Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Photo by Kim Sallaway.
Mother Elsie, sister Sharon, me Ernie. And, the answer to the most commonly asked question, 1937.

Still playing catch up, more to come.


Anonymous said...

That mountain behind you, looks like it was logged off,about 50 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,to the left of you!

Anonymous said...

Whew, Ern....slow computer tonight...and as I waited for the picture to download I read 1937. Garsh... thought you were going to show a picture of your mom, sis and you in 1937..... Thank Gawd, not possible.. heh :) Skeared me though because you're just a little older than me, lol.

Cool photo.


Ben said...

Ernie... Isn't that the toy we all wanted Santa to bring when we were kids? Us guys, anyway...

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yep, It just goes to shown that dreams can come true. My life has been a lot like Walter Mitty's.

I've seen the mountain logged three times. At least twice in the place that you can see. Back in the 50's they only took the large logs. In the 60's they had much better saws (and saw-filers)and could saw much smaller logs, so after ten years they would re-log.

Joseph said...

Nice picture, Ernie. And what a
great old truck! How much older is the truck than you are?

I think I might have asked you this before, but do you remember ever seeing an old red Ford truck (1936, I think) in Redway that had "Miss Thorn" painted above the windshield?
I'm thinking it was along the street that one would be on coming from Briceland, on the left going toward 101. I guess it might have been a 1 ton or 1 1/2 ton with duel rear wheels and a flat bed. That was Dad's old truck that he used for gathering river rock along the south fork of the eel (and elsewhere), and for hauling tanbark. It was a real workhorse.

He traded it in in Ferndale for a 1948 Chevy cabover 2-ton with a two-speed axle (it was new and that bright goldenrod color like AAA tow trucks--in fact, that was what it was destined to be).

I think I saw the old Ford there in Redway a few times--but I could have dreamed that. I'm sure all of us (guys, at least), have had lot's of dreams about trucks.

commoncents said...

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olmanriver said...

Great to see your Mom there with you Ernie!

Carol said...

I like this picture, Ernie!