nasty things to her. I made the comment that: “Say what you will about Suzy, she has never said anything but kind things to anybody”. Then she started to change. She started writing in full intelligent script. She stared criticizing some of what people said. Some of her criticism even became unfair. I’m reminded of when she criticized Ben’s interpretation of the Indian legend of how the three pools of Salmon Creek came about.

She started delving deeply into spiritual things. Some funny and interesting, and some in a critical manner. When Suzy really started to change was when she wrote that she got caught with a bunch of marijuana, Billy left her, she was pregnant, and she was living south of here. Recently, I asked her on Erics blog what she had done in her life that caused her to change so much, her reply was that she was not the same person. That the real Suzy got tired of it and asked her to take over. I’m not sure what really happened to “Suzy”, but she had, and still has, a considerable fan base. Many of the things that she said struck me how smart she was/ is? I made the statement once that, she was smarter than all the rest of us that post on this blog put together.

Although I’ve often wondered about who Suzy really is, but deep down, I’m not sure I want to know.

I have a habit of always listening to the things that people say, and I try hard to understand them. The one thing that Suzy said that moved me the most, and I still have it framed and hung on my office wall to remind me:

“love is always preferable to understanding anyway--- except sometimes i think maybe theyre close to the same thing…”
Suzy Blah Blah
Here's to "Understanding" Suzy


Anonymous said...

I hope Suzy changes her mind and comes back as her old self. She always made me smile:-)


spyrock said...

we miss you darling.
just got back from my daughter in laws honeymoon. they went to lake powell and experienced something like a new reality show called survivor honeymoon. 3 hours into lake powell a storm came out of nowhere and 3 foot waves rocked them all night long with no where to dock. first they started out laughing but when the lightning started crashing down around them their clothes totally soaked they started crying and praying. after a week of either freak storms or 110 degree heat, they spent the last night in a hotel before they went to vegas. they wore theirselves out walking around there in the same kind of heat and decided to visit some relatives in arizona before they went home. of course, looking in the rear view mirror behind them was a 100 mile wide dust storm like the one in the movie hidalgo, meanwhile, dove and i were caretaking their home in carmel valley sitting by their new pond with the waterfall and blue water lilys sipping margaritas. i thought i was in heaven. the best honeymoon i ever had. the moral of the story is. no worrys. life is just strange.

Robin Shelley said...





Damnit to hell!

Shit, Suzy. WTF?!!

George Hays said...

Sniff... and I didn't wish her a hppy birthdate this year... and now she's gone...Happy Belated Birthday suzy blahblah wherever and whomever you may be now...

To suzy, her inspiring genius and good heart will live on forever in ours.

Change happens.

ps. the blogosphere is kinda boring without you.

Dave Kirby said...

What makes you so certain Suzy aint a guy. You hide behind a handle you can be anyone. Ernie and I both think that we've heard some of the anons argue with themselves.

suzy blah blah said...

Ernie, I know you think that you understand what you believe I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant . . . But anyway, I appreciate your tolerance and patience with me. One way of measuring the maturity of someone's personality is to assess their capacity to tolerate ambivalence. It's closely related to the ability to feel empathy. It is all about tolerating otherness. Empathy is the genuine ability to see the world through the eyes of another. Another who is truly different, someone who cannot be easily understood. It takes effort (and ego-strength) to make room for another standpoint, another meaning. There are many ways to be right. We have reached maturity when we can give up our need to be right without losing ourselves and our values. I've learned from your example.


ps But, how can you hurt somebody that you don’t even know?

omgosh that's a really really hard question, um --by using a big hammer?

Spy, The old Suzy believed that "we're all two", but not Suzy-2. Suzy-2 realizes we're all one. Furthermore, she understands that for the Indians it wasn't just a bumbersticker cliche on a hippy's car but rather a living truth that --everything is "one". Knowing that truth brings about a reverence and respect for oneself and one's life and all other life.

It's all really one. The Indians recognized that their was no other number but one (and that zero is not a number). They knew that two was just two ones and that 90 was 90 ones. They understood who they were, and where each other one fit in the circle --the one that is many. The medicine wheel is about balance, It's about transcending "us and them" altogether. It's about transcendence of Deity (two). Deity means "two" . . . du, tu, dos and deity :) Suzy#1 has a lot to learn. The only number she understands is the one in her mouth.

I arise again the same though changed.

Ernie Branscomb said...

The Indian people believed that their great spirits were shape shifters. One person could be many different people or many different animals. They could even be the mountains, or the Sun, a valley, or the Moon… Or Suzy Blah Blah.

The Muslims believe that it is okay to lie to an infidel, if that infidel is dumb enough to believe them. I have often felt a tug on my leg, like Suzy might not be telling the entire truth, and I was being tested to see if I was dumb enough to believe her. I have never completely believed or disbelieved her. I understood that her stories were often tests.

