Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been working on my computer problem that is eating my posts.

I have determined that it has somthing to do with my computer at home. All of the problems relate to the "Microsoft Works Word Processor". So I'm going to save everything that I can save on my computer at work. Then I'm going to "puke" my home computer. Then start over with re-installed programs and new virus protection.
The problem is when I'm at work, I have to put up some pretence that I'm actually there to work.

This might take awhile!



lot easier being an old logger!!!!

kymk said...

Hurry back!kymk


lot easier being an old retired logger&no computer!!!

Bunny said...

Is it time for a new computer at home? Good Luck pal.
Perfect week-end to stay indoor and fix it and write.

Anonymous said...

I use that program without any problems, Ernie.

But guess what? My new Dell four-button wheel mouse decides every once in a while to do a block-delete on my deathless prose!


Anonymous said...

Does the computer eat your posts as you are writing them? If so, you can right-click and then choose "undo."

You can repeat that process several times if need be. Your deleted text may show up!

Good luck! (Save your text often!)

Anonymous said...

I used to stay up until 2 a.m on a worknight transposing. A couple of times I lost all of my work when a finger on my right hand hit enter/delete or someplace unbenounced to me and I'd lose the entire document. aaarrrrrrgh!! Horrible!! Some of the best writings are lost that way. Sorry Ern.
Loved the quotes from Vera's book, and the photographs. Is the book from "Buckskin to Teambells"?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Nope cousin, it was "Life with the Old-Timers"

It was Vera's second book, I think that it was written in 1970, but it was published and copywriten it 1977.

Back then you had to kiss up to a publisher to print your stuff. They didn't even have home computers.