Sunday, February 6, 2011

I-Dosing? New Drug

The last several posts have been on the same subject, so bear with me. This post has a different bent on the same old story about the teen age revolution.

Remember the 50s and 60s, when Rock-and-Roll was called the Devil’s music? The theory at the time was that listening to Rock-and-Roll would surely lead to drugs and sex. What was a parent to do? There was some truth in that theory, the music became the anthem of the Sex, Drugs and Rock-and-Roll generation. It was, and is, my theory that the Beatles, and John Lennon in particular, led that revolution to the war of teen-age independence, and by extension, sex-drugs-and rock-and-roll.

To be fair, I know that puberty is probably the leading cause of rebellion. The real danger period is from puberty to sanity, which usually comes at about age 25 for females and 30 for males. (My theory only!) If a young person can get through that period with out self-destructing, like moths to the flame, chances are real good that they will do well in life. But, some drop through the cracks and spiral into the oblivion of drugs and/or alcohol addiction. Some of the lucky youth get through the danger period with good mentoring. There is nothing that gets you through life better than someone that cares enough about you to keep you out of, and away from, the bad things.

There was a program in California called “Scared Straight” where they took at-risk youth to jail and let the prisoners terrorize them. The theory being that no sane person would want the live in a jail society like that. The program failed miserably. The At-Risk group that attended these scare-sessions ended up in jail at the rate of 40% more that the ones that did not attend. Go figure’. Kids wanted to be seen as being tough enough to handle what ever society wanted to send their way, and being a non-conformist in the slammer is as tough as they could get to be. The program was dropped. The youth rebellion won. Some people just don’t want to be nice!

Well, the youth of the world have run out of things that parents will object to. The parents of today have rebelled against everything already. Tattoos. piercing, sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, what the heck do kids of today have left that their parents haven’t done wrong already? What is there that is totally out of their parents purview? Well, the average parent of today is left behind in the “Data World Revolution”. Kids have calluses on their thumbs from texting, and they whip through the programs on their I-phones to the amazement of their parents. Parents are living in confusion over their children’s use of technology.

Soooo… The natural progression of the rite-of-puberty revolution is TECHNOLOGY. Yep! Want to block out their parents? They hang earphones in their ears and make parents guess if they are listening to them or their music. They send naked pictures of themselves to each other on their I-phones. Their revolution is taking place by the use of their I-Phones and I-pads. Sex, drugs and Rock-and-Roll over the e-waves. Well, we know about the music, we know about sexting, but what about “drugs” over the internet. Yep, “I-Dosing”. They are selling music to get high on. “The first song is free“. Supposedly the music is tones at a frequency and pitch that can lead to euphoria, similar to marijuana or ecstasy.

Click on the link below to check out the I-dosing. If you want to try it, remember the first dose is free....
Link to I-high



Dave Stancliff said...

Wow! I-dosing eh?
I just can't keep up with all the new ways of getting high Ernie.

My column today is about bath salts getting people high; something I just recently became aware of.

With the advent of "Designer Drugs" there's no limit on "new" highs in the future.

The media needs to get the word out about how dangerous they are.

It seems like the young people are ahead of the curve and know more about these emerging drugs than the authorities do. That has to change.

The best method is to fight these emerging health menaces with information. If people get an equal playing field - like being aware of the danger, many may not try it when the opportunity arises.

Thanks for the informative post.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I tried to make the point that no amount of scare tactics or threatening kids will change their minds about drugs, sex, or music. (however clumsy)

I think that the only thing that will keep kids away from anything is a sincere honest approach from the standpoint of an already good relationship.

I was VERY lucky that my daughter was inherently a good person. Nothing that I would ever threaten her with would have worked. The only thing that worked well for me was my insistance that she was a good person, and anything that she did that might hurt me, but would only hurt her worse. Fortunately she believed me, and for the most part was a great kid that I was proud of!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Link to Daves article on how to get high on bath salts.

spyrock said...

ernie may be on to something here. the original apple company was founded by the beatles in 1968
the i phone was developed by apple and now we have 4g technology whatever that is and the beatles recently released their songs to the internet so you can play their apple songs on your apple i phone. remember eve, don't eat that apple. never did like to eat apples because i lost my front teeth years ago and i'm a windows man myself. so now we know that it wasn't al gore who invented the internet. it was john lennon. i don't really mind that teenagers text each other or spend hours on the internet. it seems to keep them out of trouble. i guess its better than watching the fox channel 24/7 which i heard can make you go blind. i guess the oprah channel is giving the fox channel a run for its money. they are trying to find out if that one eyed green horned flying purple people eater was one who got us all on dope.

Beatlejuice said...

Nice comment spy!
More specifically it was the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini wearing purple people eaters who danced like (P)elvis and wore their hair down over their ears who promoted "say CIAo to your conditioned mind" drugs. This opened peoples eyes and now city concrete and rows of houses didn't look so good, and people migrated to rural areas, displaced the local cultures, forcing garden burgers onto every menu in town, and all kindsa other awful stuff as Ernie has noted.

ps. since the sci fi of the fifties I have avoided anything with the word "Pod" associated.

USA people search said...

You are definitely right youth of today was totally different compared before as what you had stated about their addiction that even their parents cannot do anything to control their child. Those programs are not that bad but it doesn't to anything to change them. I think if parents do have proper communication with their child they can avoid this scenario, as a parent it should be their responsibility to give proper advice and use their authority to manage their child.