Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You might be a hippie if...

First, click the arrow in the photo above to listen-while-you-read to the iconic hippie singer of the sixties, Janis Joplin. She sings one of my favorite songs. By the way, the guy that wrote the song is Khris Khristofferson. Kris version Bobbie Magee Sunday Morning Coming Down

I have a seriously good friend who thinks of himself as a "hippie" and he is quite proud of it. He sent me a bunch of "Redneck" photos this morning and I got a good laugh out of them. He asked why we never see any good "You might be a hippie" jokes

So, I went on an internet search and found some good "You might be a hippie jokes" for him.

If you know of any, or can include any in the comments, this could be fun. But, remember this is a "Peoples Blog" and we don't do anything here that is mean or evil. Fun is fun, but mean is not! Got it?

You Might Be A Hippie If ...
1 Your hair contains a fully functional eco-system.
2 You've ever put a flower is someone's hair.
3 Your child is named after a celestial object.
4 Answering "what's your favorite Dead song?" takes five minutes.
5 Breaking up with your girlfriend leaves you homeless.
6 You carry a picture of Gandhi in your wallet.
7 You're at a funeral and you light a joint after the eulogy. (I've seen this one many times)
8 You don't object to being labeled a hippie. ( I know many people here that would agree)
9 There's people you consider family and you don't know their last name.
10 Half your funiture is bean bags. (And, the bookcases are cinder blocks) ( and the coffe table is a cable spool) (Hey wait... That was my college room) (chinese lantern lights!)
11 Out of habit, you pass your cigarette to whoever’s sitting next to you.
12 You name you children Bud, Herb, and Mary-Jane. (Or Raven, Fox, Garnet, Moon, Blue...)
13You roll perfect cigarettes.
14 You're still waiting for those flashbacks.
15 People you never met before ask if you can get them some weed. (That happens daily in Garberville, I've even had people ask me if I knew of a good place to "grow")
16 You think 'All You Need Is Love' was written by Ghandi.
17 You can fall asleep in the mud under the rain.
18 You trespass onto private property to pick flowers.
19 If ... hey, what was I talking about?

Then in closing, a serious quote to soften the blow...
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you've always imagined."

Henry David Thoreau



Bunny said...

Let me be the first to wave my freak flag here. I may not look like it (or maybe I do) but I am a hippie. A happy hippie, that's why I live here. Nothin' wrong with it either.

Hank Sims said...

Phew. I'm not a hippie.

Rose said...

It was embroidered jeans, gauzy shirts, leather sandals, Mexican beads, and beaded belts and headbands, long hair, no makeup, make your own, long dresses, leather bags, throw away grandma's china, buy some land, raise your own, grow your own veggies, down with storebought, up with wholesome, no commercialism, , cut up denim for upholstery, skirts, jackets... recycling in so many ways, used lumber for houses, fence boards for paneling, hand hewn furniture - it was a time of high ideals that were brought down by the drug culture.

The charicature of the deadbeat didn't apply to the people I knew, and was applied by those who didn't like grubby feet in sandals, and long hair on men "long haired freaky people need not apply."

Some things didn't work - "free love"for example, was not free of jealousy and pain, or pregnancy. The family unit still emerged as the best choice. Communes didn't work because as is always true, some people did all the work, and others freeloaded. It was a nice idea though.

Mostly baby-boomers, and tail-end of the baby boom - these were people who were living green long before fascistic profit-mongers like Al Gore decided to make us guilty instead of proud of our recycling and easy-on-the-earth lifestyles. That's why I get so mad about it. For crying out loud, we were there. How did we become bound up, judgmental, zero tolerance nanny-staters? What happened to "you do your thing, I do mine."?

Beautiful, peace-loving times - where did they go?

And, the land that time forgot people on the plaza are not hippies, even if the clothes look like it - there was more to it than that, imo.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but I miss those hippy girls that had long hair and no makeup.


Ben said...

The one who is homeless after breaking up with his girlfriend is a musician, not a hippie.

Ben said...

And... the worst kid names I remember came from acouple in LA who named their son "Ribald" and their daughter "Trauma". I am not lying. Sheesh!

Ernie Branscomb said...

I could identify with some of the hippie life, but I don't like drugs. I didn't like the Idea of sharing my girlfriend with anybody else, so I was also down on free love. I guess that I believed in love freely, but not free love.

It was easy for me to see that groups like the Beatles glorified drugs. I was saddened to see some of my friends and classmates succumb to drugs. Drugs may be great fun, but most people don’t want to hire a stoner.

