Monday, August 10, 2009


From Wikipedia: " A blog (a contraction of the term "weblog") is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog."

The north coast symbol formerly known as Ekovox. He had one of the most humorous, significant and informative blogs on the North Coast. It was always top notch, and it was always "a good read". For reasons known only to himself, and possibly "others", he deleted his blog. It was more likely to save himself time, and return his life to that of a normal functioning human being. Blogging is an addiction as sure as Heroin is to the hopelessly lost. At times I know that I should stop blogging myself. Others have dropped their blogs for various reasons. Some have dabbled in blogging and done so well that they have decided to write books instead. Or, they have just came and gone for no apparent reason. Like Bubba or what ever his name was that flew threw the north coast and disappeared as fast as he came. I miss him because some of the things that he said was so outlandish that it made me think.

Some blogs are very informative and artsy. I like Kym Kemp's blog. Her photography is exemplary. Most everything that she blogs about is Southern Humboldt pertinent. She is the Quintessential Southern Humboldty "Mom" she worries about us like a mother hen, whether we are right, or whether we are wrong. I like Eric Kirks blog, although he is far too cerebral for my simple tastes. Sometimes what he says takes me a month of studying to understand. By then the topic is past, because he is so prolific. He says that he spends about a half an hour a day blogging. He must be good because it takes me that long to read his stuff. I like him because he uses his real name, I know who he is, and he has a basic honesty. That and I like his blog because sometimes I don't agree with him, but he challenges me to try to say something anyway. There is a new blog that I have become very fond of called Lynette's NorCal History Site. It has the promise of being one of my most favorite blogs, because she talks about north coast history that I'm not familiar with. I know that I should provide links to all these blogs, but if you look over there on the left you will see listed all of the blogs that I have mentioned, under "Links To Other Blogsites"

But, I miss 299 opine and Ekovox because he was so deeply steeped in the north coast history. He and his father before him are true historians. He gave us history that we could believe and understand. Seldom do you get “depth' like Ekovox gave us. Other than by Jim Baker, who doesn't have time to blog and he wisely knows that, or others like him, that have been very active students of north coast history. They have done more than just talk about it, like me. They have walked the walk, and followed the trails that history always leaves. They have been able to follow those trails because they have the insight from being born here, and they know who is who, they know who knows the stories, and were the bodies are buried. They can pull the truth out like no others. Even though Jim claims to not have the time, I know he has traveled around the United States following the trails of some very famous local people. Just like all of the generational natives, he has decided that some history need not be shared with people that don't have the compassion to understand some aspects of local history. (My words, not his)

A blog, in order to have a readership or be on a “roll”, needs to make frequent interesting posts. When a blogger leaves their blog unattended, even for short periods, interest drops to zero.

My special interest has always been the country people of the north coast, and their inherent wisdom. I don't understand much about politics, although I find politics to be interesting to a small degree. I fail to understand why there has to be conservatives and liberals, or Republicans and Democrats. No matter what party line that you ascribe to, it ultimately becomes divisive. I fail to see why people will adhere to the “party line” even when they disagree with the issue at hand. I feel that the old saw about Divide and Conquer, is alive and well. We are all at each others throats about political issues, that we have taken our eye off the ball. Our politicians are elected with the money of Wall Street and the very wealthy. We have no say whatsoever over what decisions our politicians make. We blather on about the power of the vote, but we give it away to the slickest talking politician. When was the last time that you fully trusted anybody in office above the rank of County Supervisor?

Lets see, where was I going, oh yeah, blogging. You see how distracting politics can become? I Originally got into blogging because I became interested in Ekovox's blog, “299 Opine”. I was afraid that I had jumped into blogging a little too deeply, and was maybe dominating his blog with my own “Opines” more than I should have. Eric Kirk's blog was very active at the time. The town was in the middle of the People Production / Mateel controversy. I wanted to see if I could throw “oil on troubled waters” and see if maybe they could work out their problems for the good of the whole community. I naively didn't understand how deep, and bitter, the controversy was. Some people were engaging in open name calling, and there were many accusations, which always led to the lecture on whether it was slander or libel. Eric started deleting a few vicious posts and other people objected. In a fit of anger he proclaimed that “if you don't like the way I run this blog, start your own, it takes about five minutes. Just click on the little orange “B” up in the left corner and it will lead you by the hand to your own blog. Good-bye!” Just so I don't get sued for slander or libel, I must say that I paraphrased Eric's statement. But, it is with in the realm of possibilities of what he actually said.

