Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lou Dobbs

Okay, I'll be the first to ask... What's up with Lou Dobbs?

Another defection to Fox News?

Lou Dobbs' farewell statement:
"I truly believe that the major issues of our time include — the growth of our middle-class, the creation of more jobs, health care, immigration policy, the environment, climate change, and our military involvement, of course, in Afghanistan and Iraq.
But each of those issues is, in my opinion, informed by our capacity to demonstrate strong resilience of our now weakened capitalist economy and demonstrate the political will to overcome the lack of true representation in Washington, D.C."

I always liked Lou Dobbs. I think that he always gave his honest analysis of the news. Is the news service getting so political that they can't allow a person with opinions?

Down here on the man-on-the-street level, opinions differ from what you hear on the news anyway. Have you ever noticed that? If you ask the average person what's wrong with America. The first thing out of their mouths is going to be that people need good jobs. But, you don't hear that from our politicians. Are they just not listening? Are they trying to avoid the subject? Or are they sold out to Wall Street and afraid to say anything, because they know who owns them.

I am capitalist, and strongly believe in the capitalist system. The problem is that the capitalist system has been hijacked by white collar thuggery. Not so many years ago our government controlled the corporations. There was anti-trust laws, and anti-monopoly laws. Corporations were not allowed to take over whole industries like the oil companies have done. They weren't allowed to sell our jobs offshore, unless we were getting a fair return or a fair balance of trade. I thought I heard Obama saying some of that kind of stuff on the election trail, and it was encouraging. But he no more stepped foot in the office of the President and he bailed out the insurance companies, the banks, and... Oh yeah, Wall Street. Detroit is still without jobs. Did he forget his promises?

Don't they teach our kids in school anything about ethics and fairness? I think that our kids really don't know that money doesn't grow on trees.

I think that Lou Dobbs understood that Wall Street was selling America offshore, while they put a dime out of every dollar that left the country in their pockets. It might be great for the Wall Street investors, but when the money is all gone, there won't be any money for anybody. That is why the greed is so pervasive now. It's like a fire sale of America. Everybody is trying to cash in while they can.

America can not build any wealth until everybody has a job and the money starts staying here.

It will be interesting to see what Lou Dobbs has to say now that he won't have CNN puling his strings. Any ideas??? Do you think that he will fight for America? Or sell out to the crooks and thugs on Wall Street?


Anonymous said...

Lou on Fox News?!! That would be like adding more fire to the choir. The folks over at Fox want our borders protected too.


Ernie Branscomb said...

If the Mexican borders were completely controlled, we would be allowing almost as many immigrants to emigrate across our borders as are already coming in illegally. America needs willing workers.

If our borders were well controlled, it would open a whole new bag of worms. People would then be more concerned about how fairly American jobs were distributed amongst the immigrants, and the Americans that were born here.

If we don’t start controlling our borders, we will have all kinds of crime problems. Any kind of a crook or a terrorist can sneak in to our country. We already have Mexican drug cartels growing marijuana in our country. Most of the Mexican people employed in the “growing trade” are illegal immigrants, and for most part are being exploited by the crooks that run to operations.

Sadly, there has been such a mess made of our borders that it is going to be impossible to sort out fairly.

Anonymous said...

"impossible to sort out fairly"

Well I have an idea. Stop being fair and politicly correct.


Dave Kirby said...

Good riddance. The man is a windbag and a bigot of the first order. He'll do just fine over at Fox with whacko Beck and the rest of the Limbeciles. Let's send all the illegals in the central valley back and watch food prices go off the chart and american agriculture collapse. Immigration is the reddest of herrings. The working class of America was sold down the river by Bubba Clinton and the rest of the "Free Trade" jerks. not by Pedro supposedly taking their jobs.

Dave Kirby said...

While we're at it let's send back all those asians who understand the value of education and are crowding out white kids at the top of the class. The nerve! In a few more years California will be more a part of the Pacific Rim culture than white America and we'll be the better for it.

Anonymous said...

" The working class of America was sold down the river by Bubba Clinton and the rest of the "Free Trade" jerks. not by Pedro supposedly taking their jobs."

Yeah! because, you know, Regan had NOTHING to do with THAT, right?


Anonymous said...

