Saturday, January 9, 2010


As you know, because I've said it before, I can sense earthquakes before they happen, that's why I put the "most Recent Local Earthquake" link over there on the left side side under "NOAA Weather Benbow heading. That, and there are volcanoes acting up all over the world, plus earthequakes and sunamis. Can we be far behind? Certainly not!

I understand that ferndale had substantial damage and the power is off. The Bayshore Mall closed because of structual damage. The Bear River Casino in Fortuna had a gas leak. Feel free to add any info that you have here.

The earthquake  was 6.5 and was located 25 miles west of ferndale and about five miles deep.
The power is out in Ferndale, Manilla, Trinidad and parts of Arcata.
There has been at least five minor aftershocks.

I had just waked in the backdoor of Radio Shack in Garberville, as I grabed the door knob I felt it tugging and pulling and moving around. I though that somebody inside was messing with me. After I openned the door and there was nobody there I was a little confused, but the power back up to the phone system was beeping. We have had trouble with it last week and was unable to determine what happened. So I thought, "Ah Haa, I caught it". I went over to the table that it was on and it was moving all around. EARTHQUAKE!

I assumed the same mode that everybody goes into. I stood in the doorway. I concidered going outside, but in was too much fun watching everybody elses reaction. Why is it in California that everybody bails for the door, then as soon as they get outside the yell "EARTHQUAKE" then they grin like fools. Darn! That was fun!


Anonymous said...

Dang-it anyway Ernie. Why didn't you tell us about this earthquake yesterday?


Ernie Branscomb said...

Actually I told you a week ago, when I put up that "Recent Local Earthquake" link.

Ben said...

Earler today I was thinking that an earthquake might improve the flow in my well. Sooooo.... Now if I could only get it to rain.

Anonymous said...

Ernie put down the bottle you fool. You didn't sense a damn thing. Sober up.

Ben said...

OK Ernie, I have to use this word verification so you don't catch hell at Rotary.

Ernie Branscomb said...

So Ben.... Why were you thinking about earthquakes earlier today?

Weird ain't It?

If there was a tree that was leaning more today than it was yesterday, and it poppped and creaked a little bit every now and then. Would you know that it was going to fall? Would you know when? That's the feeling that I get before and earthquake. You start thinking about them and wondering if you felt one. I don't know, maybe I'm feeling real earthquakes, too mild to really sense.

I haven't had a drink in two days, but now that you reminded me...

Anonymous said...

Fred Mangels in Eureka is reporting trouble logging on to the "Aces High" server. copy?

Ernie Branscomb said...

For any of you outlanders that want to listen to Humboldt County scanner traffic, Click here Interesting as all get out.

Anonymous said...

We'll see tomorrow if it was worse than 92. My guess is no. This was more of a random jolty ride than 92, which was more of a strong and consistent shake

kymk said...

What gets me is how many of there have been this last week. I hope this cluster helps ease things up down under.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie!
I copy-pasted your original post into a word doc and - whoa - did I get a lot of squiggly red lines under some of your words: Was it the jarring earthquake that whipped up your wild wording? Was it your new keyboard that caused a careless caress of the keys? A little swig from the bottle to stimulate some spastic spelling?




“waked” in the backdoor??




Calm down please, everyone! Let’s not hoose our leads .... um, "loose our heads"! Ernie's on it, so grab your translation codebooks for more seismic updates before we slip beneath the ocean waves. And pour me a tall glass of whatever Ernie's drinking. (Is this exciting or what??)

Fred said...

Fred Mangels in Eureka is reporting trouble logging on to the "Aces High" server.

Actually, power never went out here in our section of town. Internet was down for a few, but came back on in maybe 15 minutes. It was strange to come in to the kitchen from the garage, see all the broken glass on the kitchen floor, and then look up and see the computer monitor still on.

Also strange that this expensive computer made it through unscathed, but an old 15" monitor sitting on the shelf in the hutch of the old computer workstation about 6 feet away was thrown 4 to 5 feet and to the floor. Yet the monitor didn't break. Not sure if it works, or not, but it looks intact.

Also strange that, while the internet is up and running fine, our phone doesn't seem to be working even as of this morning. We had a dial tone right after the quake, but now not even a dial tone. Calling our phone with my cell phone gives a busy signal.

Fred said...

Problem solved with our telephone. Turned out the upstairs phone was thrown from the table and thus went off the hook. Set it back on the hook and both work fine now.

I'd thought we had a dial tone after the earthquake but Connie said we didn't. My mistake.

Ekovox said...

Ernie, you asked what this earthquake was like compared to the 1992 earthquake. No comparison at all. I happened to be in Ferndale at the precise moment it hit with the TV camera rolling. That footage is seen over and over again when folks show documentaries on earthquakes. Let's just say I was in the right placde at the right time when there wasnt an onslaught of video cameras in the hands of the masses. That 7.1 followed by 6.8 and 6.9 aftershocks were devastating to the infrastructor of Ferndale, Scotia and surrounding towns. Much like the 1964 and 1955 floods. I didn't grow up Earthquake Country....but, I sure have learned to appreciate them.

Remember, everyone, there will be a next time. Just prepare your family for such an event and go on with your lives.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Anon 1:46
Sorry for the sloppiness. But, with a little creative thinking you were probably able to figure out what I said.

Along the same vein, the Times-Standard was a little confusing this morning... But, before I go any farther I want to compliment them on doing a yeomen job of getting the newspaper out for this mornings news. Wah-hoo for the T.S.! They worked, not by candle light, but from the light of the laptop computers! Times, they-are-a-changin'!

Now, back to the subject at hand. I wasn't the only one to make mistakes in the heat of the moment... My wife opened the paper and there were TWO “A” sections, no “B”, no”C”, no”D”, there was one “E”. But Yes, all of the advertising was there! In case you were worried... The paper was rife with typo's and mistakes, but as I said they did a great job above and beyond what could be expected of them under the circumstances, and I fully appreciate what they did. They gave up their time to bring us the news, when I sure that they ALL had problems to deal with at home.

Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong. That earthquake was supposed to be on the 8th of January, Elvis's birthday.
Shake, rattle and roll.


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Robin Shelley said...

Felt it here in Brookings. I was upstairs sitting in front of the computer when my chair started shaking. I thought, "What the...?" when the computer monitor started wiggling around. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the whole monitor & not just what was on the screen. No real direction to the movement of the quake that I could tell - no steady back & forth, no rolling, just kind of all over the place. My husband was outside talking to the neighbor guy & they didn't feel a thing! My parents in Hiouchi & my daughter in Caspar all heard it as well as felt it. Startled (okay, scared!) me, for sure, but afterward, as you said, Ernie, I was grinning like a fool!