But, I have seen her change. I hope for her sake that all her changes have been good to her.

Thanks for putting up with us Suzy.

Kristabel said...

Count me in as a member of the Suzy Blah Blah fan club. I love her - in whatever incarnation she happens to be. Remember when she used to sign her emails with "huggles?" That was one of my favorite things about her. In fact, I think I'm going to steal it.


spyrock said...

"according to the mayan calander, march 9, 2011 was the beginning of the universal underworld which focuses 7 days and 6 nights; periods lasting 18 days each on the evolution of conscious co-creation. this period invites each of us to join the dance of creation with the universe, the earth, our companions of destiny and our selves. rather than looking through the rearview mirror of the past, this time plays the song of life and asks each of us: wanna dance?"
today, 7/13/11, is the first day of the fourth night, expansion/connecting
it's also a portal day which means that the veil is thin. this is the kind of day that the medicine women would go to the mountain or sacred place, and receive a message or a teaching or a gift of healing and bring it back to the people.
whether you believe in the mayan calander or think its just a bunch of new age bullshistory, what i'm saying is a good metaphor for what suzy is writing us today.

suzy blah blah said...

Our auntie, the Wick'd Which of the Candles, told us that stealing is a good thing, sometimes, and Kristabel's the first one in the history of Blogdom to give us some huggles, that is, she gave them back after stealing them, mmmm mmm, --"like a thief in the night". Awesome!!! --EEEEP! careful not to huggle me too much though, I just burned mysoul with some dripping wax, LOL!

suzy blah blah said...

Some of her criticism even became unfair. I’m reminded of when she criticized Ben’s interpretation of the Indian legend of how the three pools of Salmon Creek came about.

No, Suzy never made an unfair criticism, of Ben or anybody else. Its Ernie who's unfair by bullshitting that I did. He thinks its just a little "unauthorized" history, but its bullshit, and its a lie, and its an attack upon Suzy's reputation. He says that you can't hurt someone you don't know. Hmph.

As I said above: Ernie, I know you think that you understand what you believe I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant . . .

And I'm sure Suzy's not the only one he misunderstands.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Sorry Suzy, but fair is fair. Ben signs everything that he says, and he stakes his reputation on what he does.

In the Indian spirit world Ben would be a wise old Raven. He has been invaluable in interpreting the old Indian legends and the wisdom of the Indian people. He is one of my "Gods". He has given Whities like me the chance to know some of what we have lost-out on by losing most of the local Indian culture. Even when he is wrong (if that ever happens)he will stand above most historians that I know. His skill is exemplary of what an interpreter should be.
If Suzy could give me some reason to believe that she had some credence, and then put her real name on the line. I would give her the credit due. 'Til then.....

I didn't want that to sound mean, But, I just firmly disagree with Suzie's stance on Ben.

"And I'm sure Suzy's not the only one he(Ernie) misunderstands."

I'm sure "Suzie's" right here, But at least she knows who she's mad at!

suzy blah blah said...

'Til then.....


Ernie Branscomb said...

Bad day at Black Rock.
Sorry Suzy Blah Blah fans.
They say that pride goeth before the fall, but once you jump off a bluff, it's hard to unjump.
Only a few people know what this is all about. I think that I'll leave it that way.

spyrock said...

i actually have a younger friend named maria who was born in guadalajara, mexico. i imagine she is around suzy's age. she had a voice that i had heard back in the early 70's on mt tam and a few other times before she was even born. so when i met her i was already fascinated by her. she used to call me blue blue at the end of my name. sort of like blah blah. in fact, she still calls me blue blue. when i first met her, i used to give her advice about the job she was doing. years later after i lost my printing job i find myself doing her job and she is one of my bosses now. so the tables have turned somewhat. i guess that's what happens when we get older. we are still good friends but it's a different relationship that might not even exist if we didn't work at the same place. but i know in my heart that i have probably learned more from maria than she has learned from me. she has been one of my very good teachers and i am the lucky one. she is sort of like that mother hen that likes to peck at you. but if someone else trys to mess with you she would probably beat the crap out of them. its nice to have youngin's like maria and suzy around.

suzy blah blah said...

she had a voice that i had heard back in the early 70's on mt tam and a few other times before she was even born.

Maria's voice before she was born, that's not something one can hear by spending time searching Facebook --that's a totally awesome experience. That's the kind of communication that is blocked out more and more by ordinary communication --media like blogs newspapers tv etc. Ordinary communication, distacts from mystic and visionary communication like yours. I'm not saying you don't know this, I'm just saying. Media communication makes everyone like everyone else. More and more so they get merged into the same thing. But that's a whole diffenent "oneness" then the medicine wheel teaches.

