Sunday, November 16, 2008

favorite commercial

Ekovox recently fessed up that he was the one that made the commercial where the guy rode his horse through the store. He also flatly stated that he was not responsible for some of the most annoying commercials. Which is good! Thanks Eko.

Some commercials are so bad that I make a mental note not to use their product, no matter how bad I need it. A man has to have principles! Fortunately I’ve never seen a bad beer commercial.

Most bloggers go on and on about their favorite books or movies, and that’s been done. So I thought, being the son of a long line of pioneers, that I would open up a whole new genre. (Genre means “field of subject” basically. I promised myself a long time ago not to use big or cute words, and that I that would always speak plain English. Well “Genre” is in the English dictionary, but it isn’t plain enough for me. So, you can only imagine how I feel about commercials that I suspect were made to punish me.)

So, what is your favorite/least favorite Commercial?

Oh…. I will randomly pick a commenter to give the recipe for the corn dogs up there in the corner. There are only four ingredients, unfortunately one of the steps in making them involves catching a cow.


Anonymous said...

Letgomyeggo commercials. I like eggos but to this day will not buy any because the commercials kept running over and over. Very irratating. Just my two cents as Suzy would say.


Ernie Branscomb said...

" I like eggos but to this day will not buy any because the commercials kept running over and over."

I do like a person with priciples!

Kym said...

My favorite when I was a small child was "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should." Unfortunately, I chose to sing it at church one day to my poor LDS mother's chagrin.

Anonymous said...

"Where's the Beef?!" was the first thing that came to mind. That old Wendy's commercial.

USelaine said...

I liked the Cracker Jack commercials with Jack Gilford. There was no dialog, only the sung jingle played through his interactions with children and the snack. "Candy-coated Pop-corn...Peanuts, and a PR-EYYYYE-ZE! That's what you get in CRACKer Jack."

Ernie Branscomb said...

I never really thought about it, but Kym’s comment reminded me.

Back in the fifties, there was an advertising campaign that proved to be one of the most successful campaigns in all of history. Albeit one of the most damaging to the health of the American smoker.

“Anytime day or night, anytime that you like, light up a lucky strike, it’s light up time”. The American Tobacco company stared a campaign to surpass the most popular cigarette of the day, the “Camel” that was made by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company.

Luckies, as they were nicknamed as part of the ad promotion, were promoted as the best tasting cigarette out there. American tobacco focused on the idea that the Smoker could light up anytime they felt like it. They were small and easy to light and smoke when ever you wanted to, then just throw away the butt. It was quick convenient and easy to pack and use. Much handier any “Less smelly than a Cigar”. They changed the packaging from olive drab to white, to appeal to the female smoker. I wonder if women are really that easy to appeal to?

Part of their campaign was the old “confuse them a little bit so they will ask questions” trick. So they came up with a motto that they printed on the package that stated; “L.S.M.F.T.” Makes you curious doesn’t it? It means: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. But you had to ask. Then when somebody else would ask, you could be very smug about your answer, because you already knew! They use that trick today, like a brand name that nobody knows how to pronounce, so you use their product just hopping someone will ask. I practice my smug face all the time just in case somebody asks me a question that I know the answer to. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often.

Another thing that they did is promote the fact that they “Toasted their tobacco” to give it better flavor, when actually they “toasted” it to dry it fast, because they had moved into high production, and the old hang it in the shed until it dries, just wasn’t getting the job done. The high production pot growers will understand this. They use drying rooms with forced air heaters. Lucky Strike called it “Toasting”.

They placed their cigarettes in the movies, and paid big money if a star would hang one from is lips when sweet talkin’ a good lookin’ dame.

If you had to go back and witness someone smoking a fifties Lucky Strike you would gag. The smoke that came off of them was thick and heavy, and stunk like none other. One cigarette would fill a room with smoke so you couldn’t see across it. The modern day cigarette is nothing like a fifties cigarette.

It would be fine by many folks if cigarettes would just slip off the face of the earth! Thanks Lucky!

suzy blah blah said...

Suzy eats Johnny Tony Vinnie --Rice Krispies
evrey morning --LOL!


ben said...

Does the recipe involve Krusteaz?

Ernie Branscomb said...

Ben, You're right.

1-cup Pancake mix
1/2-cup cornmeal
1-egg (Beaten)
milk to make batter just right.

Catch a cow and make into weenies.
Put weenies on a stick.
(Have the kids whittle the bark off of willow or hazel sticks. It’s more fun than buying them, and that way the kids are involved and happy. Really, the most important ingredient.)
Dip the weenies in batter.

Deep fry 'til golden brown.

Any good cook will tell you the secret to good cooking is use good ingredients. So use good weenies! Like Hebrew National, or your favorite bratwurst.

Rose said...

"My bologna has a first name... it's o-s-c-a-r....

and the Sprint Firefighters...

and any of the Apple/PC ads...

Anonymous said...

Locally, it has to be:

"If you wanna get sprung call Ray Genung, If you wanna get sprung call Ray Genung, if you wanna get sprung call Ray Genung....Call 444-0000 "Hey, Ray....Get Me Out Of Hereeeeee:

Nationally, I always loved the Colt 45 commercials where the guy is on the beach and a guy surfs up in a waiters suit to deliver his Colt 45.

Colt 45

And this one too: Colt 45 Logger

USelaine said...

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Elaine, I made your url into a link. It makes it Easier. The actors name was Jack Gilford

Robin Shelley said...

"See the USA in your Chevrolet!" sang Dinah Shore while the guy floated down out of the sky & right into the driver's seat. Pure magic to a kid! Wow.

I'm with Rose on the O-S-C-A-R...

How about Mason Reese & the Underwood Deviled Ham... "Tastes like a borgaschmord!"

Or RoTney Allen Rippey & the hamburgers too big to eat (Jack in the Box?)

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
"Plop, plop! Fizz, fizz! Oh, what a relief it is!"

I loved the '70s VW commercials: buy a VW Beetle - make your house look bigger!

Also the "Artesians" from the Olympia beer commercials...

"From the land of sky blue waters... comes the beer refreshing!" (Yes, I know, it's Hamm's Beer... I can see the black & white cartoon bear dancing across the rocks in the creek - hee, hee!)

And Bartles & Jaymes! Which one was the spokesperson & which one never said a word? Ed & what was the other guy's name?

Gosh, you all probably think I'm a TV junkie. Believe it or not, I was raised without TV (at least until I was a teenager)... maybe that explains why I have a thing for clever commercials. Fun, Ernie!

"Two, two... two mints in one! Certs with Retsin!" LOL

"Take Sominex tonight & sleep, sleep, sleep."

"I'd like to teach the world to sing..." "Things go better with Coke!"

Whatever happened to the Doublemint Twins? I wonder if they ever married? Hee, hee. And Suzy Chapstick?

"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

I'll stop now... 6 o'clock, time for Shell news!


Ernie Branscomb said...

Robin, apparently you are a slow starter but a fast learner.

One of the funniest commercials that I ever saw was an English commercial. Where this very prissy and proper family gets into their car and the dad slips a CD into the car player and turns it way up. The whole family starts rocking out and humming along with the tune, which is a song about some of the most vile and disgusting descriptions of sex acts that you ever heard, set to rock music. As they drive away you see the French license plates. Then the caption is an ad that says “Learn English as a second language”.