Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spyrock question

I would like info on Charles E Morgan ( Johnny Morgan) and Arra V Morgan my grandparents my father is Charles E Morgan they live on Spyrock mountain and we still have the property there. My father and brother Bill sisters Ruby, Mary Ellen went to school by Marge's old property, we still have the little house by river about the tracts Spyrock is to the right of the house the Diana Simmerlys married Bill Morgan. Any info would be great.
Mary Morgan Childress


Ernie Branscomb said...

I didn't have any info so I told her that I would try to find some on this blog post.

spyrock said...

i do know that i am related to the morgans and i have been in touch with a morgan who told me some of their history so i will have to find it among my papers. i knew they still owned land there too. a lot of the history of the simmerlys and their many relatives like the morgans is already on this blog so i would suggest reading the family stuff i already posted. skip my philosophical ramblings as most people on this blog have already learned how to do. as i remember the morgans are related to my great uncle fred's side of the simmerlys which seems to be the more interesting side of the family in terms of controvesy.

spyrock said...

charles eldon morgan was born may 9, 1882 in ohio. arra violet allen was born january 29, 1884 in champayne, ill.
more later

mary said...

Hi Spyrock
Would you please contact me so we can exchange info, do you have any pictures also.

spyrock said...

hi mary,
that would be great. there are other people on this blog who knew your family and who have given me information like river and ernie. maybe they have something they can send you too. ernies mom's dad used to play cards with fred or frank simmerely. your ancestor was frank and his wife was bird. they have their pictures in families which you can get from the covelo library. there are also some pictures of your great great grandpa frederick and his hunting dogs as well as some other simmerlys in there. i'm still in the gathering stage but i do have some interesting stories about great uncle fred's and your side of the family.