Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa takes gift orders from Redway Children

 Last Saturday Dec. 18th 2010. The Redway Fire Department loaded Santa Claus in a chair in the back of the volunteers 1937 American Lafrance fire engine.

We traversed every road in Redway handing out candy canes. It seems that all of the children were good little kids this year, and deserving of presents, or at least that is what they told Santa. Who would lie to Santa?
Santa, Josh and Jordan. The chair belongs to Brian Harper. (wink)

Brian was also elected "Rookie of the year". Though he is no rookie to a can-do attitude, he is recently new to the fire department in the last two years.
We made the "rain hat" the night before when it was blowing a gale outside and raining hard. Saturday the weather cleared to a very light sprinkle. We were actually feeling disappointed, thinking that we might not have needed the "lid", but we had one brisk shower that we danced around in, hollering like little kids, feeling vindicated that, indeed, we needed the cover. We keep Santa warm and dry!

Jaycee Snodgrass did the "Merry X-mas" sign. When we got through building the cover we had a good laugh. We decided that we should give Santa a Jed Clampet Banjo, and play the theme from the Beverley  hillbillies instead of Christmas Carols on the Disc Player.
Fun was had by all and that night we had a Christmas Party at the highly decorated fire hall. We dined on prime rib, prawns, and marinaded chicken breasts. Complete with salads and biscuits. There was a BOWL full of butter on each table. As hard as I tried, I couldn't find a thing to complain about. OH...wait. I did too! they didn't have the salad dressings labeled, but they had  a spoon in each bowl so you could taste each one. At least that's what I assumed the spoons were for. I chose a rather tasty blue cheese dressing.

After dinner we danced to the band "Taxi". They kept us moving pretty good!

Ah.... good times!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the volunteer fire departments. We love you!

Anonymous said...

I like "Blue Cheese"dressing also,ya can't git "Roke Furt" anymore!!

Anonymous said...


Robin Shelley said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

olmanriver said...

Deck the Halls and Merry Xmas to all!

olmanriver said...

An' Santa, please be extra nice to Ernie this year, he has shared a lot of info and fun with others through this blog and does a lot of great volunteer work for the community.
An' bless all the hardworking volunteers who serve those in need.
An' bless the homeless folks who have kept our streets as clean as they are.
An' bless all the good people in the world who think of serving others more than serving themselves. The latter group could use a big awakening, if you have such in your bag Santa.
An' bless everyone in their hearts with some good cheer.

Gratefully, gabby haze,
as channeled on a ouija board by

Anonymous said...

Brian actually won the firefighter of the year, also known as the John Smith firefighter of the year award. Josh Spears won rookie firefighter of the year. Unlike Ernie Branscomb who won "Top Run" for showing up at more calls than any other volunteer firefighter this year, same as last year and the year before. either he has way too much free time or he is a complete stallion in the firehall.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks for the correction, It must have been noisy at the party and I didn't hear it right.

One other firefighter made more runs than I did, our Fire Chief Brian Anderson, but he magnanimously stepped aside for the rang and file firefighters.