Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Of historical interest.

This is for the historians interested in the Elisa Bowman attack at Camp Grant. It is my opinion that facts were hard to get right, even back then. Who knew that they might be important someday?

From Joan (Bowman relative)

Russian River Flag
Description: Weekly Publication
Date: April 1869
Newspaper published in: Healdsburg

April 8, 1869 issue:

A friend at Camp Grant, Humboldt Co., under the date of March 27th, writes us as follows: On March 25th the house of Mr. T.B. WARD, 3 miles above here, on the Eel River, was attacked by a band of Indians, well-armed with guns. There was no one at the house at the time, but Mrs. BOWMAN and her children. She defended herself and the children for some time with a shot-gun, and after killing one of the red-devils, retreated and defended herself and the little ones with her gun until she reached the house of Mr. David WARD, a half mile distance. The brave woman received a very severe shot above the hip, but I am informed, that the wound is not considered dangerous. After she left the home, they set it on fire and subsequently attacked the house of David WARD, but after losing 2 of their men, they left the ranch.

I just couldn’t resist adding this piece of news from the next issue: April 15, 1869 issue:

Mr. Wm. S. CLARK, of Clark's Point notoriety, has the nice little sum of $10,000. to pay Miss Sarah M. REED of San Francisco, for failing to take her to his bed and board, as he vowed he would do. Young men, make only good promises and keep them.

What kind of a low-life cad would promise to take a woman to his bed then spurn her. SHE DESERVES MORE THAN $10,000.00


Ben said...

I have to find my article as it is a bit more detailed. One of the Indians shouted at her in English. I also have comments from various South Fork Indians to P.E. Goddard that local Indians were also attacked and that the gun Indians were from Redwood Creek (Chimariko)

Anonymous said...

What kind of a low-life cad would promise to take a woman to his bed then spurn her. SHE DESERVES MORE THAN $10,000.00,

Perhaps she was really unattractive.

ross sherburn said...

TEN GRAND! a lot of money back in those days.

Bunny said...

Also of historical significance is the event today celebrating the life of Roy Heider. Redway Fire Dept. is hosting this memorial and Rotary is arranging it. Roy lived in Garberville (actually Redway) since the end of W.W.II. He served in that war and the Korean War. It's a day to note in our local history. See you there Ern.

Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmmmmm. 10,000 bucks! Wonder what she had to offer that was worth considering that about amount of money. I mean, come on now. This could get scary.