Sunday, January 23, 2011


The talent of the human animal never ceases to astound me. I was viewing a scene from the Hubell Telescope went I ran across this video, it just blows me away. I can't even play a triangle in tune. Eat your heart out Ekovox!


Anonymous said...



Ernie Branscomb said...

I think that maybe I slighted Ekovox though. The poor little kid will probably NEVER be able to play a bass guitar like Eko!

The tune that she is playing sounds like it could be the theme song for a Clint Eastwood movie.

AJ said...

It's not what most of us would consider a childhood to be groomed as a performer for the state.

Check out the Vice Guide to North Korea, part 3, at the 7 minute mark. Do a search on the website for 'north korea' to find the other parts. It's a must-see.

Rose said...

Ummmm - (whispers) Ernie? pRodigy

Ben said...

Wait 'till Bud Rogers sees this!

skippy said...

Today, also through the joy of the internet glimpsing a rare sliver of the Hubble telescopes incomprehensibly expanding universe ( to this remarkable child from a far away place on our planet, I'm left in utter awe. What a world we live in!

But AJ noted another bittersweet side of that beautiful North Korean child that's well taken.

Now, I'm not so sure of the world we live in. I'd wish that given our evolution, intelligence and humanity, science and technology, and the ability to provide resources and food from this wonderful planet, we'd have eliminated the sources of these contradictions and conflicts long ago.

Especially after seeing not only our place in the universe but what should be the joyous face of a beautiful and innocent child beholden with wondrous talent.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Rose. Sometimes my fingers just can't figure out what my brain is thinking, especially when my brain doesn't tell my eyeballs to put their glasses on.

I made Skippy's URL into a link. It's a fasinating 3-D trip into deep, deep space. Can you say billions and billions?

skippy said...

Thanks, Ernie. I was just learning how you use these HTML links, too. Came across a tutorial explaining how for readers here

Still practicing. Awesome. Thanks for the push, Ernie, I learned something new today! (I found it helpful here to 'preview' one's comment, below, to see how if comes through and if the link works beforehand)

Ernie Branscomb said...

I replied to you to thank you for the info on North Korea, but something ate it, so thanks.

It's amazing that a leader of a country would use his people as pixels for a stadium sized TV screen. No wonder they can't support themselves.

As to how well off the little girl is can be the subject of another post.

AJ said...

Well, how 'well off' the child is differs from the quality of her childhood. It's surely a poor childhood when viewed by our standards, but given the dismal life that many in North Korea experience, I'm sure her parents are thankful their daughter is where she is. If you prove useful to the state, surely you are treated better than the masses.

Ekovox said...

I can do that....I just don't want to.

We have scores of young people who are talented and well above average in the Klamath-Trinity region. And, all of their parents are very good looking, too. But, we keep it a secret. I mean, would you want the world to know and have a bevy of newcomers move into your region and change the whole persona of the place...I don't think so.