Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rats! Tagged!

Back on the first of February I was tagged by Indie of “The Bitten Apple”. The tag said that I should post the 6th photo in my 6th file.

…Umm… I don’t keep photo files. So, decided that what I would do is post the 6th photo in the 6th blogsite listed over there on the left. When I checked who that would be, it turned out to be Ekovox’s 299 Opine. I scanned down six pictures and this is what came up.

The photo is of a Nestles “Chunky” bar. The Carson Park Ranger wrote: "......and who ever ate those damned Chunkys?"

To which Ekovox replied: “I did and I do on quite a regular basis. It's one of the best damned candy bars in the western world.”

Well… The best damned candy bar in the western world would be debatable. My personal opinion is that somebody was trying to get rid of raisins. Somebody probably said: “Why don’t we stick these raisins in a candy bar, just to see if anybody will be desperate enough to eat them?

I think that the best damned candy bar it the world would have to be a “Butterfinger”. I liked Butterfingers since I was a little kid. My grandfather used to walk to town once a week, and when he returned he would always have a Nickel Butterfinger and a Dime bag of jerky. For my sister he would bring a Cherryalette (sp?) and a bag of peanuts. I know that the Butterfinger is a damn fine candy bar, in anybody’s opinion, but maybe I like them because it reminds me of my poor beloved grandfather, staggering home from his weekly drunk, but still remembering the grandkids.

The best thing that I ever saw done with raisins was at the Eel River Con Camp back in the early ’60’s. They ground them up with the leftover cinnamon rolls, then soaked them in warm water. They mixed it all up in a stainless steel pot and tightly covered it, and made a “Bubbler” to let the gases out. Then they would take the kitchen hood apart and place the little brewery inside the hood until it was “Pruno”. Then they would get drunk on it.

The funny part of the story is that they said that I knew what they were doing, so I was part of the crime. They decided that I should bring them some “Girlie magazines” and they would cover for me. I laughed at them, and told them that I had no idea what they were doing, and maybe I should ask a guard about it, and suggested that maybe their Pruno was doing their thinking for them. Otherwise they should just pretend that we didn’t see each other. They decided that was cool with them.

Now, I'm supposed to pass this pyramid chain letter on. But I don't do chains. Although I am honored to have been chosen, I don't know how other people feel about them so I won't impose.


humboldturtle said...

Lucky for you the statute of limitations has expired. Pruno. Sounds like a gas.

EkoVox said...

Ssshhhhhhhh, (I heat up the Chunky's until the bubbles release and then I capture the raw alcohol from the chocolate liquor, peanut oil and fermented raisins and ....hic....I can get a pretty good buzz going. I call the concoction..."Brown Recluse" and sell it for $3500 a pound)

Kym said...

Did you go to the con camp to play baseball too, Ernie? My whole family did. I have some great memories.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Only Ernie could use "dime bag" in a wholesome context.