Friday, January 7, 2011

California Report

Jim Baker said..."Ernie, heard your voice on the California Report on the way home from work. You're famous. Does this mean I have to find somebody else to fix my furnace?"

Sorry Jim, I had company tonight and missed it. I'll wait until it comes up in the archives. As to will I still fix your furnace? Sure I will, but we probably fixed it pretty good last time, and it will out last both of us.
They were looking for somebody very knowledgeable, articulate, and witty, with deep knowledge about the north coast before the Back-to-landers came. But, I was the only person that they could find. 
Kym Kemp put together a piece of the whole interview for her blog: Click here. I understand that it wasn't the same as what aired. They made me sound a lot better than the actual interview. It is rare that a person from here is actually made to look good. But of course a few people didn't like what I had to say, so what else is new?

Link to Kym Kemp's blog
Link to California Report and audio.



Anonymous said...

I think we found the witty, articulate, and knowledgeable man we were looking for.

Thank you so much Ernie!

charlie two crows said...


spyrock said...

great interview ernie. your voice sounds really young. which for me is an indicator or when the truth is spoken.

skippy said...

Nice job and a good interview and report, Ernie. Quite an honor-- and very well done. Thank you for representing.

Stay out of the dust and mud and blood!

Ernie Branscomb said...

The interview that they aired was cut from at least and hour of talking. I think the stuff that they used was early on, so I wasted a lot of time blathering. But, it was fun.

Spy, I just never grew up!

Skippy, I've done a pretty good job of staying out of the "dust,mud, and blood" lately. Too much of the blood was mine back in history. Like I said, a man can learn a lot from a poke in the nose.