Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay, totally off the wall and off the subject.

All of a sudden, I can no longer send an e-mail to anybody with an e-mail address. The message comes back as being blocked, and it refers you to this mumbo-jumbo web site that leads you in circles, and implys that sbc global is the greatest because they have figured out how to get rid of spam. I'm not spam.

That web-site takes me here. That one tells me I have to stop looking like a PHISH. That might be all well and good, and I might be able to muddle my way through this, but my eighty five year old mother just wants to e-mail my uncle and her e-mails come back saying she looks like a PHISH, and she doesn't appreciate it. I told her to use the phone. She didn't appreciate that either.

SBC and AT&T say this is for our own good and they are opperating under new government regulations to stop spam. I'm all for getting rid of spam. I get tons of it and I hate it.

So what do I do, change my internet service provider, or fight with SBC to stop blocking me?


USelaine said...

At least you seem to be getting an indication that the mail was rejected. I've tried to send photos to a couple of people (one with SBC) thinking all was well. Then when I run into them later, they say nothing arrived. Pretty helpless feeling, but thanks for letting me know it ain't just me.

ben said...

I use ASIS, no problems.