Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trappped! The Sequel

I'm not sure who should get photo credit, I shamelessly stole this photo off Kym Kemp's blog Redhead Blackbelt, however, it looks suspiciously like Chris Brannons wing-tip.

There is a slide across hwy 101 north of Dean Creek, right at the Avenue of the Giants information sign. The CHP says that it will take two weeks to clear. Go here for photos and info: Kym Kemp" Blog

KMUD Photos

More photos from my crazy photog buddy Kim Sallaway. Who I am going to have a longgggg heart to heart talk about how dangerous mud slides are. Just in case anyone out there is tempted to walk around on a slide DON'T! Kim is not even a trained professional, but he is certifiably insane. Falling trees are not the biggest danger, you can sink into quicksand mud that is impossible to get out of, or find yourself on islands in the middle of nowhwere... Just don't do it! Don't ask me how I know.



Kym said...

Wait til you read how the slide nearly ate Kim Sallaway on my new post. That man is a daredevil!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Kim Sallaway got some incredible pictures. I hope that he gets some big money for them. He took a hell of a risk to get them, so next time you think that being a photographer is easy, just look at these photos!

Ben said...

I know that area well. There is a big spring up near the top of that slide.

Kym said...

Does a big "you rock" count as money?

Ernie Branscomb said...


The fact that people appreciate what other people do is probably the main motovation for existing.

Speaking of which, I want to say that I appreciate how much you and Kim have done in our recent emergencies. You not only avoided the commercials, you cut right to the news that everyboby wants to know.

Bunny said...

Where's the LIKE button?