I laughed that he thought that it could be so easy, so I went about setting up my own blog, just to prove him wrong about how easy it was. Five minutes later I had my very own Blog. I fooled around with it for a while, thinking as long as I didn't tell anybody that I had a blog, it would just be my little secret. I practiced writing about loggers and and a few other things, thinking that I could always delete it. I got my own “Blogger Identity”, so I could delete my mistakes without having to email someone and beg them to delete my foolish mistakes. Right after I did that, I made a horribly disgusting typo. In a panic I tried the “Delete Post” button, and it miraculously went away. I vowed then and there to always use my Blogger I.D. so I could delete it, if for no other reason. I was too na├»ve to know that anybody could follow your blogger I.D. back to your blog. One morning I went to check Eric's blog and he had said. “Hey, Ernie has a blog! And here is the U.R.L.” Busted! So then I decided that “I must become pertinent”. What a joke that was, I've even been known to write stories about Flying Pigs. To Swine own self be true. So, I am what I am. What you see is what you get.

I found that people can be real twits when they blog anonymously, I found that to be true about myself also, so I quit being “Anonymous”. Anybody that has read many of the “Anon's” posts will know what I mean. The thing that I always find laughable, is when “Anon” makes a very personal statement about somebody. Then when you reply in a personal way, they become insulted, and act “personally offended”. How can someone be “personally offended” when they won't even use their name. So sue me!

I have always been far more interested in what other people have to say than what I have to say. I already know what I think. I usually don't use my blog to bring someone over to my way of thinking, but I am extremely interested in what people have to say. Usually I try to inform people about the unknown, or encourage people to tell me something that I don't know. I like it when people just dive in and start talking about what interests them. Some bloggers get upset when you don't “follow the thread”. I have learned more from people that just jump in than others.
I have a few favorite commenters, in fact I have too many to mention, I would leave somebody out. So, you'll just have to assume that you are my very favorite!

I actually would enjoy printing a “Guest Column” if anybody wants to say anything. As you know it doesn't have to be correct English. I wouldn't know if it wasn't anyway. I've found it's best to write like you talk. Don't worry about the was'es were'ses, or the who and the whoms. They don't make any difference anyway. If people know what you should have said, then they know what you meant, and that is all that's important.


Lynette M said...

Hey Ernie,
This is a great entry. Very apt description of the addiction that blogging quickly becomes (look at me :-).

I am so very glad you blog, and appreciate you supporting mine. As I've said (and will likely keep saying), you add a perspective and encourage deeper thought that I would otherwise (without the prompting) be capable of.

Cheers to blogging !

Robin Shelley said...

In March 1978, three guys started "The Laytonville Ledger" newspaper... a 12- to 16-page tabloid published every two weeks. The editor's column in the very first issue asked for help & I signed up. I was a stringer for a few months until there was money enough to rent an office, set up a proper shop, publish every week & hire me as a part time secretary. The staff grew, my hours got longer, the responsibilities increased & before the end of the first year, without even realizing it, all of us were eating, sleeping & breathing small town publishing. It is not fiction that ink gets in your blood.
We did many other things there besides put out the local newspaper. We were a publishing company & we did advertisements, brochures & catalogs for businesses, political candidates & colleges among other things. All of the owners were transplants with colorful & exciting past lives in other parts of the country that brought many interesting people to our door. I could write a book about the experiences there & I wouldn't trade that time of my life or, the knowledge gained there, for anything in the world.
Ten years & nine months later, in Dec. 1988, the staff had shrunk, money was tight & enthusiasm was gone so the last standing owner sold the newspaper & all but one of the old staff that was offered a job by the new owners turned it down. We were, to put it mildly, burnt out.
All of us eventually recovered & went on to do other things but there is not a single one of us who doesn't occasionally pine for just one week of angry letters to the editor, heated exchanges in the office, exposed film, a broken headliner or typesetter, no fixer in the darkroom, coffee stained flats, wax on the wrong side of the copy, melted page negatives, working all night, driving to the printer in Arcata... & those were just the best parts.
I imagine having your own blog is kind of the same.

