Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ah, sweet summertime.

97 degrees today, 98 yesterday, and 99 the day before, so it's cooling off, have you noticed?
This is twizzle, she owns this vent in the winter when its cold, and in the summer when it's hot. If the chairs are in the way she will push them aside, as you can see. Twizzle is a very sweet dog, also as you can see, but if you try to push her away from her vent, she makes noises like a Tasmamian Devil eating a wasp nest.

Twizzle is a very feminine dog, so she doesn't like to pant or slobber. She loves to play "chase the ball". If she can't get anybody to play with her she will go outside and roll her ball down the hill, then run to catch it. When she gets hot or tired she comes inside and stands over her vent until she cools off. then, BOOM, out her doggie door for more ball. In the winter, her ball hides from her under the couch, but she is always able to get it. Then she plays doggie hockey with it until, sure enough, the ball hides under the couch again. I’ve never seen a dog so willing to play all by herself. She will certainly play with you if you show the slightest interest, but if you don’t, she plays ball anyway. I’ve been thinking about getting Twizzle a computer, so she can play real games like everybody else.


suzy blah blah said...

Suzy hearts Twizzle!

Dave said...

I have to walk my pug Millie in the morning when it's still cool out. She gets overheated easily. It's a pug thing.

I wish Millie was as good about playing games by herself. She requires human attention in order to have fun.

She's also spoiled.

Ross Sherburn said...

We have two "Ten Cent" dogs,but they both know how to find the comfort zones!!!

Jendocino said...

Good dog, Twizzle!