Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rodeo Today!~

Look Ma, No hands!!!
Garberville Rodeo today, Saturday June 19th 2010
Parade starts at 11:00 AM Sharp! On Garberville main street.
Rodeo at Greycliff acres in Benbow folowing the parade.
Western barbecued Steak dinner will be served at the rodeo.



Ekovox said...

I always loved playing the rodeo dance at the barn. Much fun when we were young.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Bullriders actually rode the Bulls, Oh how times have changed. Are they going to have to change the rules to the .8 second ride? or how about "most graceful dismount" "fastest dismount" or "most painful dismount" Garberville Rodeo ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be,

Ross Sherburn said...

Ernie,When did the Rodeo start,what year?


Ross Sherburn said...

Ernie,What year was the Rodeo started?


Ross Sherburn said...

I didn't mean to Stutter!!!!
it looked like it hadn't taken my first post????

Ernie Branscomb said...

This is the 51st annual Rodeo.

Ross Sherburn said...

Thanks Ernie!
The name "Jerry Shields" seems to ring a bell,in this event??? From "back in the day" that is!