Ekovox said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ernie.

I have been following Lynette's blog, too. I am hesitant to comment on the historic issues being discussed at the moment. We kind of hashed out some of these same issues on your blog: Check back to December 27th, 2007 for the "We can't judge what happened then by who we are now" post. I am very weary of the subject at this time. Humboldt's history (post- 1850)is now 159 years old. That's a lot of fodder for discussion. I'm looking forward to other topics, like those found here at Ernie's Place.

By the way, Bob Doran, Eric Kirk, Heraldo, Capt. Buhne and especially The Carson Park Ranger at Eureka Standard were all very instrumental in me starting my blog. It was a thrill when I was doing it. But, it took over WAY too much of my life and that affected those close to me. I now write a column for the Arcata Eye called Set Up/Tear Down about my life involving music. It's very much like the 299 Opine blog but with a narrower focus. And, I only have to write it once a week.

I check into about a dozen of the local blogs on a daily basis. They really keep the pulse on what is happening around Humboldt County. Sure, it's not news like you would find in the newspaper, but, they cover other aspects of our community that would less likely be covered. And, unlike most newspapers, the blogs have character. Honest to goodness, character.

Keep blogging Ernie, you're good at it and it becomes you.

Blogger Picnic #2, anyone?

Ross Rowley
(Ekovox of 299 Opine)

spyrock said...

i really appreciate those words by robin and eqovox. i actually earned my livelyhood printing, but it was on cardboard from your redwood trees. i've been breathing that dust for decades. my only complaint. somehow, i'm a really busy person. otherwise, i would be blogging into quantum inner and outer space. somehow i am with ernie. i think i have a perspective that is somehow inner but also outer to the status quo up there. if you can make sense out of it great. if not. oh well. i don't really care if i'm the one who gets the credit. but i know that if you read one word of the garbage i write, you will never be the same. that's par for the course. of course, you can get a boogie or a birdie. take your pick. but a little plus or minus of far out is still far out.

Lynette M said...

Hi all,
I think I'd like to address Ekovox comments on my own blog--as a bigger thing, but thought it would be appropriate to also acknowledge (and thank him) for the topic idea here.

Eko, I do agree that for a certain circle of folks, the history I am writing about is old news. Very old. My experience is showing me, though, that the circle is rather small.

I belong to Toastmasters, a public speaking club in Eureka with a lot of very educated, well established folks in the community. I recently gave a speech on the practice of kidnapping and indenture in this area and no one had heard of it. No one. It is rather fine (and unfortunate) that the ones attracted to the blogs are generally the ones already familiar with the info. My hope is to eventually expand the audience.

The affects of our history linger still, and can be seen all around us, for better or worse. Just ask any Native American.

Mr. Nice said...

The anonyfied blogging adds to the time drain. I formerly ran two anonymous political blogs (with opposing viewpoints), a gardening blog, and submitted articles under an assumed identify for a widely-read multi-author blog.

Humboldt changed my perspective. It is difficult to justify spending hours on a web page when I could be killing time in King's Range. These days I stick to making ridiculous comments on other people's blogs.

Some advice: don't ever figure out how to do any of this on your cell phone. It becomes tempting to blog every time you pick up a couple of bars.

Ernie Branscomb said...

"Some advice: don't ever figure out how to do any of this on your cell phone."

