Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First: Congratulations to the winners and the people that voted for them. There are no losers. The people that truly gave their hearts and souls to work for the candidate of their choice should never be called losers. The candidates that put themselves out there for all to judge, should be held in the highest regard by all American citizens. They have competed in We The People’s most important process. Few people could aspire to such heights. "Change" has happened to us, with or without our vote.

Now is not the time to sit back and see what happens. Nothing should happen without our support and direction. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. Thomas Jefferson.

We have reached a pivotal point in all of American history. There is no one out there that does not feel “change” in their bones this morning. It has been the most interesting election in history, and the most participated-in election we’ve ever had. So, by theory, “The People” have spoken.
The country is in the worse mess that it has ever been in, the economy is shambles, we are at war, we have few jobs, and even fewer good paying Jobs. We don’t have enough energy to fuel progress. Our food supply is being poisoned, and we don’t know what is safe to eat anymore. Most of all we have a government that has lost touch with the common American. If there has ever been a time in history when our destiny has been shaped by wealth, it is now. President Obama’s election was the most “well financed” in all of history. Were we bought? Or did we want “change”.

The “iron” has never been hotter, and the need to “strike” has been greater. We need to all learn to participate in elections, and follow up with our demands and needs. Don’t let Wall Street fool us, ever again. We need "change."

I most of all want to hear how people are feeling this day.


Anonymous said...

I feel good Ernie, like the future may now be bright. Like the opposite of 2000...

Congrats for all your hard work, and participation Ernie.

Jim Baker said...

After listening to McCain's gracious concession and Obama's victory speech last night, I am hopeful we can all work together without rancor to achieve some common goals and get this country back on track. That's what the working people in this country used to be good at. To the extent we let our own personal ideologies or self-interest get in the way of that, we deserve what we get. Some of us old people might even have to sacrifice a little bit for the sake of our kid's and grandkid's futures. If that's socialism, I'm a socialist. There is no free lunch. Let's get to work!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that in our enthusiastic desire for change, we don't act unthinkingly to tear down what works along with what doesn't.

We now have a likeable President-elect and a Congress set to help him do whatever he wants.

We are in a make-or-break situation. God help us all if Obama is more a demagogue than a democrat.

Americans chose an incompetent in 2000 and 2004. Let's hope we haven't done it again in 2008.

Ernie Branscomb said...

There is absolutely no way that we can blame anything on the Republicans from this day forward. It's put-up or shut-up time.

I don't think that I said that as well as some commenters, but I do hope to see some of the Change that Obama talked about. Especially the trickle up economy, instead of the trickle down kind.

But, actually, I think that most of what both parties said was "campaign lies". We'll see together, and I hope that we have the guts to scream bloody murder if Obama doesn't deliver, because it is all within his grasp to help the working people of America. By working people I mean the people that make America work, not Wall Street, that ships our jobs overseas, drains the economy, then asks the people who’s jobs have been taken away to bail them out.

Cristina said...

McCain's graceful concession speech reminded us of the person he used to be, and not the mutant freak neo-con mouthpiece he became in the last eight months.

I am thrilled about what this means for America, in so many ways.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Wall Steet is feeling the pinch. The dow is down -381 as I blog.

I see that as a good thing, they don't feel safe there anymore. Run! You rich bastards and don't come back asking for another bail-out.

If we are going to have to rebuild America out of our own pockets, I just don't feel like paying Wall street to fleece us anymore. Capitol investment my ass, they sent our jobs overseas, How can the call that "Capitol Investment?

Cristina said...

Ernie, I agree with you on the bailout, and I was sorely disappointed in both candidates for backing it. Want to get even more pissed about it? Read Naomi Klein's latest in Rolling Stone, "The Bailout Profiteers."

Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks Christina, Here's a link for other folks to follow.
Bailout Profiteers

Anonymous said...

First I am saddened that our new supervisor is.... I can't say it it just makes me sad. All the political blahdy blah aside, I feel that had our new supervisor won by over 50 % instead of a simple majority the bad feelings would be easier to let go.

On the national side I have a great idea for the 700 billion bailout and how to make it work best.
their were roughly 135 million tax returns filed last year, if we divide 700 Billion by 135 million we come up with 5185.19, and if the government kicked down that amount to every person who filed a tax return, then we would have a great deal of liquid assets pumped into the economy.
Lenders would be happy, because many would pay off bills, retailers would be happy because many would buy stuff, Wall Street would be happy because all the businesses on the big board would be doing better, I would be happy because I would have an extra 5185.19 to pay my bills. talk about a bailout. The only grumpy folks would be those who didn't file a tax return last year,
Simply put "trickle up economics," Two months ago I would have said this was as stupid as the last economic incentive checks, but now that they have the 700 Billion earmarked for giveaway, why not give it to us instead of the politicians. Besides think of all the corporate bigwigs who can give themselves huge bone-us-es when their company shows positive cash flow.

spyrock said...

i've just been thinking today about how similiar ernie and obama are in that both men seem to flow with whatever happens rather than be resistive to it. rather than swim upstream, they both float merrily on their way downstream.
obama didn't react to most of the attacks during the campaign and ernie is especially gracious when someone trys to slam him. this is really something that i'm working on, especially since i know that everything i want is downstream anyway.

suhenx said...

congratulation for the winner

Carol said...

