Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Rivers Tribune

I recently got an email note from Lorencita Lavine, '92 graduate of Hoopa Valley High School, and '97 graduate of Humboldt State University, and the current Managing Editor of the "Two Rivers Tribune". She wrote me to comment on my post about ”Indian Soap Root”. She seems to be a very nice person, and seemed to share my, somewhat offbeat, sense of humor. She even respectfully ignored my inappropriate spelling of “appropriatly”. She did point out that I have an obsolete listing in my sidebar, and asked if she could have her “Two Rivers Tribune” added to my listings.

Her email:
Hi Ernie-
I happened upon your website while looking up Soap Root. And, I
really liked what I was reading. I certainly laughed, especially the
comments about the "Indians," being that I am one. Anyway, I'm also the
managing editor of the Two Rivers Tribune and noticed that our publication
is not listed on your local and regional news sidebar. Also, the Eureka
Reporter is no more...Anyway, we'd love to be added to your site. We publish
every Tuesday, are located in Hoopa, but service the entire Klamath-Trinity
region from Happy Camp to Hawkins Bar , and we now have a website Thanks for the always interesting website and keep
up the great work!

Lorencita Lavine, Managing Editor
Two Rivers Tribune
PO Box 1328
Hoopa CA 95546

Such a generous, (and educated), person certainly deserves a listing. While I perused her publication, I came across several interesting articles that blew me away. One being the story of Shaunna Oteka McCovey

”Yurok Woman Honored by Humboldt State University
By Manuel Sanchez, TRT Staff Reporter

When furthering one’s education, it comes down to hard work and dedication. For Shaunna Oteka McCovey, a renowned author, attorney, and advocate, her drive and determination has led to her being awarded one of Humboldt State University’s (HSU) Distinguished Alumni for 2010.

McCovey was one of four recipients for this year’s award, all of whom will be recognized at the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards banquet at the Ingomar Club in Eureka, Calif., on April 23, 2010.”

I was also amazed by the father and son musicians that will be playing at Carnegie Hall, April 20 2010.

"The Delta Winds Orchestra -- including Hoopa Tribal member Charlie Henderson and his son Jeffrey Henderson -- will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City on April 20. The 80-piece orchestra will be joined by groups from around the world for their performances. / Photo courtesy of Jeff Henderson.",

I invite you to read Lorencita Lavines work at Also it is now listed in my sidebar.


spyrock said...

andsoled"Be drawn into world of rushing rivers and blackberry wine, of ancient forests and barroom seductions, of maidenhair and heroin. This is the vibrant vocabulary of Shaunna McCovey, a member of the Yurok Indian tribe, whose poetry captures the day-to-day struggle of northwestern California’s native people. With a voice as varied as her subjects, McCovey’s elegies, songs, and polemics are a necessary addition to the poetic language of California.
About the Author
Shaunna Oteka McCovey (Yurok/Karuk) wrote her first poem at the age of six while growing up on the Yurok Indian reservation in northern California. She holds master’s degrees in social work and environmental law and a juris doctorate from Vermont Law School. Her poems have appeared in News from Native California, Through the Eye of the Deer, and The Dirt is Red Here.
It began upriver at Katamiin where the people danced themselves into existence,danced themselves right out of the ground into this world of love and hope and loss, and love and hope and loss, and love..."

this sounds like she is the chosen medicine woman. i read "medicine trails" by mavis mccovey this year which revealed much about native california indian medicine. mavis was chosen as a little girl to learn the medicine ways from the grandmothers of her tribe or in this case tribes. maybe shaunna is the same person. it seems her newest project is to create a marine sanctuary along the coast of their tribal land.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I sounds to me like, while the rest of the world is spinning, Hoopa has it happening. They have educated people, with careers and goals. I know that we have a few "producers" in Garberville, but you don't see much about them in the papers.
We did have a big meth bust in the paper last week though.

We have lost so much...

Ekovox said...

I had to look her up because I didn't recognize the Lavine last name. Ah yes, she's Lorencita Carpenter. Yes, I went to school with her family members. I met Lorencita when I was doing a project for College of the Redwoods called "Why College"
She's a good gal. She's also quite a dandy photographer.

~Ross Rowley