Friday, January 30, 2009

Hard at work.

To anyone who feels sorry for me for having to work so hard that I can't play on my blogsite. Don't feel too bad for me... I took this photo with my cell phone while at work. Does anybody have stuff like this in their office.

Can anybody guess where it is?


Anonymous said...

waters to wide to be a crick???

Fred said...

Down by the Eel River.

sohumborn said...

looks like AP (Alderpoint)

Ernie Branscomb said...

SoHumBorn takes the prize. the photo was taken from the Alderpoint Bridge looking north.

I was on may way to Kettenpom.

sohumborn said...

I love the swimmin' hole there. Back in my younger years we used to meet on the bridge to hang out lookin' for trouble.
I remember drinking shots of JD (Jack Daniels)& chasin' it with Mountain Dew, spending time exploring my redneck side. Just the thought of that combo makes me a little ill now.;)

Kristabel said...

Yikes, sohumborn, that's quite a combination!

Hey ernie, are you playing golf in fortuna today?

Carol said...

Golf? Did someone say golf?

Who plays golf?

I use to play golf and think I would like to play again!

humboldturtle said...

No one feels sorry for Ernie. Any turtles in that crick?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Soon, when I get to back pertinent blocking I’m going to show you that same river before the ‘55 and the ‘64 floods. You will be amazed that it is the same river.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yep, we still got turtles.

impertinent blocker said...

got any green sturgeon?

Indie said...

Best swimming hole ever! Especially at night. Ah, you just made me miss living in SoHum!

EkoVox said...

Ernie, Go here. A story on a bit of Kettenpom ranch property history written by my father and my cousin.

While your at it. Explore the rest of the Blocksburg website. It's quite fascinating. I'm sure we're all related, anyway.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Ekovox's Seven Cedars Ranch made into a simple link for you.

omr said...

good read, thanks e and e!

spyrock said...

that's what i'm talkin about. thanks to equavox for sharing that story. that one of the best pieces i've ever seen on et history. well written, well researched. just telling it like it was without a personal vendetta. i'm looking for this kind of stuff and it seems that the story depends on who is writing it sometimes rather than what actually happened. as the great great grandson of early pioneers, i would like to think that they were good people and treated everyone in those days as best they could. oliver cromwell blank who was killed 7 miles east of eureka by a german named harmon was the son of big george blank who was against slavery and ran an underground railroad station near his ranch in iowa helping black people on their way to canada. this didn't sit well with most of the people in iowa who were his neighbors and when the local preacher started preaching equality of the races, the preachers son was stoned by his classmates at school. john wesley powell had to move out to big george's ranch for the remainder of his education. mr harmon spent the rest of his life in a mental institution.

oldmanriver said...

Lucy young tells her story
was my favorite native narrative from that blocksburg link.
will soaproot float squawfish?--
"All us went back to Mad River. We had old uncle coming there. Lots of fish in hole, deep hole. Can't catch them, so we get big root, soaproot, pound it, put in hole. Lots of fish come then to top of water. Ain't dead, ain't hurt, just float. If put in fresh water, going to come alive again."

calling all ethno-botanists!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Olmanriver, You may have hit on something, we could periodically soap root the river, pull the um.. um... Sacramento Pike Minnow out, give the rest of the fish a shot of adrenalin and put them back.

Lets try it and see how it works! No wait, the plan is too simple, and somebody would find something wrong with it. Maybe we could teach the squaw fish to haul freight past Richardson’s Grove.

olmanriver said...

pardon my use of the "s" word.
i may have to experiment with the soaproot in my friend's koi pond first...will get back to you.

couldnt we just claim we were giving the pike minnow a shampoo?

Ben said...

Ernie.. Soaproot and Squa... Ooops, Pike Minnow. Hmm, that could work. My friends saw two Green Sturgeon down river from your picture near Fort Seward. They were canoeing about two years ago. My references tell about Sturgeon in the South Fork at the old piling hole at Salmon Creek. Long gone and the hole has silted in recently. When the Indians caught a Sturgeon, they would tie the line to a small log and let the fish tow it around the pool until it was tired out.
Lucy Young's story is really important for me. Few old time Indians were willing to tell their stories. She was a remarkable and highly respected person. Every detail of her journeys can be traced on a map. Her memory was flawless and I'm happy to know her great granddaughter who lives at Laytonvile.

Ben said...

Sohumborn... Do you recall that the hippies loved that swimming hole so much that they bought it?

sohumborn said...

Hi Ben, yeah... all the old local favorite spots, became hippie favorites right away. Great minds think alike!
I have wonderful memories of all our swimming holes. I'm so lucky I got to grow up here.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Okay Ben, I know that you like to tell stories. I would sure like to hear the story of how the hippies bought the AP swimin' hole.


omr said...

thanks ben for the most recent report on a green sturgeon in the middle fork that i have heard. they are far more common on the klamath...probably like that here too once.

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