Oops!, Too late!

spyrock said...

i checked out lynette's blog and it's very cool. sometimes old news is the only real news. i see so many people who seem clueless and most of them don't know jack about their family history. slavery was a very common aspect of life 150 years ago. abolishionists were killed long before lincoln freed the slaves to destroy the economy of the south he was at war with. the slavers lost the war but took their beliefs with them, to missouri and the midwest and then on to northern california. actually, california labor history is the story of one race after another being exploited by the powers that be up until the present moment. why haven't things changed. well, nobody knows about it. they all watch the news on tv and think news is whatever shows up. they never figure out that it's the same ole reruns. history is for people who want to know the truth but most people are hiding out in some narrow reality they call fantasy land. so good luck prying them away from tinkerbell, the easter bunny and minimum wage.

Greg said...

We started our blog because I had a sick spell and the doc said "you stay home after lunch for at least a month". I like that I can spout of my opinions and post photos of Carol's garden and call it "art". Blogging reminds me of sharing-time in grade school. Fresh material does increase traffic, but I don't like feeling obligated to be interesting, and serious journal-blogs are a lot of work.

Ross, we enjoyed last year's bloggers picnic. You did a nice job setting it up. As for local history, I think it's good to repeat the bad along with the good. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -George Santayana.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Sick people just seem to be drawn to blogging. I’m glad you are better.

I take a read through your “garden” almost everyday. It’s always interesting.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -George Santayana.

Actually, it should read: “Quick, hide everything, or the newcomers will repeat it for 150 years.” (just kidding) I don’t mind people realizing that terrible things happened, but few get beyond the point of knowing something terrible happened. Seldom do they try to understand that things were different back then, and we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that we would do anything differently. We just can’t judge what happened without knowing all of the facts. After having been steeped in the history of the pioneers, I have come to the conclusion that they really did think of it as survival. I think that most people will readily accept that what the Indian people did was for survival. It was a conflict of cultures. They may have been right, or they may have been wrong.

Lt. Lynn was right though, about most of the “Buckskin Gentry” being the derelicts of civilization. But, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t think of what they did as being “survival”. Or Maybe retaliation? It does bear studying before coming up too quick with an opinion.

omr said...

Well I think there is an obvious and glaring need for Ekovox to help us post '70 historians. Please take the time to correct, disagree, add to these posts. (I loved your book reccommendation on Lynette's) Be a feature poster. Please. You have the history goods.
People have to listen to me too much.
Me, I am just one of multiple stomachs of this bullshistory site, and which end of the cow I am nearest is probably obvious.
Yes, I too was sick when I came to Ernie's blog to comment. That I healed up during this time period of blogging and blahgging may be only a coincidence. But it feels more like destiny, as I have plunged into the local history with the appreciation of a few decades of living here with both feet.
What I love about these history blogs is that we are giving audience to the reports and voices of those times, trying to use as many primary sources as possible.

Where does a passionate following of one's bliss end and addiction begin? Suzy??!!!!!!!!!(your perspective requested)

Good to know you all's backgrounds here. And I feel honored to know more of your story Eko, you were (and are)so appreciated. That sounds like a painful parting with the blog. I am glad you have the outlet you do, but if it doesn't hurt you, please join in, or guest post. You are one of our elders. Thanks.

omr's editor said...

as I have plunged into the local history with the appreciation of a few decades of living here with both feet

Whilst it is true that I have lived here 20+ years with both feet, it is the plunging into history with both feet I meant to emphasize.

Robin Shelley said...

I'll leave the really clever commenting to Suzy...
LOL, omr!

suzy blah blah said...

Where does a passionate following of one's bliss end and addiction begin? Suzy??!!!!!!!!!(your perspective requested)

the Blue Room?

omr said...

what time?

suzy blah blah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suzy blah blah said...

half past midnight. i'll bring some more cowboy and indian comics for you.

gabby haze said...

see you thar! my fave cowboy comic explains why some bad cowboys are so bad and how to help them. Maybe if this kind of therapy had been available so many Indians wouldn't have died.

(note: nothing pc about this)

suzy blah blah said...