The only way to keep one's originality is to be shut out of these forces of communication. But I'm afraid that's happening less and less. Even in the most remote places on earth you're likely to run into someone on a satalite phone. And as we observe this apparently inevitable mono-culture taking form all around us, we also notice that their is less and less true talent.

two crows said...

Suzy Blah Blah, about 30 yrs ago I met a Mid Wife from Garberville. Her husband made violins. At a very bad time in my life, This mid wife had the words and the spirit to speak them at a time when I hated everything and everyone. Suzy your spirit reminds me of her. She taught me to listen. Then I never saw her again. Don't know what happened to her. About ten years ago I started sleeping outside in the desert. I had never been quiet enough to hear my own blood going through my body. Now on a moon less nite I can see stars from horizon to horizon and listen to the earth turn. Now I'm teaching my oldest son to slow down and learn. So Suzy don't get caught up in the bullshit. Continue to have that spirit that teaches hard heads like me. Peace and Prayers. Two crows

spyrock said...

hey river, i just found out my ancestor john smith kauble died on october 11, 1872 in laytonville, ca. according to a cousin from oregon who claimed to be the grandaughter of george seargent kauble. she said they went by covered wagon from indiana in 1852 to portland, oregon with 9 children which is 2 more than i know about. you already gave me the date they bought that section in laytonville between 101 and old cahto. my new picture is of my grandma grace simmerly's cousins dick and kink patton with frank asbil in the middle.

spyrock said...

you can see a bigger picture in the blocksburg history site

spyrock said...

try blocksburg frank asbil to see the cowboy picture.

spyrock said...

actually, the two cowboys on the left look more like brothers so the one on the right is probably frank.

omr said...

That's great Spy, that was quite a quest to find Kaubles death date!

spyrock said...

a simmerley cousin emailed me telling me that she would relay my questions about family history to my aunt ruth who turned 100 last may. she is in a rest home but still is clear somedays and then not so clear other days. ruth and ben lived on the simmerley land near nash about a mile up from the eel south of spyrock and north of dos rios. if you can think of any questions let me know and i'll put them on the list

Anonymous said...

Ask about the Leggett family if you would please. Thanks.

omr said...

Anything about the Leggett family.. they were located near Bear Butte and on the Sfork 1870 census, but then settled more permanently in your area. Thanks.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I don't have anything on the Leggett family. I went to school with some Native American Leggetts. And there was a family by that name in Alderpoint.

spyrock said...

there are pictures of george and elmer legget in families. both of them wearing cowboy hats. looks like an early 50's cowboy dress picture. there were a couple of crabtrees in one of the pictures.

spyrock said...

i found out that james patton was the half brother of milo patton according to a cousin in an old letter to my grandma grace. i found a picture of both of them in their later years on the blocksburg history blog. trying to get in touch with some pattons. they lived in alderpoint and might know the leggetts there.

omr said...

Yup, they had a big family that went different places.
James Leggitt rode into our area with Company E of the Mountaineer Battalion who were mostly Mendocino County enlistees under Captain Simpson of Cahto. They were based at Camp Grant, and mustered out in 1865. He is on the South Fork district census in 1870 (with a brother W.H.) and in 1880.
There was, or is, a Leggett Creek coming into the SF Eel there around the current YMCA camp. Maybe it is by the Redway treatment plant--I haven't walked in there, but am going by an old map.

The story of his settling in Leggett Valley has not showed up in my search yet. I think Nashmead became their family home for a longer time than they were in Leggett.

A son, James Knox Leggett, was a good neighbor of Estle Beard's.

(In the census it is spelled Leggitt, today the town and valley are Leggett)

spyrock said...

in nashmead the east side was an extension of the round valley indian reservation. the government was issuing allotments of land [like homesteading] to indians who were registered on the covelo roll. some of these early settlers were ralph and josie leggett, james and belle leggett, fred and ella crabtree. there had always been an indian village on the east side of the river at nashmead. the holes for the poles are still there. when there wasn't a foot or horse bridge people had to row across the eel to the west side. sometimes it was months before they could get across the river to the store and post office. elmer, george, and willard leggett lived near nash.

spyrock said...

i found my great grandma laura simmerlys yearbook from covelo. little notes from kate hagler simmerely, lottie simmerely, jacob simmerly, sarah e. patton, her married older sister. and mary ann [mollie] haydon, ollie foster, frankie simmerly her nephew,
s.a. mcdonald, s.c. skinner. 1886 to 1892
"in this lonely little spot i here inscribe forget me not." and other dittys

omr said...

Thanks spy.

DanEastSide said...

Suzy Blah Blah is cool, I will join her club lol...