I’ve seen people do incredibly well while stoned, but I can’t help but think they could have done better with a clear head.

All in all, the thing that I like the most about hippies is that they are usually genuinely having fun. I admit that I have a certain amount of envy.

Anonymous said...

"There's people you consider family and you don't know their last name."

I've taught kids in school for a whole year and not known their last names. Some of the best people in my life only have first names.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks for getting into the spirit!
I had Levi seat covers in my '51 ford. (I say my, it was actually my folks car. But, like any teen, I took possession)

It’s funny that you should say that. When we ran the Garberville Sears store we used to ask for a name. It was always met with serious suspicion. “Like, why do you need my name man”. We had to explain that they could make up a name if they liked, we just needed to put a name on the order so we would know who to give it to. It was really funny when somebody came in stoned out of their minds and would try to remember the name that they made up.

One person who had an adopted persona like “Sally Ann By The Bush.” ordered a package. I said, without missing a beat, “is that your first name or your last.” (Sometimes I just crack myself up) She said without missing a beat. SallyAnn first, ByTheBush last. She was ready for my smart assediness.

Customer said...

I remember coming to your store one time in the late morning spaced out from not having stopped for coffee or food. When I fumbled through a slow moment, I remember the look from the help, I thought it was clearly practiced, and presumptive. I was just having a starving brain senior moment. Really. The injustice of looking as I do and acting as I look, or acting as I do and looking like I look, or...

Rose said...

LOL Ernie!

Ernie Branscomb said...

The next time that you are in our store having one of those moments. just ask for some coffee. We usually have some going in the back.

Meanwhile, we will work on our poker faces.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Just as an aside. It started out this morning at 7:28am at 49 degrees, by 3:28pm it was 106 degrees.

Look on the NOAA weather on the left of my blog, click on "three day weather records"

Customer said...

That is very kind of you. Thanks.

Rose said...

It has been a beautiful two days, and we were riding horses through the waves.

Dave Kirby said...

You might be a hippie if you think Patchouli oil smells good. Your couch was your bed with a Madras spread on it. You have clothing with seed burn holes. The terms Sunshine,Barrel and Blotter have different meaning than the current use. You've read anything by Kurt Vonnegut or Carlos Casteneda,

spyrock said...

they had an article in the san francisco paper about my aunt nancy and g t marsh and his sister riding through the waves at stinson beach. they called it the pets of stinson beach. they mentioned bucky the deer that ira the foreman had found and was raising. we took turns as kids feeding that deer with a bottle. later on miss california and the deer ran down the beach and got in life magazine. i've still got a copy. so it's nice to see that some people are still riding horses through the waves.

Ekovox said...

You can't make this shit up:

In 1970, here they came. The back-to-landers hit the Klamath Trinity. And their new hippie names were a far cry from their given family names

And yes, last names were not used.
There was Fig and Bamboo and Mary Apple and Peaches and Melon and Raspberry Moon and their kids. Raison, Bing Cherry, Madrone, Trinity Rainbow, Mountain Iris and such.

I remember when one little hippie kid asked my brother what his fruit name was, and my brother kiddingly answered: Cumquat Hemlock. Of course, by the time the forest defenders came along, there were Douglas Firs and Juniper Berrys and Spruces and Sequoias by the Peterbilt-load full.

You might be a hippie if you wear Birkinstocks to a Rotary Meeting.

You might be a hippie if you invested stock in Dr. Bronner's.

You might be a hippie if Annie Green Springs is your mothers name and you are not related to the Gallo Family.

You might be a hippie if
Blue Sky soda actually tastes good to you.

You might be a hippie if you put brewer's yeast on your popcorn.

You might be a hippie if tahini, toubouli and hummus reside in your kitchen.

You might be a hippie if you
can't see where EnvironKids Cereal is a scam to get you to buy a breakfast product aimed directly at your demographic.

You might be a hippie if the aroma of bar and chain oil mixed with sawdust makes you sick to your stomach.

You might be a hippie if tofu is in all five of your daily food groups.

You might be a hippie if
you brought a great amount of art and culture to a sleepy little mountain town with an otherwise staid monoculture.

You might be a hippie if
the oldtimers would much rather have you around than legions of agressive, macho thug outlaws in giant 4x4's.

Ben said...

Eko... If you love tahini, tabouli and hummus, you might also be Lebanese. Great tabouli and hummus at Wildberries deli. Just like my Lebanese brother in law makes. Check it out.

Bunny said...

You know you're a hippie if there's an OHAUS in your house.

Bunny said...

It's a scale folks.

Anonymous said...

I knew that Bunny, I reload bullets.