Suzy has always been fond of being found to be one who fits in everywhere, harmonizes with one and all, and who is loved by her many many fans and constituents -- the ignorant masses. I have had my blog comments framed and hung on downtown walls. And i even have my own private parking space at the center of the, er, of Garberville... And that's becuz i have a different colored cowboy hat for each fact that i need to express. No lie.

But River dude, the times are sad and luck is hard with nobody having a good leg to stand on these daze, anymore,(a little black hat humour). LOL, cuz if luck is hard Suzy can take care of the rest, no problem so don't worry;) But truly, whatever the situation and character of the night that Suzy walks into, i don't usually feel like hanging my head (nor should yuo) in reversed shame, like the foolish Narcissus, nodding paralyzed, self absorbed and staring at his own reflection in the coffee that he's serving to an innocent customer, not bothering to listen to her echoing request for sugar. So tonight, it'll be the pink hat --wear something appropriate for our strut through what shall be a marvelous evening of ... research.

But and sooooooo hey Riverdude, one more thing, i appreciate that you like to rocknroll and that you appreciate my purple nuggs and think it's pc and cwel to have a gurl buy the drinks, and all, but if you really really want Suzy to give you the lowdown on the blog addiction cure, then be a little openminded and think ahead and plan for a future with Suzy in mind --ie this time at least bring some change for the jukebox, sheeesh.

seeya later keemosabi,

Ernie Branscomb said...

Tonto jealous.

spyrock said...

sounds like the riverdude will soon be doing the riverdance.

T. Rama Tized said...

The last time I was in the Blue Room, it was on impulse in the emotional wake of seeing the movie "Breaking Waves". My date and I thought it might lift our spirits to go there.
The bartender was very friendly, made a point of telling us her name was Sybil and that she was born on friday the 13th. That seemed fine, and in theme with the mood. A rheumy eyed drinker was seated behind my date, so looking at her involved avoiding looking at him. Because he was staring at me I finally relented and smiled at him. He said "you have a big heart" and I partially melted thinking I had misjudged another's capacity. When he asked if I knew how he could tell, I bit and said no. He said he can tell the size of the heart of a man by how much he bleeds when he takes 'em outside to beat 'em up. OK. End of eye contact for you fella. Whilst we attempted not to roll eyes or chuckle aloud...Phil Collin's song, I Can't Dance Came On, and the drinker got up and, as if the song was written just for him, flailed away.
That was the last time I was in thar....anychance of meeting somewhere else? At least give me a couple days to spare change for the juke machine.

suzy blah blah said...

hey omr, don't forget that this research we will be doing together Saturday night is about cowboys only, if you want to research cowgirls you'll have to find another date cuz gurls have only played a minor role in history, can yuo say patriarchy? Good, now that that is settled we can get down to work ... but hey speaking of work, guess what? Suzy got a job for Home (grown light) Depot ... I'm onna break now, it took me twenty minutes to clean my sticky fingers enough to type atcha ... and now its gonna take another ten to explain to you the basic elements of doing valuable research. But it's worth it for posterity's sake... i spose, yet i wonder sometimes if you appreciate poor Suzys efforts.

Now, the first thing a good researcher needs to know is that you never go to a bar to uplift your spirits becuz that implies that you are in need of transformation which puts you at a disadvantaged vantage point so that your researchers eye will stray to the cowgirl leaning against the bar ordering a drink. We don't want that, this is about hisstory ie about researching cowboys not cowgirls. Suzy will uplift what wants uplifting for you in the car, or under the tree, before we go in thar. The second thing to know is that you are always doing research, otherwise you are a mere hobbyist. The third thing is that when you are in the field working and researching and taking mental notes as well as writing in yuor notebook and talking on yuor cell phone reporting yuor discoveries back to research central (that's me, we need to always talk to each other on cell phones when we're working, even if we're sitting right across the table from each other becuz, uh, bucuz it's soooo totlally cewl) you have to remember to never make real actual eye contact with anybody that we are investigating and/or interrogating, ever. You need to learn to make false eye contact, you look through them rather than at them, you need to be completely unattached from any sentimental or emotional connection so as to not taint the research, its a tantric trick, Suzy will show you how. You see, when a dude sees your eyes but doesn't feel any contact, it confuses them for a moment and their jaw drops a little and they get that deer in the headlights look, it only lasts a second or two before they regain their machoman composure so you have to move fast. You tell them you are doing research and that you have some questions to ask them. Now, even though they put up a false front of confidence, they always put up a false front, they'll tell you they're gonna punch you out and sometimes they do, or try to, but no matter cuz your are doing important research and you now have them running scared. That's because all dudes, cowboys, hippies, rednecks, whatever... they're all the same when you look through them --believe me, Suzy knows. What happens is they become emotionally unglued, you see, for a cowboy to consider being researched is similar to them considering getting naked with Suzy, they all pretend to want it, but underneath there is this --angst! They are all deathly afraid to learn the truth about themselves that they suspect Suzy knows, LOL.

