Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Vote Today!!!

My voting recommendations are as follows:

I'm solidly behind voting for Tweedle-Dee this year. Tweedle-Dumb didn't do so good last year. In Europe they have finally taken an honest approach, they are telling their countrymen that they are going into a deep dark depression and they are going to suspend all government spending until it's over. ("But the drive to austerity has drawn criticism from European labor unions and some economists. Unemployment is more than 10% in many countries and near 20% in a few, while economic growth is still weak and may turn negative once government spending drops as EU governments cut their deficits. The unions want EU governments to find some sources of government spending and investment even amid the turn to austerity."What that probably means is, "We've gathered all the money that we can steal from the rabble, so we are going to take the money and run. Ta-ta... Oh, and good luck!

(I fixed the "In Europe" link and gave you another one below.)
Germany and France


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