Friday, June 18, 2010

Ol' Hairy

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Remember all of the tears that were shed when they trimmed the Redwood in the center of town? Well nobody was killed by any falling redwood limbs this last winter. All is well in Garberville.

Now we have a fresh lush growth of new green limbs sprouting from the trunk. It looks almost like a redwood tree after a forest fire, except the trunk is not all black, and it doesn't smell like fire.

One wise guy that I know chimed in that they should trim it up like a chia-pet totem-pole.

Never doubt that I'm a redwood tree fan. They are undoubtedly the most impressive tree in the whole world. They are remarkably resilient. They actually thrive with complete limb removal. They can put out new roots at the same rate that they can grow limbs. It is difficult to damage a redwood tree. Watching this tree thrive should be a good study for our children.

The one thing that I would encourage, is to NEVER plant a redwood tree in an occupied neighborhood. Limbs shed off of them in even the slightest windstorm. The limbs fall like pointed arrows. Many houses have been damaged, and many people have been killed by falling limbs. To not plant one near your house will save you the grief of one day having to remove it as a danger to life and property.

Redwoods are a most beautiful wild tree, but they don’t belong in town. Leave them in the wild, where they belong!


Bunny said...

GREAT, NOW YOU TELL ME. We are surrounded by redwoods. They were already here. Some are 10-20 feet away from the house. We keep cutting and they keep growing. They are winning and our once great view of the river is gone. But I love them anyway. My hope is to someday far away be scattered in a redwood grove among the ferns.

kaivalya said...

I thought it would be fun to turn it into the town May Pole!
Ironic, no?

J2Bad said...

What Bunny said. I suspect that you keep repeating that bit about the redwood arrows raining down through my roof because you know it'll keep me up at night. I don't doubt that you're right, it's just that I'm trying not to think about it.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Dang, now you are making me feel bad. I was trying to encourage people that the "Town Redwood" was okay. But instead I scared people that already live under them.

I think that maybe I've seen to much, and I have a scary view of the world.

I have a friend that lives under the redwoods in lower Redway, he and his wife get a room uptown when the wind is blowing hard.

Kay Lodahl said...

I believe that the "wild" used to be where you live now?!

I paid a visit back "home" last month and was reminded of what the Redwoods mean to me. Scatter my ashes there also.... :-)

suzy blah blah said...

sometimes a tree is just a tree.

Anonymous said...

"seen one redwood tree you've seen them all"