I slept well last night - so that is a good thing.

I am not happy that Prop 8 passed, although it will be challenged in court.

I am already sick of the hearing the media speaking about Obama being an "African American President" or "The First Black President". It sounds racist to my ears. He is a human being, like all of us.

Bunny said...

I feel so good, it's a new day and the whole world is happier. I do not expect Obama to fix it all quickly, how could he?

"There is absolutely no way that we can blame anything on the Republicans from this day forward. It's put-up or shut-up time."
Geez Ern, no looking back on how we got here? It took 8 years to get us here and you expect Obama to fix it??? And you didn't even want him to win? Geez Ern. Blame is about how things happened and yes we can still blame the Republicans and I hope we do.

"But, actually, I think that most of what both parties said was "campaign lies". We'll see together, and I hope that we have the guts to scream bloody murder if Obama doesn't deliver, because it is all within his grasp to help the working people of America."

Why the hell didn't you "scream bloody murder" when all the crap was happening the last 8 years? You're really gonna scream at Obama if he can't clean up all this mess fast enough for you? That sounds like fox (not)news rhetoric. What do you mean "in his grasp"? Give a guy a break! Geez Ern.

It's still a great time for America.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Well I was trying to get people to "scream bloody murder" about the wall street bail-out. Ol' George The Younger looked like a sheep killing dog telling us he was going to fix Wall Street out of our pockets, and I don’t like the fact that George gave away our jobs.

But, now is the time to scream bloody murder, no matter who is our president. We need to get our country back,

Besides, as I recall, every time I said anything about what was wrong with our country to a Democrat, all that I got back was rhetoric about “that damn George Bush” and “those damn Republicans.” It’s kinda’ nice not to be the one at fault anymore, and it’s time for someone else to perform a miracle. Better get movin’! We’re sinkin’ fast and “those Damn Republicans” don’t cut it anymore.

Oh, by the way, Bunny, I know that you were trying to be nice, I appreciate that. I get a laugh out of you trying to be nice About Republicans, because I know how you really feel.

I AM really happy for you about the parts of the election that went well for you and I join you in your sadness that all didn’t go as well as it should have.

I am a little ashamed of us that prop 8 was passed. But, I don’t like that the California Supreme Court gave us Gay Marriage. It should have come from the people. I don’t think that the Supreme Court should be making new laws. But, they should be judging the constitution. Hey Wait! Human rights is a Supreme court issue… I’m so confused.

Bunny said...

Now is not the time to sit back and see what happens. Nothing should happen without our support and direction. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. Thomas Jefferson."

Boy, I wish somebody had been eternally vigilante the last 8 years. People gave Bush Carte Blanche. And defended the sob all the way until the very end. Now they are jumping like rats off a ship.

I'm off to yoga Ernie, If I see you today I've got a big hug for you. A BIG HAPPY hug.

USelaine said...

We should start regulating greed (Enron, Halliburton) again, and stop regulating love (Adam and Steve).

Anonymous said...

This may be the time for the new ruling Democrats to be nice, but they are instead passing lies about Sarah Palin back and forth and giggling like crazy.

For a more truthful account, check:

Anonymous said...

Let me try that one more time.

Click here:

Boston Herald article includes enlightening comments by her aide on the Africa and NAFTA allegations.

Anonymous said...

Since the link won't seem to work, here is an excerpt from the article. This is the part I think is most relevant.

Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy aide, contacted the Daily News at Stapleton’s request Thursday and defended the governor. He praised Palin and said anonymous attacks from other staffers are "disappointing and dishonorable."

"It’s really amazing, I think it’s unprecedented in terms of presidential politics to have this level of vindictiveness and pettiness. It’s like these people fell out of favor with a middle school 14-year-old girls’ clique. It’s really unbelievable," Scheunemann said.

Scheunemann, who played a major role in preparing Palin for the vice presidential debate, said he doesn’t believe the claim that Palin thought Africa was a country and not a continent.

"Her debate performance speaks for itself. ... The idea that she could stand up on the stage with somebody who’s been in the Senate for 35 years and discuss domestic and foreign policy as effectively as she did, and yet somehow she doesn’t know who is in NAFTA and doesn’t know that Africa is a continent and not a country is laughable," he said.

Robin Shelley said...

Did you know that Nevada has a "None of These Candidates" check box on its ballot?

spyrock said...

thanksgivings coming up and i know all my simmerly nye relatives voted for mccain. even my dad's sisters voted for mccain. when uncle joe downey died, half the funeral service were speeches about how bad he hated the democrats. i don't think there's anything more these people like doing than complaining about the democrats destroying the country.
it's actually been pretty boring the last 8 years so i'm looking forward to some intense holidays in the months ahead.