Monday, November 10, 2008

Iron Peak

Photo of Iron Peak, by Robin Shelly. Click on photo to enlarge.

Robin must have a million dollar camera. This file is huge if you click on it. Fair warning to you dial-up folks.

The text that she included is "This is for Mr. Sherburn".

The photo appears to me to be taken from the North West.

I went on a service call up there one time, but it was so long ago I don't remember what I worked on. It was a Calif. dept. of Forestry lookout back then. All I really remember is the very narrow road on the last little stretch up the hill and the copper colored jade green rocks. I think that I have one that I picked up in my yard. I don't know why they call it Iron peak, it looks like copper ore to me.

I'll let Robin Correct all my mistakes


spyrock said...

one of the names they call that stuff is california jade. i found an old mining claim on iron peak mountain from the early 1900's but its in one of the nye boxes now. the claim was south of iron peak mountain so many feet from some white oaks etc. i like mariposite which is a greenish rock that is usually found near gold but mostly found in mariposa or the sierras. but i do have a magazine that tells where you can find other kinds of green rocks, i just can't remember the name, but it shows it existing in mendocino county and iron peak mountain.
i first found that claim in great aunt sybils suitcase, pappy nye's sister, there's all kinds of old stuff in there so i'm going to have to check it out again. my dad managed to hide that suitcase from everyone, i think it made the trip over from england with them.
she was the aunt my mom lived with in mill valley when she went to college.

ross sherburn said...

yes!great picture,thanks!!this mountain does look more pointy,from a different angle,doesn't it???

ross sherburn said...

also,can a person still drive up there? thanks

Ernie Branscomb said...

Ross, yes the mountain is sharper north and south.

Yes, you can still drive up there, but you have to get a lot of different permission, private and public property.

ross sherburn said...

ernie,thanks for the info.will we be able to talk about red mountain sometime too???BTW,when robin said the picture was for mr.sherburn.i didn't know who she was talking about,for awhile!!!LOL! please go easy on the"mr." stuff!

spyrock said...

well i didn't find the claim i was looking for but i found another one starting at the source of shell rock creek dated feb 1, 1917 recorded in the county of mendocino records. anyone out there know how long these mining claims last? its a quartz claim and it mentions ernie's green rock, manganese. signed by g d claflin, pappy nye, uncle guy simmerly, uncle archie nye, and great grandpa john simmerly.
i have a spyrock medicine wheel at my girlfriends house out on her land with this white quartz that my mom brought from spyrock circling the fire pit.

spyrock said...

the people took all the signs down up there including the one on 101 that said spyrock road so i drove by it several times before i figured out it had to be the one.
you drive up the hill past the school and you come to a significant split in the road. there used to be a sign that said iron peak mountain to your right. but now it just says private road or something but theres no gate there. so go right and it isn't far and you will see the lookout on iron peak mountain. the road up to the lookout has a gate thats locked though, but it's still a great view there. looking east you can see where shell rock creek is and the ridge north of it is where the sherburns and simmerlys had their homesteads. the road that heads down there off iron peak road is called simmerly road but it has a big locked gate and someone will probably show up and recommend that you don't try to go down there. ernies right about the permission stuff. its best to be with someone the locals know.