Cool post.

spyrock said...

yes, suzy is very cool. and what she says is very true. i was lucky enough to live in a window before haight street and watch how the media told us what to think about it. of course, i knew that none of it was true but even the so called hippies thought it was true. the same thing became apparent when sarah palin ran for vice president. people at fox were obviously told what to say by rupert murdock. rupert owns most of the media in the world and he is basically a ronald regan conservative. so we see reality through a 20 mule team carrying a load of soap to wash out the mouths of any free individuals that might happened to manifest out there.
i grew up in the days when they punished you if you didn't conform or sent you to a mental institution. of course regan didn'
t like letting us live off the state so he shut all the institutions down and created the homeless. of course, i was on a short leash but i feel a kinship with the people that fly over the cuukoos nest.
maria has a liscense plate on her truck called l t's angel. maria is married to a 6'4" black man and her son is headed to college next weekend. her daughter is still in highschool. so this angel came down here as a mexican to raise biracial kids. her mexican family gave her a really hard time with this. as did his. but she's done it with grace and an ease that inspires me. she's still an angel in this world. her voice is still the same.
and like suzy, she is very cool.

Charlie Two Crows said...

Suzy, I've went back and read all of your comments on this Blog. Every time I read your Music I hear the song. What's Become OF The Broken Hearted.
By the Funk Brothers. Peace¤

suzy blah blah said...

really?!! omgosh, that's embarrassing, LOL! but i love you fro making time to read it all. whew, i don't even have time to shit these days, not to mention burning sage, theres so little time, I put my kid to bed and i'm exhausted. but i relax somethimes typing and it looks like i have a few minutes to thank youuu Charlie, that's so sweet to hear. Theres been a lot of raven activity around here, very noisy. Maybe its your prayers coming through. I havto listen harder, or maybe not try to listen, . . . CAW! CAW!

thats so cewl that you made your fortune the white mans stock market LOL. it makes me smile. And i'm praying for your continuing health and that there are no relapses. Smoke that medicine. It must be awesome where you are in neveada. I love the desert, sooooo quiet and with a such a big night amazing sky. And cowboyss wearing guns to Wallmart LOL. It sounds good.

You know, I had my friend write the Suzy comments fair a spell, so it looks like everyone seems to think it wasn't me, suzy, but they don't get it. this one and the other one are both Suzy ie Suzy is one ,, LOL That's the REAL legend. Peolpe get legend confused with history. but in legend there is no linear time * line ... one doesn't come before or after the other because the other isn't in linear time ... another words you could read the old suzy comments in any order you want, you could ever read them upside down and you'd still get the same "message?", or maybe i should say "mess". LOL///

-And so that's it.
When i fierst met Ernie i parked in a position which he called "behind his truck" (but what's behind to some is in front of to another) and to his way of thinking, i blocked him in, theat was a red flag. I thought he was one of his employees when he asked me to move out of the way, and then later he said on the bolg all apalogetic, that it was him, doing business LOL@ ... I was totally surprized. I'd pictured him really really differantly. That's how visionary i am LOL

so maybe you read about hhat in the archives, i think he tried to give me a special free downtown parking spot ..LOL@ you know parking is a major problem, specially when ppl park behind you hmph. but if it's suzy that's differant cuz i'm a "legend" and everybody love Suzy (in that chapter), well, I wrot e to Ernie, " use your imagination" LOL. I wasn't really surprixed hwen he didn't get it. He always presents himself real nice though, in his misinterpretings of hte legend. Thing is, if Thay aren't "behind" you, and if theyre not next to you, they must be in front of you. right? LOL Thats what a history minded person will never understand. Because they can only understand things in order. I knew a watch repairman once who was an example of some one like that, everything needed to be in a strict order for him to have understanding of it. And it was him i was thinking of when i said, " And sometime i think love and understanding are close to hte same thing" LOL!!!!!!!

and Ernie loved that line enough to hang it on his wall LOL, thats what is cwel about misunderstanding legends. Its a whole different understanding when it comes to bullshitstory. Ha, Love and understanding? Is that from the old temstament? or was it otis redding? Whatever.

suzy blah blah said...

But a historian trying to historify a legend by misunderstanding the basic mystery of communication from the heart, er i mean from the start, ie REAL communication, because there IS no start, or end, to a legend except in peoples minds ... and chief seattle said the longest journey youll ever take is from the mind to the heart. But he never had to hitchhike through LA in the rain, LOL, but anyway, Charlie, thats what i mean by suzy being one. The changeless one.

but it laate now and i haveto say a bloggy goodnight to yuo. bye bye from ms american pie.
love yu charlie two crows' straight from my heart to your heart from the true, froom the legendary,\
from the one and only,
suzy blah blah