Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.O.S. (Save Our Schools)

This is the kind of event that I like. They offer a good time, at a reasonable price, and where most of the expenses are soaked up internally there is a pretty good profit potential… That is if enough people come, which they should. Who doesn’t like to have a good time and not have to clean up the mess.


spyrock said...

i don't think you have to worry about legalization. i think you live in a very unique place in the world. having a texas holdem tournament at a brew pub to support music and art in school is really pretty rare.
there is this young mexican mechanic dude where i work. he's already been to court to get custody of his baby while his old lady was out partee'ing on him while he was working. now somebody shot his nephew with a hollow point bullet to the head.
my friend sharon was on the front page of the local paper pointing to the hole in the front window of her house where the neighbors where shooting at univited guests to a birthday party.
nothing but rednecks and mexicans round cheer.
i haven't seen a mendocino bud in 30 years. the story y'all tell up there is really hard for me to believe. because the rest of the world is nothing like you.
even the movies portray you as a place where vampire white people and indian wolfmen frolic with the new locals who are a cross between hippies and loggers. but the rest of the world is different dudes.
i'm here by myself and my family built this town but its totally years down the road way past people like ernie complaining about disrespect. when it's 95% alien up there, then maybe you can think that i could listen to you gripe. but i live in the real world. enjoy it up there in fairy land while you can. you need to appreciate what you still have.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Spammmmmmmm! Ernieeeeeeee!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Anon, it slipped by me. I understand that this kind of stuff is what made Google decide to pull out of China.

Either that, or they are trying to made it look like they are leading the parade as they are being run out of town. I understand that China is also not too happy with Google.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ernie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nernie!! Hope you had a great day.

suzy blah blah said...

Attention knitters, there's this new bomb the trees movement afoot..