When Ike left office, he warned us about the military industrial influences dominating politics waaay back in the 50's...but did he do anything about it? Nooo... He just stood there combing his hair!

Anonymous said...

Ike had hair?
This guy is no youngster if he can remember that.

Ernie Branscomb said...

You know that I never stick to the subject, so as a side note: here is another Mariza for Ben.

Now back to the subject~!!
Kirby, My point way up front, was that this has NOTHING to do with RACE. I think that we all enjoy and appreciate the racial diversity. We all understand that there are significant racial differences between people. That in no way means that they shouldn’t have equal rights as human beings. Even myself, as na├»ve as I am, have noticed that Black People are… well… (Black). But, to say that we have noticed that Brown People are sneaking across our borders is in no way racial. It is about the sneaking, not the Brown. Got it? You only call Dobbs a windbag because you don’t agree with him. You might be surprised to hear that I don’t always agree with him either, but he certainly provokes me to think about what he has to say.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Lou Dobbs for president as an independant?

Click here and read


Dave Kirby said...

E...I didn't have a problem with Dobbs when he was a business commentator at Moneyline. It's only after he became Johnny one note on immigration that he lost me. From what I read when he went from being a reporter on Moneyline to an op ed guy on the Lou Dobbs show his ratings dropped. That may have something to do with some of his viewers migrating to Fox where they get unvarnished propaganda not clouded by conflicting opinions or in some cases facts.

Dave said...

Good topic Ernie.
If Lou Dobbs really wants to stick to the facts he's going to have to go with public TV or something along those lines.
That means less money. Less viewers.
My guess?
He's going to write a book, get paid to lecture, and may run for public office.

Dave Kirby said...

From the Christian Science Monitor..

CNN announced Thursday that Dobbs’s nightly 7 p.m. EST time slot will be filled by John King, the anchor of CNN’s Sunday show “State of the Union” and onetime AP reporter. The move demonstrates that CNN is pushing for an identity centered on straight news in a primetime cable environment dominated by Fox’s conservatives and MSNBC’s liberals.

Dobbs’s departure may not cost CNN much in the ratings game.

“Lou Dobbs’s positions on major policy issues are more consistent with those expressed by the opinion-talkers on Fox than with those on CNN,” says Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. “Since those who watched Dobbs because they share those views were unlikely to watch CNN’s other programs for news, the effect on audience ratings for other CNN programs will probably be minimal.”

Ernie Branscomb said...

CNN is my most trusted network to give me unbiased news. I get tired of the liberal rhetoric on MSNBC. I get tired of the conservative crap on fox.

I can't watch Nancy Grace. I can't imagine anyone being married to her... "DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE? JUST GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER! "NO" IS NOT THE ANSWER THAT I’M LOOKING FOR HERE!!!" Sheesh.

Rachell Maddow was a nonstop commercial for Obama, to the point that most people were embarrassed for her, even the liberals.

Hanity and O'Rielly are such stuffed shirt conservatives that you can’t believe that they are real. They seem like plastic God-Puppets to me.

Altogether they almost make “Dan Rather than Walter” look good. (I said “almost”)

Dave Kirby said...

One thing for sure Ernie after the past 9 months it's become pretty clear the term "loyal opposition" is dead in American politics. But to be fair that term died when the Supreme Court broke down on partisan lines and installed Bush in 2000. People forget that Gore won that race by more than half a million votes and if that green weenie Nader hadn't inflicted his ego on the race no amount of vote rigging would have saved Bush's bacon.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Dave, Dave, Dave. If you weren’t one of the greatest people that I know, I would just have to give up on you.

I lost my innocence in Politics when Jerry Brown was elected Governor of California. Of course Judges are activist Judges, that’s how they get appointed. Remember Rose Bird? Jerry Browns Pawn. That’s when people had the guts to do something about unfairness besides wring their hands. Rose was given the Bird and ousted.

I was happy when Jerry Brown got elected. I was a card carrying bona-fide by-God proud Democrat. I expected him to do the things that his father did. Build infrastructure like crazy. Nope! It’s almost like he had a bone for the things that his dad had accomplished. He appointed Adriana Gianturco as his director of transportation. He and Adriana shut the freeway projects down, that were underway on 101. They lost Three Billion dollars in federal matching funds, but they by-God didn’t care, they were giving Californians what was good for them. They changed the Division of Highways to The California department of Transportation. (Caltrans) They took all of the highway funding and spent it on “Mass Transit. Jerry was going to give us “Bullet Trains” between major cities. Eureka was going to get multiple passenger trains from San Francisco. All of the major cities would get municipal railways. We would be efficient!