I have sooooooo much more to teach you but 4 now Suzy will leave you with one basic rule to remember. No matter what you are researching on the surface about these cowboys, rednecks, hippies etc, underneath, the real subject matter is angst. Male angst, which has its roots in the unconscious fear of castration. The consequences of which are MALE RAGE.

So you see the real point of doing historical research is to raise consciousness. When people understand male rage they will understand all of history and then the whole puzzle of history, ie (your)story, will be filled in.

back to the scissors,

gabby haze said...

oh no i do appreciate the effort you put out to elucidate us researchers/bar field workers. i appreciate it from my posterity to the top of my pointy head.

sometimes reading this history you do get the feeling that there is a beserker WWWF wrestler inside of every male. i have to admit knowing a little about male rage (going postal)...when the Redway postofficials failed to tell me Ed McMahon was dead and there would be no more sweepstakes award letters! male rage reared its ugly head and i... stole their victoria secrets right out of their trashcans! mess with me....

so as for studying cowboys, as you have clearly done in some depth, ...maybe i could read your fieldnotes...i was kinda hoping for a cowgirl film festival to get into the minds of those cowgirls who have left their mark on the minds of impressionable young men throughout film history. starting with mamie van doren in "born reckless", i hope to make it to sharin' stones "the quick and the dead". i'll bring the popcorn!

Rose said...

I miss Ekovox, too, and wish he would re-open the blog if only to allow others to stumble on it. All that stuff is important, part of history as it were. Like a book on the library shelf. Don't close it down, it is akin to burning a book.

Keep up the good work, Ernie. You know you are loved.

Robin Shelley said...

Ditto, Rose.

And, Ernie... if Tonto is jealous what do you think Oregon's gonna say when he gets back on here & reads everything that's been going on in his absence? o:=

Ernie Branscomb said...

Suzy must have used that “deer in the headlights stare” on me, because after I chased her out of my parking spot, I couldn't remember a thing, and when I came back inside "Oregon" was standing there. Not only did she make me forget, she conjured Oregon.

She must have a built in Flashy Flashy thing, like "Men In Black".

gabby haze said...

suz and i have a strictly professional relationship,
ms. shelley (and Oregon).

suz knows i haven't been the same since i read about a Mattole Valley woman named Bonnie Buckeye new idol.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks for the link Gabby. I perused it quickly and I'm going to save it to savor later. It looks to be a great story.

"professional Relationship" my eye! Suzy is not that kind of girl. You should choose your words more carefully.

Robin Shelley said...

Pfffft! I've heard that before, omr. Not sure Oregon will buy it, either. He's skinny but he's smart.

Oldoldmanriver said...

It would be unseemly of me as a midwest gentleman of advanced years not to defend the honor of my esteamed colleague and researcher, ms. blah blah. Today, I had the privilege of viewing the two, not one, blah blahisms carefully framed on the museum like walls of the inner sanctoom of the known Ernieverse. (For the record, I noted no other blog commenters comments on said walls, none of us.)

