Saturday, May 1, 2010

Help for beginning bloggers


I know that you must be reading the comments from your replies. If you want to place your comments with the rest, the very easiest way is to type your comment into the comment box provided for that purpose, then scroll down near the bottom, click on "Anonymous". then all you have to is copy the squiggly word into the word box, then go down to the bottom left and click on "Publish". Your comment will then appear in the section that you want it to be placed.

However, if you have any trouble whatsoever, just send your comment to me, and tell me which post you want it placed under. I don't mind if you want to practice on this post, so go ahead.

Maybe others will have tips for you to make it easier. If anybody else wants to practice, go ahead. I want to talk to people like Joeseph and Naoma that have information that we would never know if it werent for them. I don't care about spelling, punctuation or typos. If we can make it out we will. Otherwise we will ask.



Anonymous said...

Okay, I typed in the box, then I signed it.
I clicked on anonymous, I typed the word verification, I clicked publish.

Fred Frimble

Anonymous said...


Rose said...


Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this helps. I still have to negotiate the miserable verification word, sometimes twice.
Ernie says if I use my real name on here that I will have simple easy verification words. Yeah right. Maybe like 2 letters. Talk about dreams. Maybe Ernie thinks if he gives me really hard verification words, I will go away. That will never happen, Suzy will protest to the point of shuttin' down this blog or you all will live in misery. Suzy knows.
This help for beginners sounds like "We Are From The Government, And Here To Help You".
I say give Oregon a one digit (letter) verification thingy. He is old and brittle.

suzy blah blah said...

Naoma, you have class, your stories are really wonderful. And you have a very lot to share. The internet sucks, specially blogs, but what can a poor girl do? One little tip from Suzy, if it don't work the first time, TRY AGAIN. Love your posts.

suzy blah blah said...

-the reason Oregon doesn't have a name after all this time is cuz more then obviously he likes to complain to Ernie about the long words. WTF, does Ernie work for the govmint? Does the govmint run the internet, probly, that's the way i got her figured, Oregon knows what it's about, i think. Or what? Maybe if we try runnin' a curse on them suckers, that way we could sit home and do the job with the Turkey in one hand and the curse upon our lips. Curse em all specially the fed. --that'll teach the fools. We ain't takin' long words and the other bureaucratic bs no more. Gimme a gun some amo and a forest, i can live the good life, take your taxes and cities and long forms and shove em. Suzy's had it up to here. Maybe if me and O march in front of the B center the words will get shorter, but then again maybe they will get longer, ug! makes a person reach for the Turkey.

Alright! the Turkey. God bless the T. but the govmints gittin in on it is what i hear, makin the T weaker and the taxes onnit larger, (not to mention weed, the Mexican cartel's in cohoots with Arnold as Obama does coke and laughs at poor us). The common folks don't stand a chance. Soooooo, it looks like we'll be back to moonshinin' that's the way to grow old, moonshine and stories and a dog and a gun. And the dang govmint can go f*^k itself.
v word for today "spaters"
figures, damn govmint, even though i had it right i hadda do it twice "hairro"
gimme a break already.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I'm going to Jump into it!! No pole to check the depth. Wish me luck. It took nearly drowning to learn to swim, so what' the difference in one's old age. Yes, maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!!! Hello and wish me luck! Naoma

Anonymous said...

Yes...I works..the odd word verifacation is "rough" and the spoken word is worse!!! But, thanks Ernie....I got i need to learn when to "Hush". Anyone that's been married over fifty years knows that blank look that comes over a husbands eyes when his ol" lady gets into her talking mode. Honestly..this is FUN!!! Naoma

Anonymous said...

Naoma, there is more information here than you ever dreamed of. I am only here for fun and I do learn some things along the way. My biggest problem is most of what I learn, I forget by the time I log back on to Ernie's Place.
I enjoy what you have added the most. Thank you.
To answer your question, age has nothing to do with anything here. I just try to get sympathy from Ernie and Suzy and you can see how far that flies.


P.S. Robin, don't say a word!
P.S.S. Now to see if I can get past that darn verification word....saingszf. That's not too bad but they twist it all up where a guy can't tell if it's a word or road kill.

Anonymous said...

Yes Oregon, so much information!!! All of you ,especially Ernie has helped so much with his pictures and other researched stuff, it is a joy to Open his blog. Also ol'man much of history..thank you. About the we would travel through the Bull Creek Flat I would tell Mom that I would love a cabin under those trees.She would say very quickly...No Never!! Those limbs are too dangerous. We passed one place where the roof was pierced by a big limb. She said see what happens!!. Also, when we would go into the Flats where the big tree was , she would make us stay close to her and make sure we had "landmarks" She told us about a young girl that had wondered away from her parents..and being autistic ( alltho' in those days that word was was not used) when they called her she would not answer. According to the story, she was never found. This was before the 1955 flood and all the creeks changed their banks. Naoma

suzy blah blah said...

-"never found" wow! That is really sad. I think we need to pay more, and more special, attention to autistic people. It's tricky cuz often they detest our fawning. But it's very worthwhile to befriend them. They have some of the most precious insights for us, they often don't beat around the bush, they can really tell it like it is. I've found some of them to be brilliant, in a very special way, if we listen. And then we get further towards wholeness, learning from unexpected places.

Robin Shelley said...


Anonymous said...

Robin...your comment on the "Lost Humboldt Girl" that I mentioned in talking of the Red Woods...was my reaction for years "Sigh" . I still think about that sad story and wonder what really happened to her. According to the story they even had dogs out hunting for her and quite a few of the Locals. Everyone thought of the Bull Creek and her falling in....again "sigh" I think it was in the paper, but what year I don't know. Naoma