Sunday, July 26, 2009


104 Degrees today. 107 predicted tomorrow!

I was hoping for this. John LaBoyto told me that if I wanted any good, sweet, ripe, organic watermelons this year, that we're going to need some hot weather. Well here you go John, I'm going to be first in line for watermelons when they are ripe. The last time that we had really good watermelons it was hot like this.

If you want to enjoy the hot summer days, get up early, soak up the clean fresh morning air. Hole up for a few hours in the heat, then come out and play again in the afternoon.

I picked some blackberries in the cool morning air this morning. I'm going to make myself a blackberry/apple pie. I have an outside oven. If I had a solar oven it would probably be too hot today.

I'm gonna mix the blackberries half and half with sliced apple, sprinkle on the sugar with a little flour in it to thicken the juice, then put in a little allspice and cinnamon. Then I'm going to put a few pats of butter in with the berries, then I'm gonna put one more pat of butter in for Julia Child. I'm gonna make a butter pie crust, put the filling in, and bake it until in bubbles and browns. Then in the evening when it cools out I'll have some good old country pie and think about how I wish a person could still get good fresh cows cream to make homemade ice cream.

I wonder what the poor Eskimos are doing today?


Ren said...

I am loving this hot weather but hate to see the river get lower. I really hope it cools down for Reggae Rising, though.

Robin Shelley said...

That pie crust you're makin' is good wrapped around fresh peaches & blackberries, too!
My Eskimo-in-law says it's been 70 & above in Wasilla this summer.


MY AUNT LAURA"sherburn"BEGLEY from covelo used to come up in your neck of the woods to gather huckleberries for pies.this was in the late fifties.if i remember correctly,the best pickins were in the BRICELAND area???

Ernie Branscomb said...

Huckleberries seem to do real good in old loging slash. So Briceland would have been great about then.

My neighbor has a peach tree that has killer tree ripened peaches. The are just starting to blush, but they are still hard as a rock.

Ren, it was only 105 today, and it is suposed to be partly cloudy and in the 80s by this week end. The beer box will be icy cold. (34 deg)


BEER BOX?????ice cold??? are you calling the valley people over???

Ernie Branscomb said...

Well Ross, If you came over, you would be in for a little culture shock. The newcomers party a little differently than the old loggers did.

Robin Shelley said...

Wooo-hooooo! Party at Suzy's!

kymk said...

Seems cooler today up here in the hills.

I wish I had an outdoor oven but I'm baking blackberry pie this weekend anyway!

Anonymous said...

I want some of that pie!! I'll bet you just loved saying nah na na na na nah. Lucky for the outdoor oven, eh. Is it gas or electric?