What happened is San Francisco got most of the money for BART. And the rest of the state got to suck hind titty. Oh well. We still have the infrastructure that Edmond Brown built, that catapulted us into being one the most modern states in the union, with one of the safest bridges and highway systems. Now we are the friggin’ poorest state in the union and paying taxes through the nose. We don’t even have a way to get inland freight to Eureka.

As to Bush “stealing the vote”: It is the electoral vote that counts It’s not a popularity contest, like we had in high-school. It’s kinda’ like a business. To be elected a candidate strategically gathers electoral votes. Bush gathered the most electoral votes. He was a smarter strateginaryist.

The Idiots, yes idiots, in Florida perpetrated the most ridiculous election, and recount, in the history of mankind. A punch card is a PUNCH card. There is one hole in it or there isn’t. you don’t even need to ponder it. The recount committee would hold the punch cards up to the light turn it back and forth and say “I think that I see a kind of a mark. I think that person probably kinda, maybe, thought about voting for Gore, so I’m going to count it for Gore.”

To gores credit he was smart enough to back down before the revolution started.

Don’t get the idea that I was all that happy with Bush either. The politicians and Wall Street keep US, like you and I, at each others throats, and we don’t pay attention to the big picture. We are being screwed to death by poor representation in Government!

But, you are one of the sharper ones. Maybe some day we will be smart enough to drop the politics and figure out that we are all, collectively, Democrat and Republican, getting screwed.

spyrock said...

just to make a point about farm labor. it's highly mechanized these days. the main reason why there would be a food shortage would be lack of water. thousands of acres went out of production last year because of the drought. i have many mexican friends and family who were born here. however, mexican nationals are working in many different jobs outside the fields these days. the problem is that these people consider themselves mexicans first. many of them hate americans which is the only problem i have with them. its usually their kids who are in the gangs and create a feeling of insecurity in most valley towns.
it makes a lot more sense to just invade mexico get rid of their corrupt government run by the drug cartel and make it a part of the united states. the situation now is a joke.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Good comment spy, very thought provoking. I've often rolled Mexico around in my head as being part of the U.S. It would be like crossing the Rubicon, there would be no turning back. Then, like Castro did after he won his revolution and turned against us. What might the mexican people do if they had part in running the country. Would we have strengthend the Republic our weakened it?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Post columnist Cindy Adams had high praise for Dobbs following his departure.

"Ahead of the curve, the man predicted the fiscal crisis," she wrote on Friday.

"Raised the hammer on corporate profiteering at the expense of the middle class. Pointed out flaws in the bank-bailout bill. Waged war on border security, exposing how the feds have lost track of visas, and five years later the subject of immigration became mainstream dialogue.

"His interminable fight on behalf of border agents Ramos and Compean? Remember how the U.S. government subsequently commuted their sentence?"

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were jailed for shooting and wounding an illegal alien who was smuggling drugs from Mexico into Texas in 2005.

Dobbs, Adams wrote, "analyzed. He predicted. He never saw an argument that wasn't a fight. Lou Dobbs is brilliant. Fearless. Determined to go how he wants to go. He takes sides."

Anonymous said...

Lou Dobbs is an American hero. His detractors' main fault is making up their minds against him before they listen to what he says.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Unfortunately it's difficult to not hear clowns like Lou Dobbs.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody besides me think Obama should be tried for treason?

Dave Kirby said...

The latest Newsweek in its Conventional Wisdom..Think Again feature has the following about Dobbs..."Lou Dobbs blowhard neopopulist leaves CNN for 'other options'. There's an opening at Telemundo,Lou." I'll betcha he even sneaks an Enchilada when no ones looking. The last straw for me was when he jumped on the Obama birther bandwagon. This is surely a good year for crackpots in the media.

Anonymous said...

His detractors enjoy calling Lou Dobbs a racist because they can't win an argument with him on the facts of the illegal immigration issue.

He is a racist? Why hasn't his Hispanic wife ever leveled such a charge against him?