The semi-salacious innuendos and inferences of the suggestively minded who would stir a tempest in a beer mug, where no froth belongs,
need not titillate themselves further.
Nothing happened.
I waited outide the Blue Moon as per the instructions til well past midnight, the highway patrol went by several times, I left.
As a lay, in-the-field researcher, I understand when researchers just have to research and that is probably just what happened. Researchers are very passionate people about what they do. Kind of the Indiana Joneses of the librarian crowd.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Arghhh... Suzy said the Blue ROOM... Not Blue MOON

Anonymous said...

Time for bifocals!

suzy blah blah said...

ok ok, ssure and everythang but ive been reallyreallyreally buzy --reseaching so thats why im a little foggy minded lately plus theres four planets retrograde ;) (v. research, to search again, and again and again. to go retrograde in surch of lost footprints) so anyway omr i spose you are wondering where Suzy has been working lately ... rite? well belive me ive gotten sooooooooooo many texts since i last contacted you, there's Tbone and Sadune and Nick and Casey and Will and well you get the picture but mainly im still maybe totally in love i think with Kunda who i met at the Blues Root party thrown in honor of us gurls having our moon rite --i looked 4 you omr but yuo werent there whatzup with that but Suzy is forgiving and but you missed a gooooood party ... soooo fun and this dude that did the drum circle keeps texting me too but hes so in arcata far away but we have a date 4 teh alpha blondie concert and so im reallyreally excited and but, OMR... will you be there? Suzy will introduce you to him cuz he's like really really gnowledgable LOL Suzy knows, and he also can tell you about the eatomolgistics of the word rage, he says its roots are connected to reggea from the sanskirt raga to dance in a wild frenzy LOL and so that means ... oh oh omg!! i gotta go brb, hrof.. see you later guys tyws syl, he's texting me again --oo oo he wants to take me to the county fair in Ferndale tomorrow, lol he says he will win me a teddybear at the carniville gosh he is soooo romantic, what a man and =doing eerious research and making history is tolally fun to do specially in a pink cowgurl hat...


suzy blah blah said...

ps, Suzy has a quote that i totally just abosolutely love that i printed out from Kym's blog on my wall, it's in green font and decorated with manzaneta berries and fir branches and seashells, and it says,

"The most bueatiful thing in the world is a cat's eyes" Ernie

gabby haze said...

sigh, i have two tickets for the alpha blondie concert, ask your new drummer dude if he wants to buy my tickets...i can let them go cheap...for fluzy and her special "friend"..... i don't get it, we were colleagues...i just bought a genocide and vendetta so we could fight over who licks your fingers to turn the pages...this is all happening so fast....u have an ernieism on your wall but not one of mine?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Ha Ha Mr. Haze, you really blue it. Blue Moon instead of Blue Room. I happen to know that Suzy's favorite color is Pink, so if she was going to wear her pink hat for you, that was like a big sign of somthing BIG.

So here's some pink Music to listen to while you mend your poor ol blue heart.

P.S. Good luck selling those tickets!

gabby Oldmanhaze river said...

I must apologize for my unseemly whining. It was confesssional, not professional. Abjective, not objective. A good (his 'n' her)storian must eschew the personal for the impersonal. My shame is deep enough that I am going to have a psychotic-blog-break (PBB), and become two persona... Oldmanriver the researcher, and gabby haze...the gabby haze.
suz...i am glad you have a lot of texts in your life, and it is the duty of his'n'herstorians to have lots of texts. i have shared a lot of texts in my day. i reallly wasn't jealous, why should i be...i am the one with the lynn carranco and "teddy" beard...!
(thanks for the kind thoughts Ernie, my heart is fine...suz don't know it but i watched her for quite awhile the other day she was up in a snag and i was in a chair on the riverbed. i watched her preen and sing her songs, a few little coy trills between the more common calls. she seemed real happy, so if she was thinking of her county faire fella...that is sweet and good. Billy and Oregon may feel differently.)

we are out of here... Omr and gh

suzy blah blah said...

that suckks!! alpha blond cANCELED!

gabby haze said...

i wuz gonna dye my dreads pink.