Friday, April 22, 2011

Fort Knox

Fort Knox Kentucky is where all of the gold, that used to back our U.S. currency is held. You know all that paper stuff that is "Legal Tender for all Debts Public and Private". We've all heard theories that Fort Knox doesn't really have any gold. The feds don't seem to be all that willing to submit to an audit, so who really knows what is hid there. Or, maybe they hid it somewhere else for our safe keeping, After all, we-all, all-of-us, actually own the gold. It belongs to The United States Government. As all of us know, who has ever been past the eighth grade, the U.S. government is us. (Small "us") Government by the people, for the people, and of the people. But you already know all that stuff. So we own our gold, and I want to see it!

I've heard that Ron Paul shares my sense of ownership of the gold. It was his Idea that we should have an audit of the Gold. He is a U.S. Congressman, and he doesn't know if their gold is there, or if it's real gold, or even if it is somewhere else. He's a fairly intelligent and educated man. He is a Medical Doctor. I understand that you have to be pretty smart to get an M.D. behind your name. But, he seems to be a little nervous about his party. It seems when he runs as a libertarian that he never wins, when he runs as a Republican, he wins handily. To me it seems like a republican is as far from a libertarian as it can get. But I know that the Dems don't like him because every time that I Google him I get a Rachel Maddow computer virus.

Anyway, when my cousin "Oregon" and I were little kids, we would counterfeit dimes. We would take a penny and grind the sides and edges off until it was about the size of a dime. You could buy a Coke out of a Coke machine for a dime back then. So, we would spend an hour or two grinding a penny off on the grinder, then head down town to try it in the Coke machine. Usually it wouldn't work. The machine would eat our "coin". Then, back home we would go to grind another "coin". About 1 in 4 worked because we were damn good counterfeiters. If we were lucky enough to get a coke out of the machine, we would have to share it, because we never knew when we might get lucky again. We would take the coke home, get two glasses of the same size out of the cupboard, carefully measure out equal amounts. Then we would go outside sit on the edge of the front deck, dangle our legs over the edge, wrap our poor bloody ground off and bruised fingers around our glasses, click them together, proclaim "Crime Pays", and swallow the mouthful of Coke we got out of it. Now, the moral of this story, is that we NEVER got caught. We were too sneaky evil and devious to ever get caught. The good part is that we left our mark in the machine. I can just see the Coke man when he shook out his can of loot when cleaned out the coin box. Can you imagine his face when he saw our "coins" in the other loot? (Snicker)
That's how I know that those awful bastards at Fort Knox have evilly plundered our gold. They won't even show it to us. Even if we forced them to show us, how could we know for sure that it was gold? I know that my cousin and I would have cleverly made counterfeit gold bullion out of some other phony metals. But after looking at how much things weigh, the only thing that I could fake gold with would be platinum, then gold plate it. Isn't platinum more valuable than gold? I think I know why they won't just show us.

I printed out the chart below, if an amount of water equaled 1,000 the same volume of gold would weigh 19, 320. It's just too heavy to fake.

Metal or alloy- kg/cu.m

Water=1000 (just for reference)
aluminum - melted 2560 - 2640
aluminum bronze (3-10% Al) 7700 - 8700
aluminum foil 2700 -2750
anti friction metal 9130 -10600
beryllium 1840
beryllium copper 8100 - 8250
brass - casting 8400 - 8700
brass - rolled and drawn 8430 - 8730
bronze - lead 7700 - 8700
bronze - phosphorous 8780 - 8920
bronze (8-14% Sn) 7400 - 8900
cast iron 6800 - 7800
cobolt 8746
copper 8930
delta metal 8600
electrum 8400 - 8900
gold 19320
iron 7850
lead 11340
light alloy based on Al 2560 - 2800
light alloy based on Mg 1760 - 1870
magnesium 1738
mercury 13593
molybdenum 10188
monel 8360 - 8840
nickel 8800
nickel silver 8400 - 8900
platinum 21400
plutonium 1980
silver 10490
steel - rolled 7850
steel - stainless 7480 - 8000
tin 7280
titanium 4500
tungsten 19600
uranium 18900
vanadium 5494
white metal 7100
zinc 7135

Anyway, what do you think that the chances of the gold still being in fort Knox Kentucky if they won't even show a Congressman??? Now I'm just not going to sleep nights until I figure out what they did with that gold. My cousin and I could have made a lot of "Coke Coins" with that much gold....



charlie two crows said...

Ernie...You and Ron Paul are out of luck. The gold was always in the Philly Fed Bank. Not Fort Knox. On Aug. 15, 1971 Nixon terminated convertibility of the US dollar to gold. The dollar became (Fiat Currency) backed by nothing but the Promise of the Federal Government. Look up Brettain Woods System. The Fed no longer has to give you or show you There Gold!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Two crows, I think that I have heard that before. I wonder why Ron Paul doesn't know that? I have also heard the money has been ferreted out of the country long ago.
click here for explanation of Bretton Woods

spyrock said...

there's plenty of gold up here in the gold country where i am right now. lots of rain this year, a perfect time to pan. we live on humbug creek road. probably the only creek that doesn't have gold in it up here. but the guy who sold dove the land had a vile of it that he said he got out of the creek. i know there's gold here. i found that pestle. i'm going to get my metal detector when the rapture comes and all the christians go to heaven. looks like the 2nd coming is going to be the 2nd gold rush. 1849 all over again. de ja vue.

Anonymous said...

Depleted uranium (U238)is almost as dense as gold and one tenth the cost. A little gold wash and a one percent increase in linear dimensions could fool a politician. Even the x-ray cross section would be the same.

two crows said...

E...My brothers and I tried slugs from electric boxes until the stores caught on. There was a big Pepsi machine out front the local store. The 16oz bottles layed down with 10 selections. We would go there on hot summer nights and pop the caps off and suck the pop with a piece of water cooler tubing. We never got caught.
Gold verses the Dollar; In 1927 a $20 gold coin and a $20 bill would buy a wagon of food. Today that $20 gold coin will still buy a wagon full of food. But a $20 bill won't buy five gallons of gas!
All the countries that signed on with the IMF to use the EURO. Were required to sell off there Gold reserves(3600tonnes) in 2000. Now those countries are in trouble. They can't print their own money like the FED does. They have to borrow more EURO'S from the IMF or World Bank! This year Gold production will fall 18% short of world demand. Ernie don't let those pix.s I sent make you crazy.LOL

spyrock said...

i remember those 16 oz pepesi. i hated them for awhile because the 12 oz pepsi had something from peru in it. but i grew to love those 16 oz pepsi's. same thing with the 8 oz coke. they were awesome. after that coke went downhill. they should have stuck with that 8 oz recipe. it would have been like tiger blood today.

charlie two crows said...

Ernie, Back when you and your cousin were making fake dimes. Gas was ten cents a gallon. Today gas is still 10cents a gallon. That's right. Those pre64 dimes are worth $5.00. So the price of gas hasn't went up. Its the value of the dollar has went down. Hope you have a bag old dimes laying around! Ctc.